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  1. I'm 6 years post op, and I have been dealing with the smelly fart odor since I was about 3 months post op. I brought it up with my surgeon and he said this is all to common, largely due to the change in the way our food is digested. Preop, when I was in the support group, we were given a list of potential side effects of weight-loss surgery. They were things like diarrhea,constipation, odorous flatulence etc. and I remember leader said that if she had to choose between smelly farts and being 100 pounds heavier she would go with the smelly farts. I have been in several very embarrassing situations where I have had a smelly fart and been in a confined space like an elevator, or a car, I laugh about it now but there's been times where I just wanted to die. I have noticed for myself when I eat a lot of fiber like protein bars or salad...those are when I have the most trouble. I try to plan accordingly.
  2. Im sorry you're struggling,me too! I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm 6 years post-op, I started at 275 and got down to 170 (goal was 160) I maintained for 3years, I had a strict dedication that I didn't even know I was capable of. Then...I got married to a "foodie" I gained up to 206lbs. It isn't my husbands fault..I totally own my poor choices. But, I want to get down to my original goal of 160. My 3 sins are drinking my calories..Starbucks specifically, less exercise and drinking liquids with meals. It took more food to get full...therefore I was consuming more calories. My surgeon told me to limit myself to 1000-1100 calories a day for the rest of my life. I'm consuming closer to 1400. I want to get back on track asap. Before I gain anymore weight.
  3. It's an awesome feeling isn't it! I remember the first couple months quite fondly..and it actually gets better. Congratulations:)
  4. I feel the same way Cynthia, I know that I am a food addict and always will be. I'm a chips and Salsa addict, my friends have gotten used to going out to mexican food with me and having me ask the server to please not even bring the complimentary chips and salsa. Yes I am 105 pounds lighter than I was, but I have the same brain as before;) I knew from before surgery that this my addiction would be a daily battle and it has been..but it's one I vow to win each and every day. Glad you started this's always great to read others responses and wisdom.
  5. I was required to have weekly and then monthly appts with a Nut specializing in WLS. I had to pay $1500 out of pocket but just considered it a hoop to jump through to be successful. I went through Accomplish Weight management in Seattle.
  6. I too was encouraged to walk on a treadmill as soon as I got home from the hospital. I was told to walk at a comfortable pace for as long as I wanted. I walked for only about 10 minutes right at first, but i did it 3 or 4 times a day that first week.
  7. I don't disagree with the previous posters because I know everyone is different, but at 1 year out my surgeon has me consuming between 700 and 1000 calories? I have only experienced 1-2 stalls, that lasted 2-3 weeks. For me, what you listed would be way too much food. I get full so easily these days I just can't even imagine? Have you talked to your nutritionist, and asked her to give you an example of a typical day at your stage in the process?
  8. I have felt exactly the way you describe, I could never pinpoint the reason and for the first 6 months it was fairly constant. My Nutrition told me it sounded like I had an anorexic tendency, which amused me a little, since pre-surgery I loved food, but she may have been right? I still feel that way from time to time and still haven't been able to figure out the trigger(s) is it in my head or my pouch?
  9. I'm a year out and have to measure my food religiously. I never feel full..or at least my old definition of full. One bite too much and I'm miserable though.
  10. I'm sitting her on Thanksgiving realizing that 1 year ago yesterday, I had a surgery that changed my life forever. I'm down from a size 24 to a 12 and I weigh 105 less. But, today is actually my first Thanksgiving because last year I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. I'm filled with anxiety about will power, but I'm sure I'll make it through. I still go through phases where that old doubting mindset falls into place and I think I'll eat the wrong thing. This is really my first big "eating" holiday. Glad I've had a year to get ready for it. Hope everybody enjoys their holiday!! Be blessed:)
  11. Thanks Kel, good suggestion. That sounds yummy and a money saver too if I make it at home! I've only had 2 in the last month, they actually give me a bit of a tummy ache. Not full on dumping just a bit of extra rumble.
  12. I didn't struggle with kidney stones post-op, but I did have 3 major kidney infections and was hospitalized 2x within 3 months of surgery. It was the most pain I have ever been in and hope I never experience it again.
  13. Somebody is lying to one of us, cuz I went to Starbucks in Olympia tonight and they offered me sugar free pumpkin syrup in my latte. I recognize I'm 60 miles south of Seattle, but one would think things would be he same. Now, I'm concerned that I had a full sugar latte...*grumble*grumble* I'm just glad I didn't dump.
  14. I'm the same way. Almost a year out. I thought my pouch was just extra picky, but it sounds like I'm not alone with this little problem. My surgeon and Nut both told me to make sure every day that I eat protien first no matter what for life. Some days it's easy, others it feels like a full time job.
  15. Cynthia, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have been there:) Tears are great and they do help. Something else that helped me was a book called Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. You might like to pick it up, It is a great book!