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  1. @Aussie Bear I’m catching up and want to know how you are doing. Do you think your new diet is helping your woes?
  2. Oh @CheeringCJ! Your post made me cry. Thank you for sharing your challenges and highs of being a mom of a kid on the spectrum. We are doing 20 hours of ABA, plus OT, PT and speech. I love her to the moon and back but I’m tiiired. A bunch of her therapies are at home, so I always feel like my house needs to be clean. I can relate! Your family is adorable and your son’s happiness shines through! Here is my little one Thank you again. Much love.
  3. @delilas YOU ARE HAVING A BABY??? Tell me everything!!!! Katya’s names when she was in the womb were Bat Baby and Umlaut. Hee
  4. NerdyToothpick

    Hi guys

    @Kio I have no doubt that you are a good mom. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is to let go. My heart aches for you. I’m glad that Xander is regaining some of his kitty self! Chairman Meow is the same mean and bad humored kitty. He’s my precious baby angel and can do no wrong...except *&^%, puke and occasionally bite.
  5. I missed all of you. It’s been a rough few months. I’m hoping to be back on a regular basis. @Aussie Bear Just for you.
  6. Well, the protein shakes are off. I’ve heard good things about Unjury chicken broth. Maybe that would be easier to handle? Ah the irony! A couple of years ago, you might have gained weight from consoling yourself and a more sedentary life.
  7. I’m not a doctor but I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t worry. Your body has been through a lot and you aren’t exactly in your normal routine. Have you thought about supplementing your meals with protein shakes? That might be easier to get down and help keep you fed. Rooting for you.
  8. In my previous life, @Aussie Bear I was a civil rights activist. I have toured chicken and pork plants. You just don’t want to know. Truly disgusting.
  9. Yikes @Nana Trish I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety. You are right, pain killers and Xanax are not a good mix. I’m praying for your speedy recovery. I broke my knee/leg slipping on a piece of ice. Ice! It was the size of a dime and I managed to slip and fall. I felt so dumb.
  10. That's just for you, @Aussie Bear!
  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing. What an amazing process to make us healthier people!
  12. Hi all! *waving furiously* I've had a weird experience lately. When I lie down at night, my pouch seems to lightly jump/spasm. It doesn't hurt or cause any issues that I'm concerned about but its enough to make me wonder WT F is going on. My poor Googling skills havent brought up any articles. Anyone have any idea what may be going on? I've got a crying toddler on my hands. Gotta run!
  13. I don't know why you don't eat beef but my reason was because of the way beef is raised in the US. If this is a concern, try buying ethically raised beef. It might make your heart feel better. Congrats!!
  14. Several years ago, I shattered my knee and broke part of my leg. I know how grueling PT is but its worth it. Grit through the discomfort and know that you are doing this for a healthier you. Can you take an ativan/xanax before your next appt?
  15. I think I've been existing on slider foods these past few months. Life has been so easy that its easy to grab a handful of crackers than to sit down and eat a meal. Plus, not wanting to eat meat has made me a bit lazy. I've been blaming my hectic lifestyle but I need to make time for myself. Thanks for the reminder @Jen581791 and @CheeringCJ
  16. At the end of the day, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. Big fat hugs. PT is hard but worth every step. Go Trish, go!
  17. *jaw drop* Your face has undergone a total transformation. Honestly, the biggest standout is that you look so young. I hope you are feeling healthier and happier. Congrats!
  18. @Abbey Morrison How did your surgery go? I hope you are feeling well. I can relate to thinking of your child when making the decision to move forward with WLS. I also have a three year old and my rationale for having surgery was to be fully involved in my daughter’s life. Kudos to you! Please report back and let us know how you are doing.
  19. @tracyringo Hugs right back! Thank you ❤️❤️
  20. Thanks for the love @BurgundyBoy. I’m sorry to hear that your family is going through some of the same elder stuff. ❤️❤️
  21. I suppose I should share what’s been going on in my life. I don’t have the emotional energy to go into detail so i’ll give a short summary. Katya’s autism diagnosis has turned our lives upside down. Katya is happy, healthy, bright and a delight. Autism isn’t a concern at all. K is thriving at Preschool and loving being around other kids. The challenges we have faced are the school system, insurance companies, and endless hoops to jump through. My full time job has been dealing with therapy companies, the state and insurance. My husband helps as much as he can but he works at a demanding job and most of the details are left to me. To make things worse, my husband’s company changed insurance providers (without telling anyone!!) after months of hard work. We finally have everything in place that we need...for the time being. My dad is going through some signs of early dementia. Living 3000 miles away from my parents has been difficult. I’m an only child and we have no family in the USA. I’ve had to help my family through all of this and it’s been tough. Y’all, I am tired. So very tired. I’ve hardly had a second to myself and when I do, I try to catch up on sleep. I love my daughter and would wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t feel bad for me. We do have good days around here. More often than not. I just wish I had an extra hand and energy. Gah! Excuse the typos. My phone is not the best avenue for long posts.
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    Sheepish confession. I hadn’t weighed myself since early October. I knew I had gained a few pounds but all my clothes fit, so I allowed myself to be ignorant. That feeling turned into fear and avoidance. I started to get paranoid and scared. I haven’t been eating terribly but I haven’t been a saint. Agh I told myself that my return to TT was also an opportunity to be accountable to myself. I took off my big girl pants and weighed myself. 139! That was a shock as I assumed I had ventured into the 140s. That’s about a 2-3 lb weight gain. I can live with that and hopefully take off with better eating. I am so relieved!
  23. @Aussie Bear You are too kind.
  24. @Nana Trish I’m truly sorry to hear about the lamictal. Eek. What meds are your docs thinking of substituting? Good luck with your knee replacements. Are you doing both at the same time or one by one? I’m ok. Not great and I’ve been better. But things aren’t terrible. I’m trying to take things one day at a time. I’ll give more of a status update when I’m not feeling so yucky. Missed you too!