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  1. Regrets?

    I went halfway through the required 6 month process to get this surgery a few years ago and quit. Im so afraid. I don't want to end up sick and miserable. I would rather be fat than sick. I determined to do this without surgery. I lost 107 pounds with no products or surgery. I white knuckled it the whole time and half of that weight is back. I just paid the program fee to start again. I feel like I have to try this or I'll never know. But I don't want to be seen as someone who took the "easy" out and I dont want to be sick. Someone who had weight loss surgery once told me that they can run now and get on the floor to play with kids and fit in any seat and that is all wonderful but she has been so weak and sick she would give up all of her new freedoms to be fat and not as miserable again. I get get that out of my head.