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  1. Meme Sue

    Hi all, thanks! I did order some of Syntrax cappicino flavor, plus sugar free raspberry syrup! I will give that a try and go from there! A little more about me! I had a compound fracture of my right ankle in 2001. Four surgeries over next two years, weight gain of course! Had bypass done in 2007. Lost 75 pounds and after about 3 years the weight slowly started creeping back on, my mindset told me I could eat what ever I wanted because I couldn't eat a lot! So caution out the door and calories in the door! I have always had to focus on protein, just didn't focus on calories, fat, preparation etc....... Then in 2014 I feel and broke right hip, my first surgeon botched my first surgery and I ended up having my hip replacement in 2015! Considering all that I am lucky to only to have regained only 35 lbs! Also I started drinking several glasses of wine in the evening another pooor choice of empty calories! I now only drink occasionally and I am trying to get back on track! My biggest hurdle is exercise! My hip still gives me a lot of trouble! I live in a small Wyoming town nearest pool is 38 miles a way, so pool exercise is a challenge. The reason I am going into all this time is I hope I can encourage others not to fall into poor choice like I did! I am committed to getting back on track!
  2. Meme Sue

    Thanks Gretta, By the way I have a wired haired dachshund named Greta! Lol. I see you are waiting for surgery, GoodLuck! I will go back and tell a little more about me!
  3. Meme Sue

    New to thinner times! After 9 years and regaining 30 some pounds I am trying to get back on track! My tool still works fine it is me that's broke! One thing I am looking for is suggests for protein powder! My favorite has been fit frappe, but it is very costly! I have a friend that is getting gastric sleeve surgery and I want to be able to mentor her! Thanks