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  1. @Jen581791 @Nana Trish In theory, this is a great idea. However, try telling that to my Catholic guilt...
  2. @Cheesehead I think my eyes are on fire from reading your response. Al pastor is my faaaave. Dam. Now I am hungry!
  3. What’s up, honey bunch? Are you ok @CheeringCJ?
  4. The wheelchair AND walker are put away for good? Trish, you have no idea how high my heart leapt when I read your words. I’m incredibly happy for you.
  5. I don’t have time to add to the above, but yes, yes, YES! Trish, I cannot believe it has been two years. It have been a gift to be able to walk this journey with you. Remember when @BurgundyBoy encouraged you to measure your steps in Trishes? Boy, those days seem far away. I have to run but I’m sending you all my love.
  6. Please tell her I said hello. I hope to see her again this summer!
  7. I have a backlog of messages to get through and not nearly enough time to respond. I’ve told myself that it’s better to check in for a few minutes every night than to not check in at all. Give me some time. I’d hate anyone to think I’m not ignoring their messages xo
  8. It’s crazy to see how different we have all reacted to WLS. I love cold beverages and am fine with hot beverages. I drink a ton of iced beverages because room temp liquids are no longer appealing. I miss my spicy foods...
  9. My heart goes out to you for all you have been through since WLS. I’m also bipolar. After surgery, I experienced higher rates of depression and anxiety. To make a long story short, I increased my dosage of lamictal. Lamictal (Lexapro, Ativan and xanax are also in my cocktail) has been a godsend for me. Talk to your new doc about getting on meds for you BPD. make sure to let her/him know that you had a challenging time with surgery and this may impact your ability to absorb the meds. I hope you are able to find relief for your mental health concerns. @Nana Trish, care to chime in?
  10. I’m a spicy food wennie. I started eating spicy foods when I lived in Texas and I loved it. I’ve never been a chili eater but mild spice was ok. Fast forward post GBS. I cannot eat anything spicy. Nada. I start to sneeze and my nose starts dripping. My tongue is on fire and I often give up my meal. I love Korean food, so this has been devastating. Has this happened to any of you? Has your tolerance for spice gone down?
  11. How is Devin doing? She’s such a sweetie!
  12. Jen, I’m so proud to know you. You’ve always had an adventurous spirit, so it doesn’t surprise me that you are doing an Ultra. I can’t wait to hear more about your marathon adventures.
  13. I know this was taken a while ago but I had to say daaaaaaamn @CheeringCJ! This is a lovely dress but the best part is that you radiate happiness! Hooray!
  14. Sweet baby Jesus! You are tiny @Nana Trish! What a lovely dress and lovely smile. ❤️