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  1. Trishadlh

    How can I be gaining weight?????

    some times a day/week of increased calories can make that scale move a little, sometimes we have to play "mind games" with our bodies, they get to used to a routine that is predictable.
  2. Trishadlh

    LADIES ONLY (Cycle talk)

    totally, perpetual period!. My PCP also had the surgery and warned me in advance. From what I have studied it is quite normal.
  3. Trishadlh

    9 months post op and honeymoon is over

    Congratulations!! Even in the non-surgery world those last few pounds tend to take the longest. Agree with all the suggestions above. Have you been measuring? you can go down sizes and stay the same weight if you are adding muscle. Otherwise strength training is a great idea, alternate upper and lower body to give yourself a rest, get in the protein and water!. you will probably notice a slight gain or stall for a few weeks, but the scales should eventually move again. Whatever happens don't give up and let the gain creep up on you!!. Good Luck!.
  4. Trishadlh

    Hello from Minnesota!

    I have been lurking for quite a while, but decided to join to get some support and motivation. I had my RNY 3/21/17. Currently in the "head misses bread and pasta" but stomach really doesn't care phase. Dealing with what I feel are "false" hunger (not head), but I think it's just my body healing that I am mis-interpreting because it is a sensation. This week I "only" lost 3 lbs. I say that sarcastically because I am thrilled! I am a Family Nurse Practitioner so I am able to deal with my impatience wanting to take over. Have been doing "light exercise" but not cleared to actually raise my heart rate and "work out" yet. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself!! Hope everyone is having a great day!
  5. Trishadlh

    Food getting stuck

    Get Papaya Enzyme ( I got mine at Walmart). Sometimes despite chewing really well a piece will just go down by mistake or you might have thought you chewed good enough and it sits right in your chest. Chewing Papaya enzyme usually clears mine in 2-3 minutes. This was recommended by my Surgeon's office.