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  1. Y'all are hilarious! Can you imagine carrying around a dishwasher? And next time I bemoan the loss of Only One Pound, I'll remember that, in reality, yet another guinea pig has dropped away...to go with the boxer, the bowling ball, and the other two guinea pigs.
  2. Hi all, Crawling out of my hole tonight; I've been such a homebody since I began this process. I'm out in the open now, proud of my decision, proud of my progress. I saw some old friends tonight. "How much weight have you lost?" was a topic of conversation. My reply: "two toddlers and a couple bags of flour!" which got us all laughing. What interesting items have YOU lost? Also, those small surprises...the other day I reached down to brush something off my toe, and....and I could easily and comfortably reach my toes! I tried on a new top in a store and...and I actually could see a defined waist! We had a slight cold snap last week and I pulled out an old sweater, and...and it was THREE sizes too big! Now, all of these things took me completely by surprise. What lovely surprises have you had?
  3. I love, love, love my tiny forks and spoons. They keep me out of trouble, because I tend to forget about the tiny bites, to my own discomfort. I love to read while I eat, and I know it's a big no-no, but I absolutely love to do it and feel deprived if I can't. And I am sooo done with feeling deprived. My tiny tools allow me to read on while not eating too mindlessly or fast. Trish, you are doing great and I think it's safe to say we are all so proud of you for trooping right along in spite of all the problems you're having. It WILL get better!
  4. Juliet


    Just catching up on Trish's medical issues, so sorry you've had to go through this...but you are doing so well in spite of it all! I'm impressed! Keep up the good work, and things will turn around soon.
  5. Gathering dust on my shelves: three big tubs of protein powder (ugh, but I'm trying), too many water bottles, a sippy cup, too many boxes of jello, cans of chicken broth (can't stand it)...I must have thought the liquid stage would last for years, LOL. Although it DID feel like it. My favorite, most indispensible tools are small-size spoons and forks. Gotta look into those gummy bears!
  6. Watching for a positive update! thinking of you Trish!
  7. But if this is the new normal, how is it possible people start to gain weight again? And many do as years go by; there's plenty of discussion about "resetting the pouch." Boggles the mind. I guess "you learn something new every day" applies to all post-ops, because it seems each day may be different from the last.
  8. OK, so we're all over the place. Passes for some, doesn't for others. I suspect I'll be in the comes-and-goes group? Seriously, all I wanted to do the past three weeks was plot what I could eat next. Now that I've tolerated everything I've tried and can moved forward, I lose interest. How bizarre. I hope I can enjoy cooking again! Nothing like a 2 oz. pot roast simmering on the stove all day..
  9. What a difference a week makes. Last week I was busy calculating and scheming what new foods I may be able to eat next, cruising the grocery aisles for likely candidates, looking sooo forward to my mini-meals. Just a few days ago I found a recipe I was excited to try, as soon as I dealt with all the little tidbit-leftovers lurking in my frig. This week? I couldn't care less. I could do without putting anything in my mouth and be completely content. Nothing seems appealing, let alone appetizing. I. Just. Don't. Care. Now, I know I can't do this. I know I need hydration, I know I need protein. I KNOW this. And I'm trying. But...but...what is THIS about? Will this pass?
  10. Hey, starting to like this weight loss thing! Feeling very well, no issues with food, weight on the way down, expanding my food choices a tiny bit each day, fully satisfied with small amounts. Getting my water and protein in, getting those vitamins down, getting some exercise...pulling it off! Last week I was in one of the beach shops and saw this cute little beachy coverup/dress thingie that I wouldn't have even thought about before. I bought it and put it away for "later." But tonight after my shower I saw it hanging there and put it on. OK, so it fits kind of like a tube sock, and I'm NOT leaving the house in it, but it feels great! I'm walking round the house feeling like a goddess! And it's only going to get better!
  11. One tip I learned from my mother years ago, when you need small amounts look to the fresh meat counter and the salad bar. For example, I can ask for a 1/4 pound of beef, one filet of fish, or just a handful of shrimp at my grocery store. Pre-op this came in handy; I'd get 4 scallops, or one crabcake, or one prepared hamburger and break it up into servings. When Mother made soup or casseroles, just for herself, she'd get her vegetables at the salad bar. No waste, good variety, and already prepped! I'm looking forward to being able to do this again, once I can have some variety. One silver lining of all this, we can eventually eat very, very well on a shoestring!
  12. I'm moving along, just tiptoeing out of full liquids. had a small amount of soft whipped guacamole with pureed beans last night, went down fine but the beans were bitter-tasting. Tried chicken for the first time today, canned, whirled in the food processor with all the juice and some low-fat mayo. Just OK. Nothing has been that satisfying so far, except for the little Laughing Cow cheeses, that I can squish to nothing in my mouth before swallowing. My refrigerator is full of all the leftover portions...there's a whole lot more in there than I've put in my mouth. But the variety makes it worth it. I couldn't stand having the same thing day in and day out. Moving into pureed foods is at least more interesting, if not more appetizing. I am done with the sweet stuff, can't take much more of that. The ground beef sounds really good. May try that after the weekend; my food lists are kind of fuzzy in that everything is in a range -- like 10 to 14 days, or one to two weeks. I'm like, "Which one is it?" When I asked I was told it was a guide, and that I could move along on my own with the guides in mind. So that's what I'm doing, but I mostly follow the Tufts guidelines since they are much better than what I was given. Hanging in there! How's it going for you?
  13. That's bothering me too, that I feel I could eat more without feeling restriction. Or maybe I just don't understand what the restriction is supposed to feel like. I think it's just that we're in early days, but I don't really know. I don't see the doc until the end of the month, so I won't really know what's what until then. Ground beef sounds good! I'm still doing soups, just added cream of wheat (very milky), did do a scrambled egg with a good portion of cottage cheese mixed in for a creamy result. But from a real food point of view, nothing has been particularly satisfying. Although I am enjoying an occasional Laughing Cow cheese wedge, squished into liquid before swallowing.
  14. Doing OK. Wishing I could have real food! So tired of the sweet stuff. Getting in my liquids and proteins OK, concerned about the lack of restrictive feeling, but from what I read here that's a normal reaction. Just going through the phases...it almost feels like an anti-climax after waiting so long for surgery, now waiting to get to normal food. Would like to be cooking!
  15. Funny, pizza worries me too! I had family in last week, and didn't have a problem with my separate little meals. But I was glad they didn't bring in pizza. The ricotta bake is perfect to take your mind off of it. Down the line there are pizza variations -- chicken crust, mushroom caps -- that we can experiment with and enjoy. Trish, I grew up in Palmyra, but I'm in North Carolina now, just off the coast.