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  1. NerdyToothpick

    Henry and Baloo

    Mine too!
  2. NerdyToothpick

    5 Days till gastric bypass

  3. NerdyToothpick

    Henry and Baloo

    Now that I think about it, my cat is so mean that he has to be fully sedated when he goes to the vet. The staff live in fear of my poor Chairman Meow.
  4. NerdyToothpick

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I took a very easy hike this weekend. Hike is an overstatement because the path was ridiculously easy. I had avoided this trail for years because it was too strenuous.
  5. NerdyToothpick


    How many Trishes were in your yard?? I am over the moon for you! ♥️♥️ Wheelchair be gone!!
  6. NerdyToothpick

    The Honeymoon Period

    @Anita62 I am a cautionary tale. I had a really bad day and gulped down beef I bought on a whim. I did not chew my food and threw up like I have never thrown up before. I irritated my stomach and esophagus. I also had some micro tears in my stomach. I’ve been on a liquid diet for three weeks. I had solid food today and it was fantastic. Kids, don’t do what I did. Chew your food!
  7. NerdyToothpick

    Old posts

    Hopefully, as people move into the maintenance phase, they can find new ideas in the Maintenance Cafe.
  8. NerdyToothpick

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Jen581791 @cinwa @CheeringCJ Thanks for the compliments. I hate to admit it but all I see are flaws. Agh! Thank you, thank you!
  9. NerdyToothpick

    Henry and Baloo

    Thanks for making a great day even better!
  10. NerdyToothpick

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I’m at at Drumlin Farm, a wildlife rehabilitation center. It’s a beautiful spring day and after all the snow, I’m excited to be outside. I’m wearing a Uniqlo size M top and M leggings. I could have gone smaller but I wanted to be comfy. Today, I’m at 136.8 lbs.
  11. NerdyToothpick

    Dry spots where the sun don’t shine.

    That makes so much sense. Yes, the patches are exactly where my bones hit the seat. I’ll give Cerave a try
  12. NerdyToothpick

    Boston get together

    I hope and pray!
  13. NerdyToothpick

    Dry spots where the sun don’t shine.

    It’s dry. Despite my loose skin, there isn’t much back there. Never was to begin with and it completely emptied out post WLS.
  14. NerdyToothpick

    Boston get together

    @Res Ipsa You and @tmcgee seem to be the main coordinators of the meetup. Any plans for this year?
  15. NerdyToothpick

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Aussie Bear Geese are so frickin’ mean! I was once trapped in a circle of angry geese. I’ve never been so terrified.