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  1. Tubal ligation

    Have any female reproductive having people had a tubal ligation Post RNY? I’m 100% certain that we won’t have another child and I’m tired of the eternal birth control woes. I’m also tired of getting a monthly period which seems to be getting heavier and heavier. I haven’t asked my new WLS doc or my GYN about the procedure. Any personal stories would be appreciated.
  2. Tubal ligation

    I am mortified. Mortified that I posted this question. I really thought that tubal ligation would stop my periods. I guess I need to retake high school health class at Web MD High. Thanks all for the suggestion of ablation. I’m going to look into this when I ask my GYN about tubal ligation.
  3. I just got my surgery

    Congratulations! I’m 44 and I wish I had been as courageous at your age. You made the right decision and I’m glad you are here to share your story.
  4. "At goal" pics

    PS: I meant the hips as a super compliment. I don’t have hips and it’s embarrassing.
  5. "At goal" pics

    My dad hasn’t lived in Colombia for 56 years but my entire paternal family still live there. maybe my blood cousins have met her??? Who knows? Side note which I may have already shared. My family thinks the US is tacky and Miami is the only place worth visiting because of the great shopping. LOL
  6. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Go girl!!
  7. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    On somewhat of a similar note, I have mom jeans that are a size 8 instead of 4. I need wiggle room and comfort when I’m chasing a toddler around music class!
  8. Postponed

    The memory will soon fade and you’ll be post op before you know it. I don’t need to tell you that this journey is not for folks who are easily deterred. Onward friend!
  9. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    YouTube, my friend. YouTube.
  10. Happy!

    We have been missing each other! Katya has needed PT because she is a tiptoe walker. The therapist suggested that some of her behavior share traits with autism. Of course, I freaked out and have been preoccupied with getting her care. Now that I’ve calmed down I realize that her suggestions were based on a casual remark I made. Nevertheless, I want to provide her with help if she indeed is on the spectrum. Tomorrow she has a three hour evaluation with four (!) therapists at our home who will make suggestions on next steps. That’s why I’ve been away. I’m fine and calm about tomorrow. I’ll keep You posted.
  11. "At goal" pics

    Aw @tmcgee! You know how to make me smile. You are quite the sweetheart.
  12. What a year can do

    @Michael_A You were one of the first people to reach out to me. I tried to be upbeat in my first message but I wrote it with tears steaming down my face. Your kind words made me feel better. You continue to be a cheerleader for folks on the forum and it’s a testament to your open heart. I think you were quite handsome in your before pictures but hot diggity dog (!), you are quite dapper these days. Isnt it great to be off of insulin and other diabetes related meds? I had a similar experience at the pharmacy. The staff cancelled a recent order because they thought I no longer needed meds. At the time I was annoyed but your post makes me realize what a blessing I have in my hands. Hip, hip, hooray!!!
  13. "At goal" pics

    I echo @CheeringCJ. I know it must be hard to see that before picture but I love the photo with you and your husband. He clearly loves you.
  14. "At goal" pics

    PS: look at that slim waist and rockin’ hips. To quote my cousin* Shakira, hips don’t lie. *Shakira is not my cousin. She’s from my dad’s hometown, so I claim the right to say I’m related to her.
  15. "At goal" pics

    WOWWWWWW! You are a completely different person. I’m not even talking about your weight loss, which is *dramatic* and proof that hard work and determination pay off. I’m talking about the light the radiates from your smile and body language. You are positively glowing. I’m elated for you. Thank you for being open and vulnerable with us. I’m honored by your trust.
  16. Happy!

    @Nana Trish I’m happy and proud of you. Here’s to kicking diabetes in the butt and Harper never knowing you as an obese g’ma. xoxoxo I will humbly admit that I have a gift for smart azz and catchy names. Some are hits while some are misses.
  17. Happy!

  18. Happy!

  19. Happy!

    You reached goal?
  20. Happy!

  21. Travel Tips?

    Wow, wow, wow!! These photos are awesome. What strikes me most about these images are the vibrant colors. You have a great photographer’s eye. I’m looking forward to your Italian holiday photos! I could window shop in grocery stores forever. It’s one of my guilty pleasures when I am traveling on my own. Now that I think about it, @kristinwitha_k, I lost about 5 lbs on my December vacation. I was surprised! I had made my peace with gaining a few pounds ahead of time. I tried my best to make smart choices and I had dessert every d@mn day. I think my food choices, combined with walking around and not shoving massive amounts of food in my face was a reminder that this is a complete lifestyle change. The choices we make today aren't the same choices we made when we were sick and fat. You’ll be fine!
  22. Travel Tips?

    As a Type 2 diabetic, I have found grocery stores through most of the world to be my friend. It is hard to travel without running into a situation where most everything is carb laden. I like to see the way people shop and live, so grocery stores are fun for me. You can often pick up some dried meats, cheese and have fun with local treats. I’m not suggesting you do this for every meal but eating out and planning ahead aren’t always foolproof. Some of my best memories are of laughing with friends/family on the beach and eating new things out of a can. I’m excited for your trip. What part of Italy are you visiting?
  23. Free parenting program from Stanford for post-op WLS people

    Update: If you think you may be eligible for this study, run and sign up. Today was my last session with the therapist assigned to my family and she will be missed. We received six therapy sessions via video chat and they were tremendously helpful. When you have a healthy eating family (aka, I only eat artisanal goat cheese sources from farmers living on the Brazilian-Argentine border LOL), you can get smug about nutrition. My husband and I didn’t think we would learn much about feeding our daughter. Boy, were we wrong. We learned much about ourselves and how our behavior shapes the way we feed our daughter. We didn’t know that we were holding back our daughter from an independence milestop. Through therapy we learned to let go of our controlling food based culture. My husband and I learned things that have improved our communication. My only complaint is that the sessions allotted were too few!! I strongly recommend any post-op WLS patient with small children to participate in this study. Stanford University contact info can be found in @Jen581791‘s initial post. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Palo Alto. We live in Boston and our therapist is in Tel Aviv. @Jen581791 Thanks again for finding this study. Sorry for typos. I have a small child on me and if I don’t hit post soon, this message will go bye bye.
  24. Excessive craving for salt?

    @AustinJ‘s post (I’m sorry for your troubles!) reminded me to ask TTF about salt. My parents have hypertension, so I grew up without salty foods. My mother never added salt to her cooking and I have followed this habit. I love salty foods but have always avoided them without trouble. As an FYI, I don’t have a sweet tooth. After RNY, I started to crave salt. My body begs for anything salty. I used to buy salt free almonds, now only smoked and salted will do. Any ideas why I have become such a salt addict?
  25. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments. I’m having a hard time seeing myself as looking great. I’m picking at all my flaws and want to point them all out. I’m working on feeling better! Promise!! Sports bras are my new best friend. They don’t give me a nice shape AT ALL, but I can tuck my third and fourth boob in the bra If I get a large size. Much of my belly fat hangs a bit below my pants. I’ve gotten good at shoving and rearranging loose skin. That said, I accept what all of you have said. Not too shabby for someone who lost 87 lbs Post WLS. Thanks everyone for your lovely words.