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  1. Not excited at all

    Thank you for your post. I loved it.
  2. Not excited at all

    I think that you are totally right. You kind of shaked me. Yes this stage is sooo boring and I come from a Foodie family. So everyone loves to eat, but WAS the only one with no control of it. And they have to keep living their lives. I can't force them to eat what I'm eating, but they have been really nice to me. And very understanding. I will follow as you are saying and thank you very much for posting back!
  3. Sleeved on April the 5th 2017

    Hello everyone!! I am very happy that I found this webpage. It's really great!! I am 2 weeks post op going through lots of changes. It's great to be part of this community! Thank you!
  4. Not excited at all

    Hi everyone!!! I'm very happy to have found this forum because believe it or not, I felt a little bit intimidated with my doctor's former patient's group support. I don't know why. But I feel that everyone is like judging you even though they don't say it. Lol! Maybe it's me just going through a stage. Anyway. I just wanted to know if anyone didn't feel any excitement after getting sleeved. I am right now in the full liquids diet and I've been ok. I still had some chicken noodle soup with the noodles and the soft cooked carrots. I honestly needed to chew. Then afterwards I felt guilty because it said in the PostOp guide that we shouldn't eat with chunks, but I chew them until I made them puree LOL! I've lost in total with Pre Op diet 18 lbs!! That's a lot. But I still don't feel the excitement of it. Is this normal? Thanks to everyone!!
  5. The 411 sleeved in April 2017 need a pal

    Hello there!! I was sleeved April the 5th!!