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  1. UGH. An asshat hit my car and my precious hour has been taken away by getting an estimate for the damage. 

    The silver lining is that when the guy hit me, he didn’t stop and I chased him down the street. I wasn’t even winded! Thank God for traffic. 

    1. tracyringo


      Sorry you got hit...Glad you found a sliver lining , you are too funny !


    2. CheeringCJ


      Only you, Nerdy!!!  I have such a visual of you chasing him down!  Bad news for him that you’re a toothpick now so you can catch him and not have to stop to catch your breath while he got away!!!  

      Sorry about your car. That’s annoying but glad you’re ok. Were you alone or was Katja with you?

    3. NerdyToothpick


      @CheeringCJ Thankfully, I was alone and on my way to a Botox appointment. Yep, you heard me right. Botox for the win. 

      @tracyringo Life has been tough lately, so I’ve been trying to focus on the positive. 

  2. It’s been a challenging few weeks at Casa Nerdy Toothpick. I’m back today and miss all of you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the TTF. It’s been hard to find the time to lurk, much less post. 

    I have an hour free today (what whaaat!!), so I’ll be catching up in the afternoon. 

    Love to you all!

    1. Kio


      Yay!  I feel the same, we're ramping up to moving day and it's hard to find the time to hang out.  Plus I feel a little guilty because I haven't been as on-plan as I want to be.  Funny how those things go hand in hand... I need to spend some time here today and get my head right!

    2. NerdyToothpick


      Eek @Rio Moving day is approaching? This is an exciting and stressful time. I hope you have a housewarming party so I can shamelessly invite myself. :D I kid, I kid!

    3. Kio


      I totally will!  TTF party at my house!  ... as soon as I GET in my house!  :D

  3. Hola Hola dear followers,

    I’ve been a bit quiet these days as the family has a ton going on. Nothing terribly exciting but life is keeping me busy. 

    My daughter is going through physical therapy and it’s been a bit of a challenge. I’m fairly practical when it comes to my health but I worry (too much) when it comes to my kid. Ah, the joys of parenting! 

    Weight is holding steady between 135-138. Woo hoo! 

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    2. NerdyToothpick


      @CheeringCJ Thank you!! I wish you could step into my body for a moment to feel my relief. Having some direction and key words to use are very helpful. The healthcare system can be difficult to navigate and your advice has cheered me up. CJ, you are the best!

    3. CheeringCJ


      any questions, any time....i'm here for you :)


    4. NerdyToothpick


      @CheeringCJ Thanks to your info, I was able to make an EI appointment in a calm and relaxed manner. Your thoughts about sensory issues make a lot of sense! Big hugs!!

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus! Finally am back in Boston after a particularly long flight. 

    I think I just might keel over and die. 

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    2. CheeringCJ


      Technically it doesn't seem like it can be a rainy 25....wouldn't that be an icy 25? :(  Down in NJ today, we hit fact it's still 62 at 9 pm!!!  Tomorrow will be 40 (still above freezing though!!!) and the next day in 20s as much as we feel spring fever today (despite the gloomy rain), we have a lot more winter left!!!

    3. Jen581791


      Weather shock! Keep warm. 

    4. NerdyToothpick


      @CheeringCJ Oh, but it gets better! As of 10 am, it is raining and in the mid 50’s. By 3 PM, it’s supposed to be in the 20’s!!!!

      @Jen581791 My butt is staying at home today. I’m choosing to live in denial today. I’m also choosing to go back to bed. 

  5. You reached Onederland?! I’m thrilled for you!





    1. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      Hell, yeah!! Thank you!! 

      And......there are my awesome GIF's!! :lol:

  6. Maintenance time for me. I'm done losing weight and on to the next part of my journey. I'm not quite sure what to expect but I know that it is a challenge I'm willing to take. 

    GAH! I've lost over 75 pounds. A few of those pounds are a result of removing my hormonal IUD. I'll take that loss. I'm going to continue to weigh every day to make sure I stay on track. One pound a month can turn into 12 in a year. I'm not willing to take the chance of relapsing into weight gain. 

    A month or so ago, I posted about making a new friend who has a sleeve. The other day she said "I love being thin but I also love nachos. You know what I mean?" Maybe it's because I'm a newbie but no, I don't know what she means. I hope I never know what she means. 

    My husband and I don't feed our daughter junk foods. We get teased by other parents that we make our daughter eat healthily. I usually blame a family history of diabetes. The reality is that I want to instill healthy eating patterns for my daughter so that she never has to face obesity and WLS. 

    I hadn't intended for this status update to be so long, but here we are. TTF is my confessional. A place where I can be as honest and work through my food related issues. At some point or another, we all lie to ourselves. I want people to call me out when I'm being unreasonable and a gold star when I've been a good girl. 

    NerdyLady out. *mic drop*

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    2. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      Exactly!! That's my fear as well. I really enjoy being a diabetic in remission! But I think as long as there isn't many bread/white carbs, you'll be fine :) 

    3. bellamoma


      you don't have to add bready, fun carbs back in.  it depends on what your achilles heel is.  you guys know for me it's sweets, so i have eliminated them from my diet. i generally do not crave them anymore. i will occasionally have some cereal, a mouthful of rice, some chips. those things aren't really my trigger, although i am aware that they could be if I'm not careful.  it's scary at first but with time you start figuring things out. i am trying to figure out if my baseline weight is actually a little higher than i thought or if there's something i need to change to get lower. sigh. 

    4. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      In terms of adding carbs when I reached maintenance, I quickly found out that a small bowl of Goldfish crackers or Wheat Thins in the evening before dinner was delightful.  I know that I could have healthier carbs, but my secret to making my maintenance diet work is to have a diet that is both healthy overall and pleasant.  

  7. @Michael_A Your surgery is coming up pretty soon, right? Are you excited? :D


  8. I've lost 50 pounds so far. 5-0. I'm in a bit of shock. Five pounds until my weight is in the "normal" category.

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    2. Trish13


      Wow!!! Outstanding job!! I can only imagine how surreal the feeling is for you right now. And as far as the fear, I truly think that each of us has that same feeling lurking somewhere in us too. The difference is that this time you made this decision for WLS so that you have a tool to "help" keep you in check, and you also have an amazing support system on TT who are here to encourage, support, and motivate you -  collectively we are an amazing resource for one another. None of us are perfect, so take that pressure off yourself. Use your tools and resources to be guide you need. We are all right here in the trenches with you fighting the same fight. Now step back from yourself and overanalyzing, and enjoy this absolutely amazing milestone!! You got this!! :D

    3. tracyringo


      Wow that is awesome !!  Congrats

    4. CurvyMermaid


      Get that "I'm NORMAL" tshirt ready @NerdyLady! Great scale victory!

  9. I've lost 40 lbs since WLS! B)

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    2. BurgundyBoy


      Having met you in person at the *** Boston 2nd Annual *** Get together, would never have thought - given your current exterior - that you had been 40 lbs heavier just a couple of months ago. Congrats again!

    3. tmcgee
    4. NerdyToothpick


      @BurgundyBoy Thank you. :)

      Isn't it funny? Looking at you, @Res Ipsa and @tmcgee, I neeeever would have thought that any of you were heavier in a previous life. In fact, you look so slender and I can't believe that you have any more weight to lose.

      Cheers to all of us and our combined success!! :D