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  1. Happy birthday my friend... Hope it was a good one!!

  2. Hey beautiful, where have you been hiding. I think I saw you at the mall some months ago and didn't want to be rude and walk in on you and your guest enjoying your weekend out.

  3. Hey gorgeous! I hope you are doing well. Miss you!

  4. RannR

    Hey Dara, i am new to this but happened to be looking around the site when I found your posting I liked it. I am trying to find out where I go to build my profile. I am getting G-Pass this next week and am scared but so excited I just want it to be over and be back home again.

  5. Leah: As a disclaimer...on this board, we do not advocate going against surgeon's orders. However, you already stated in another post that you took it and it went down fine. Now that it's done...I'm so happy you took it! Prozac is NOTHING to mess around with. I am still uneasy why your surgeon would have you abruptly stop it without any alternative. However, that is something you can address with your surgeon. Yay...I just know you're on the way to feeling better!
  6. Leah: That is why we have this board...for support and information. It is fortunate that I just logged on and could give you a response. I have been away from the board for quite a while, just scanning and going. However, it feels good to help someone. It helps me to remember why I love this board so much. I am two and one-half years post-op and I cannot count the number of times I have posted and someone has helped me. Take good care of yourself, Leah. There is light at the end of this tunnel...and it's the light of hope, love and respect.
  7. Leah, Leah, Leah... You're only 3-1/2 weeks post-op and you have also had complications. You have every right to question your decision to have surgery. At 3-1/2 weeks post-op, most of us questioned having surgery. Give yourself another week or two, and you will feel like a new person. However, as I said in another reply, abruptly stopping your Prozac can have a tremendous impact on your well-being, both mentally AND physically. I would bet that a lot of your symptoms are associated with Prozac withdrawal. You MUST restart your Prozac. If you get your Prozac back on board and give yourself another week of recovery, I just know you're gonna feel 1000% better. Hang in there...and get that medication on board!
  8. Leah: Congratulations on your successful surgery. As far as taking pills are concerned, I have no idea why your surgeon would have told you not to take them. I have taken all of my medications since the day I got home from surgery, with absolutely no problem. (Among other things) I am now taking Lexapro, which is a later generation Prozac. Before that, I took Prozac for years. Contact your surgeon again and ask him if you can try to take your Prozac capsules. Please do not delay. If you have been taking it for years, you definitely need it restarted right away. Discontinuing Prozac abruptly is a very serious matter. It can cause very serious withdrawal symptoms. I also tried liquid Lexapro because of an absorption question. I found it made no difference whether I took the medication in liquid or pill form. Another avenue you might investigate is taking a pill rather than a capsule. I believe brand Prozac is in capsule form, but it is now also made generically. Perhaps another manufacturer makes it in a pill form. Good luck with your journey.
  9. K-- Hi there and welcome. I just happened to log in and your post was at the very top of the new posts. Honestly, I really don't visit ThinnerTimes more than once a day any more, and then, it's just a quick scan. This is mainly because I am 2-1/2 years post-op and am in a different place in my journey than most of the newbies here. I have become comfortable with my new lifestyle and I have fallen into a routine. Also, I have forgotten a lot of information from my early post-op days and, therefore, I'm not a lot of help to the majority of people who now frequent the website. However, all of these people are near and dear to my heart and will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Because of our shared journey, we have a kindred spirit that no one else shares with us. I love them all and wish only the best of successes for them. With that said, I'm glad for your post and that I can respond with my own experience. I have pretty much maintained my weight. I actually went under goal for a while then bounced back to goal. From that, I have gained 8 lbs. in a year. I do not consider this gain threatening. I am totally happy where I am. I believe my body has a set point and it will settle where it needs to be. Mine was not under my goal weight or even at my goal weight. Mine has settled 8 lbs. above my original goal weight. However, with those extra 8 lbs., I am able to enjoy a lifestyle and appetite that works for me. I do not deny myself anything. I am not on a "diet." I am very pleased with my life. I attribute my success so far to two things: (1) my pouch; and (2) my commitment to exercise. I did not attribute my success to me because, if left without boundaries, I will likely eat myself back into oblivion...even two bites at a time. So, I thank God for my pouch. When I decide to eat more than I should (even good food), it reminds me that I cannot. Too full equals too uncomfortable. In this respect, the surgery is a miracle. You simply cannot go to Hometown Buffet and eat yourself into a coma. That's a fact. So, my pouch saves me more often than not. Secondly, from the moment I had surgery, I just knew that I had to institute a major change in my life. I HAD to find some sort of exercise I could live with. (I was one of those people who drove across the street to drop off mail.) My salvation was walking and the fact that I found a loyal walking partner. I truly believe that instituting a regular exercise program into my life has helped me physically, emotionally and mentally. And, I have found a couple of lifelong friends. I don't think you should stress over 5 or 6 lbs. However, you should look at your life right now and see if there is something you can do to "kick start" your commitment to maintenance. Are you exercising regularly? Perhaps the pouch rules will help you. Anything you can do that will be a positive influence in your life might help. Well, I've babbled long enough. It sounds as though you're one of the success stories. Good luck with your journey and Godspeed.
  10. Pammie: Hope you have a wonderful birthday. When those darned drains come out, be sure to party your pants off! Love and kisses, girl!
  11. Joe: Your post smacks of solicitation and this forum is not about promoting or selling products. This type of behavior is not well received by a lot of the forum members here. If you would like to share, discuss, ask questions or seek support regarding gastric bypass surgery, I'm sure we would all welcome your input. However, if you joined this forum for selfish purposes, please seek your self-promotion elsewhere. Thank you. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
  12. Donna: You always crack me up! I'm fine. I've haven't taken much time to read posts lately, mainly because they don't seem to relate to me any more. But I try to scan them occasionally. I don't want to miss the summer soiree and see all my WLS buddies. I'm sad that you and Michelle won't be there, but we'll catch up at the next one. Thanks for thinkin' about me. Take care, sweetie!
  13. Dale: Of course we'll give you a ride! However, I'm not positive when we're gonna leave for Rain's. I can PM you, okay?
  14. Dale: Thank the good Lord that you're safe and feeling better. I pray that you will heal quickly and that your life will return to normal soon. I think of you so often. Love you, sweetie.
  15. Rain: Melanie and I would like to come to your wonderful party. I know it's hard to believe, but we're both available Saturday and really want to see everyone. We'd like to bring a shrimp tray, if possible. It's the same one we brought to the holiday party. Please PM me with directions to your home again. Of course, I've forgotten how to get there! See you then!