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  1. xmandy

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Congratulations!! You look fantastic and I love that dress!!!
  2. xmandy

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Excuse the mess and the look on my face lol, but this was yesterday's outfit. I'm in love with it. Today marks one year since my surgery! I can't believe the progress I have had so far. I started out in a size 22 and I am now down to a size 8/10 and medium!! Thank you all for your support through this journey!!
  3. xmandy

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @CheeringCJ You look amazing! And I LOVE that outfit! Super cute!!!
  4. Tomorrow is your big day!! Congratulations and welcome to the club!!
  5. xmandy

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

    Congratulations! That's awesome! I know how excited you are. I didn't believe the scale either when I hit onederland. Then again I still don't believe it. lol
  6. xmandy

    these pants used to fit

    Way to go!! That's awesome!!
  7. xmandy

    This time last year...

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!! It feels amazing to have come this far. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. @CheeringCJ Between work and going back to school, I feel like I am never on here! I need to make sure I check in more often. This board has been a huge support system! You are doing awesome by the way! Keep it up! @cinwa @Jen581791 Great idea about getting it tailored! I loved this dress. My grandma has been teaching me to sew. I'll have to get her to look at it. @Readytobeme I wore my first bikini back in April when I went on a cruise. They were high waisted of course but I felt so good in it! My tummy got a little sunburnt though since it's never seen the light of day lol
  8. xmandy

    This time last year...

    I have officially lost 100 pounds!! I still can't believe it. To be honest, I don't think I realized just how big I was until this weekend when I put on this dress. This is the dress I wore last June to my sister's bridal shower (the 1st picture is from a year ago). The next two pictures are from yesterday. I was shocked to say the least. Having this surgery was the best decision I could have ever made!
  9. xmandy

    I’m ready for my close-up...

    I'm going to say what everyone else is saying - no way are you 40!!! Honestly, I thought you were in your early to mid-twenties when I saw these pictures. You look amazing!
  10. xmandy

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    You look great and I love the pixie cut! I wish I had the courage to go that short, but I'm scared. lol I'm so jealous of you being in Italy. That's somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Have fun!!
  11. xmandy

    Back to the Goodwill...

    You look fantastic!! Goodwill has become one of my favorite stores. I need to go get some smaller pants too. It feels so good to be able to walk in a store and know that I can actually fit in the clothes they sale!
  12. xmandy

    I'm doing the happy dance!

    Congratulations! That is a beautiful house!
  13. xmandy

    New to thinner times

    Welcome to forum! You will find there is a lot of good information and great people here! Keep up the great work!!
  14. xmandy

    Going to see my new surgeon!

    I hope you get some answers and start feeling better!!
  15. xmandy

    Almost to the loser's bench!

    Welcome to the group!! Your life is about to change for the better. Good luck!