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  1. Help.........Weight gain

    Thank you. I was really getting concerned. Your words of wisdom helped comfort me.
  2. Help.........Weight gain

    Hi all I am 7 weeks post gastric bypass surgery. For the last 8 days my weight has not moved but today I gained .7 of a kilo since yesterday. Is this normal?
  3. My Progress So Far After 5 weeks

    Wow what a difference in just 5 weeks. Amazing well done you look amazing!
  4. New to the forum

    Welcome this is a site full of kind and caring people. I myself joined only a few weeks ago and have gained loads of support and insight
  5. To bigger bite

    Correct Aussie H just because I was advised it's not a available in Australia doesn't mean the information offered is correct that's why I posted I will research further. I have found it to be available at health food shop. Regards
  6. To bigger bite

    Thanks BurgundyBoy The pain has subsided I will research Papain.
  7. To bigger bite

    Thank you for your reply I rushed to the chemist but the pharmacist advised papaya enzyme is not available in Australia. I will do some research tomorrow to see if she is correct.
  8. To bigger bite

    Hi I totally lost my mind today whilst in a rush to get to a meeting I took a big bite of chicken I realized my error instantly I had a sharp pain in my chest and intergestion was long to follow. I am concerned the chicken will not be able to pass to my intestine? In a panic when I got home I browsed the Web and was confronted with comments and articles that scared me more. Obviously another error on my behalf why didn't I post my concern here first where I will gain honest support and genuine insight.
  9. sad.. Two weeks post opp please help

    Try focus on the fact you have lost 5 pounds YIPPEE celebrate your achievements. Ups and downs are a normal process. I look at the stalling stages exciting because I appreciate the future weight loss even more. I have also found once I excepted stalls to be part of my weight loss journey I was able to put the scales away and only use them once a week. I am almost 6 weeks post op but week 2 and 3 I was very emotional and everything did get me down, I kept reading post on TTF and draw positively from all the wonderful support on offer. Try focus on the positives just like the saying Positive brings positivity
  10. Weight gain after 5 years

    I agree get your symptoms checked out by a doctor. As for your weight gain the first step is acceptance no time for self blame as its time to believe in yourself and walk the weight loss path you have walked before and succeded.
  11. Sugar question

    That is what happened to me I had a fresh banana shake and within 10 minutes I had a racing heart and felt like I was going to pass out. I was told by my dietician fresh fruit should have no impact
  12. Sugar question

    Has anyone experienced dumping syndrome from fresh fruit?
  13. Medication stuck

    Hi I have been prescribed antibiotics for the flu and I am struggling to swallow the tablets twice daily and once I do I feel like the tablets stuck in my chest. Could this be due to my gastric bypass surgery almost 5 week's post op.
  14. Tummy change

    Thank you Res Ipsa. Your support makes me feel more comfortable.
  15. Still hungry

    Hi I am noticing that I am hungry every three hours. Is this normal 4 weeks post gastric bypass surgery?