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  1. NerdyToothpick

    A little out of sorts

    Remember that you are still a newbie. My hormones were up and down making adjusting to my new lifestyle. Be kind to yourself and be patient. xo
  2. NerdyToothpick

    CJ, I'm CindyLouWho and I'm overweight now too!!!!

    Proud of you!!
  3. NerdyToothpick

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

  4. NerdyToothpick

    Any World Cup fans?

    @Carina Iceland played an amazing game! They deserved to win! @Jen581791 I’m mostly Team Not Western Europe.
  5. NerdyToothpick

    Any World Cup fans?

    I’m curious to see how many of our TTF friends are soccer/fútbol/football fans. If so, who do you support? I’m behind Team Colombia and Team Croatia! I’ll be sitting over here munching some almonds and drinking plenty of water.
  6. NerdyToothpick

    Kio....put the boxes down and stop in to say hello

    @Kio It sounds like you are killing it! You may have had some off plan food but it sounds like your calorie burn certainly has been off the charts. I’m sorry to hear about the RNY focus group member. I think her outcome is our collective greatest fear. How sad that she could not use this precious tool that has been given to us. I hope her health didn’t take a turn for the worse. I had to laugh when you described losing and finding the lamps. Everything seems logical when you are packing up! I’m always certain I will remember where I put X and Y things. LOL Have fun unpacking!!
  7. NerdyToothpick

    Kio....put the boxes down and stop in to say hello

    You have a pool? ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  8. NerdyToothpick

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    @Aussie Bear Yikes!!! Nothing sounds more unpleasant than a mamo for an obese lady in a traveling van. That must have felt cramped.
  9. NerdyToothpick

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    @Nana Trish My last boob smash wasn’t nearly as painful as they once were. I can’t lie, they are still pretty yuck. Don’t be surprised if you get referred for an ultrasound. My breast tissue had changed so drastically that the doc wanted to make sure everything was ok.
  10. NerdyToothpick

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    WOW!!! That so exciting! Are you getting a new set of boobs? Trading them in for a newer model??
  11. NerdyToothpick

    6 months today, and I'm still alive XD

    You are doing a great job taking care of your skin @Ladybugzzz86 . It looks fantastic!
  12. I feel silly for asking this question. I’ve maintained the same weight range for about six months. I know I’m a relative newbie so feeling insecure is par for the course. However, I’ve started to feel chubby lately. The slight weight gain I talked about a few weeks ago triggered feelings of being fat. What the what?! I know I’m not fat (brain emoji) and when I see my reflection, I see a thin woman. However, I’m starting to think of myself as chubby again. Has this happened to any of you? Am I the lone irrational person? I’m not looking for solutions. I just needed to put this thought out into the universe.
  13. @Ladybugzzz86 I have lost almost 90 lbs (depends on the day and poo schedule) and I’ve recently started to think of myself as huge again. It’s a crazy head trip and if I didn’t have all of you to lean on, I’d swear I’d be losing my mind. My brain is also noticing those around me and I want to help everyone I see. A word of caution about judging grocery carts. If you would have seen my pre WLS grocery cart, you would have seen a buggy piled high with organic “this” and artisanal “that”. My constant internal reminder is just because it is organic, doesn’t mean it’s remotely good for you.
  14. NerdyToothpick

    My first stall

    @Lankyliz The honeymoon is far from over! Look at how much weight you have lost! Yes, you may be stalling but if you are on plan then your losses will start up again. Be patient. You’ve got this!!
  15. NerdyToothpick

    Kio....put the boxes down and stop in to say hello

    @CheeringCJ Ok, here is the plan. I’m going to put Katya in the car and we will drive around the greater Boston area yelling @Kio! I’ll report back when we find her.