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  1. I have a bit of loose skin that pops out of my shorts. It feels awful but I know that’s 99.9% in my head. Today, I’m wearing short shorts and I asked my husband if the loose skin looked weird. Husband was distracted and said “uh, there’s a bit of stripey meat hanging out, but you look ok”. Mr. Toothpick speaks five languages and English is his third. He speaks flawless English but when distracted comes up with translations direct from Bulgarian. They rarely translate well.
  2. Katya does not like to wear shirts, so I occasionally buy matching children’s shirts. I’m wearing a child’s large, which admittedly is a bit snug. It’s making me feel weirdly fat, which is why I’m posting I need y’all to tell me that I’m silly for feeling fat in a child’s large! Compliments on my impossible beauty are also welcomed
  3. Whether it is now of 15 lbs from now, you have lost over 200lbs! You amaze me, Trish. Feel better soon.
  4. Eeee!!! I hope you are having a blast! As always, you are my hero.
  5. (((Hugs))) I’m sorry about your loss. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I know how devastating it is go through a loss. Be kind to yourself.
  6. @Res Ipsa Congrats!!! Boston will miss you but I’m happy you are living your dream. Vermont is beautiful and will be a nice change of pace. What are you most looking forward to doing with your new life? Seamus is adorable!
  7. @BurgundyBoy You are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve always wanted a society girl nickname like Kitty or Bunny. I will tell stories about my marriage to an 87 year old man when I was 22. It was true love. The purest kind. I’m not sure what my MIL thinks and IGAF. She sure a sht doesn’t know that it was WLS! God, I’m mean...
  8. Thank you! I’m trying to stop by as often as I can. ❤️❤️❤️
  9. @Aussie Bear I feel like a little kid who is afraid of a shot. Does it hurt or make you feel woozy afterwards? What do you wish you knew before your first infusion?
  10. I try to eat low carb. I don’t follow a specific type of diet but I try to stick to foods that are lower on the glycemic index and are low carb. I prefer to eat vegetarian but I’ve had to add more meat over the past few years. I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth to begin with, so I think others will have better ideas. Complements are indeed hard. I’m known for yelling “JUST TAKE THE GD COMPLIMENT “. Of course do I follow my own advice? No.
  11. @Ro ro and Ollies mom You are beautiful! I mean this quite sincerely. I hope you wear this shade of pink often because it flatters you. You will be ok. I (a stranger on the internet) promise. Pinky promise. You will leave the hospital and feel amazing afterwards. I’m curious, why are you having your surgery in Mexico? How did you find Dr. Corvala? My dime store story is my insurance wouldn’t pay.
  12. @Cheesehead WOOOW! What a transformation. That’s amazing. Simply amazing.
  13. It’s funny now but in the moment, it was a bit of a shock. I’ve been in this body for two years and I was surprised that anyone wouldn’t recognize me. Silly rabbit! The best part of this story is realizing that I’m getting used to being the healthiest version of me!
  14. Has anyone recently had an iron infusion? Would you mind sharing your experience? I may possibly need one and I’m on the fence. What say you, TT fam?
  15. @KRie I’m sorry that Rita’s sugar free isn’t going to work out. One positive lesson that comes out of this is to always look up the nutritional content of these so called sugar free products. Lies wrapped in lies. This makes me so mad! Sounds like these homemade recipes are the way to go. Hope they are tasty!!
  16. @ktallon CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I have no advice other than ginger tea but...
  17. Ah, the dark humor of academia. Love it!
  18. I’m up about four pounds and although I don’t feel great about it, I’m trying not to be hard on myself. The good thing is that we know what is happening. In the past, we’d say Frito it (quite literally) and give up. We aren’t here to give up, friend. We are here to win!
  19. My MIL is visiting (hiss) and a friend asked her about the woman my husband remarried. Apparently, the friend didn’t recognize me and thought I was a different person! I haven’t told my MIL about the surgery because all of Eastern Europe would find out. I’m not shy about telling people about my surgery but it’s my story to tell. Besides, I’d tell the mailman before I’d tell her.
  20. I was nervous but the hospital team made me feel so much better. Hospital Angeles hosts the blood bank for the city of Tijuana. You will see interns, nurses, doctors and medical support throughout your stay. Dr. Corvala Lopez personally discharged me and gave me a hug goodbye. You’ll have a brief meeting with a psychologist and a nutritionist. Most of the staff speak excellent English. You will encounter some medical assistants who do not speak English but they attend to minor procedures. I can’t stress how happy I am. My hospital choice and results were better than I could have dreamt. We all are afraid of missing food. You’ll get over it. Trading food for higher self esteem and good health are worth every moment. Most of us are convinced that we will be the rare case that fails. I was depressed because I “only” lost 25 lbs in three weeks. Silly me. i’ll post Before and after pics so you can see Dr. Corvala ‘s miracle come to life. You can do this!!
  21. I think you should change your name to Ultra Jen!