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  1. Travel Tips?

    As a Type 2 diabetic, I have found grocery stores through most of the world to be my friend. It is hard to travel without running into a situation where most everything is carb laden. I like to see the way people shop and live, so grocery stores are fun for me. You can often pick up some dried meats, cheese and have fun with local treats. I’m not suggesting you do this for every meal but eating out and planning ahead aren’t always foolproof. Some of my best memories are of laughing with friends/family on the beach and eating new things out of a can. I’m excited for your trip. What part of Italy are you visiting?
  2. Free parenting program from Stanford for post-op WLS people

    Update: If you think you may be eligible for this study, run and sign up. Today was my last session with the therapist assigned to my family and she will be missed. We received six therapy sessions via video chat and they were tremendously helpful. When you have a healthy eating family (aka, I only eat artisanal goat cheese sources from farmers living on the Brazilian-Argentine border LOL), you can get smug about nutrition. My husband and I didn’t think we would learn much about feeding our daughter. Boy, were we wrong. We learned much about ourselves and how our behavior shapes the way we feed our daughter. We didn’t know that we were holding back our daughter from an independence milestop. Through therapy we learned to let go of our controlling food based culture. My husband and I learned things that have improved our communication. My only complaint is that the sessions allotted were too few!! I strongly recommend any post-op WLS patient with small children to participate in this study. Stanford University contact info can be found in @Jen581791‘s initial post. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Palo Alto. We live in Boston and our therapist is in Tel Aviv. @Jen581791 Thanks again for finding this study. Sorry for typos. I have a small child on me and if I don’t hit post soon, this message will go bye bye.
  3. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments. I’m having a hard time seeing myself as looking great. I’m picking at all my flaws and want to point them all out. I’m working on feeling better! Promise!! Sports bras are my new best friend. They don’t give me a nice shape AT ALL, but I can tuck my third and fourth boob in the bra If I get a large size. Much of my belly fat hangs a bit below my pants. I’ve gotten good at shoving and rearranging loose skin. That said, I accept what all of you have said. Not too shabby for someone who lost 87 lbs Post WLS. Thanks everyone for your lovely words.
  4. What Are You Wearing Today?

    @CheeringCJMy loose skin has been a mystery. When I first started losing, my bat wings hung heavy and low. I had two tummies- one under my breasts and then a larger one below. That skin hung and got wobbly. Before I knew it, my loose skin was doing the same as @Jen581791 described. What I am most surprised about are my arms. I was very embarrassed about my droopy arms. About 15 lbs ago, they seemed to tighten up a lot I will take it! I never thought I’d be 30 pounds under goal. You may find yourself surpassing your goal by quite a bit. Only you can decide what that number will be.
  5. Peanut butter recommendations?

    They have it at Shaw’s and Wegmans, too!
  6. Excessive craving for salt?

    @AustinJ‘s post (I’m sorry for your troubles!) reminded me to ask TTF about salt. My parents have hypertension, so I grew up without salty foods. My mother never added salt to her cooking and I have followed this habit. I love salty foods but have always avoided them without trouble. As an FYI, I don’t have a sweet tooth. After RNY, I started to crave salt. My body begs for anything salty. I used to buy salt free almonds, now only smoked and salted will do. Any ideas why I have become such a salt addict?
  7. Peanut butter recommendations?

    @Kio Teddie’s is a good local PB and they support charitable organizations and people with disabilities. How cool is that mission? Plus, it’s usually at the lower end of the price scale. I don’t know how close you are to a Market Basket, but they have the best price on Teddie’s.
  8. COLD !!!!!

    @cinwa I have Raynaud’s on my feet. I can sympathize!
  9. My sister the nurse

    Welcome @Susanvmallory! I’m Excited to interact with you on the forum.
  10. Pre surgery nervousness

    Rob, I had the nerves or coordinating international travel and childcare to distract me from the fear of the surgery. I wasn’t scared until the morning of the surgery. I shouldn’t have worried at all. I never felt real pain after surgery I was very uncomfortable due to gas and fatigue but I can’t claim it was pain. You will be healthier and happier than you have been in years. You will ask yourself why you didn’t have surgery earlier. You will have your life back. I’m excited for you! I understand the fear of not waking up. My cousin, who was thin and healthy, did not wake up from an elective breast enhancement surgery. Twenty years later, her loss is still felt hard by my family. I can sympathize. *hugs*
  11. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Warning! I’m not great at being vulnerable about my physical appearance. Be kind. I often feel fat (approx 50 times a day) because I have to shift my loose skin around when I go to bed. I know that I have it easier than most folks but I still have body image issues. I was getting dressed (size XL sports bra from Target, size 4 Lucky Brand jeans) and I thought, “Huh? Not bad”. I have a set of before pics in my undies. Some day soon, I will be brave enough to post them on TTF Body dysmorphia is a h3ll of a drug. Bonus points if you can figure out where my scars are located. Use your own belly as a map! Please excuse the clutter. I’m organizing baby items for a community clothing swap.
  12. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

  13. Saggy tushes

  14. Newbie from the UK

    I’ve always wanted to get into EPL but never found the time. I’m more of a CONCACAF gal.
  15. Newbie from the UK

    Welcome Vicky! I’m glad to meet you and am looking forward to watching your journey. If the difference in your face is noticeable after one week, think of what will happen over the next few months. Meghan Markle is from my neighborhood. I fully expect to be invited to the next cookout hosted by the Queen.