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  1. Hello!

    Your mom is totally right!!!!
  2. Hello!

    I know!! And let me tell you the worst part! His mom is also a WLS patient, she had the lap band done a few years ago, and that's what shocked me the most! He doesn't even support his own mother!
  3. Hello everyone

    Hey Natasha!! How did everything go???
  4. Hello!

    Heyy! Sorry I took forever to reply!! It's been amazing! As many others have said before, the only thing I regret about the surgery is that I took forever to get it done... obviously I still forget I'm post op, last week I took a big sip of water and it was super painful! But what has changed a lot is now I see food in big portions and I get grossed out, when before it looked like a challenge, and my self confidence has gone through the roof! I'm finally going out with guys and feeling like I deserve it. Now I'm pickier of my relationships, a few weeks ago I went out with a guy for coffee, and before he knew I had gone through WLS, he started mocking people who decided to get the skim milk, sugar free versions of the beverages (which is totally my case), he said his father and grandfather had diabetes but that he wouldn't prevent it because "he wanted to enjoy his life" (I'm totally enjoying it with skinny vanilla lattes), so right after the date I decided I wasn't giving him another chance and my therapist congratulated me because now I know that when something or someone is toxic for me, it's going out... It's been amazing that now I can walk into (almost) every store and buy something I liked right there instead of ordering it online because extended sizes aren't carried in stores. so yeah, I'm almost 4 months out and enjoying every single step of this journey!!!
  5. Hello!

    @cinwa @Jen581791 thanks guys!! I thought I was the only one hahaha. i don't miss it at all, I'm happy drinking plain water, but the other day I went to visit some family and the lemonade looked so good in the pitcher and I just took a sip and threw the rest away
  6. Hello!

    Hello!!! Lately I've been realizing that I don't like many foods/drinks I liked before, specially those sweetened with Splenda. If I take a sip of lemonade (like the crystal light kind) I start gagging because of the sweetener. Am I the only one here?
  7. Don't do it! You've been working so hard to lose that weight! Don't throw all that hard work away! Stay focused, remember the end goal!
  8. Hello!

    I was really thinking about it, but my doctor suggested an alternative therapy to help with the hernia (using ice bags and some electrotherapy on my lower back, then a massage with an ultrasound machine and finally a hot light) it's been really helpful but not a deffinite cure (yet)
  9. Hello!

    Hey everyone! Quick update! I got out of the stall the day after my 1 month post-op appointment just after my surgeon told me he was expecting me to lose more pounds. Also, last week I got into an argument with my mother and I'm happy to report that coping with food was not my first option!! I never EVER thought that would be possible! My back is doing so much better! My doctor is amazed by the results!!
  10. The nausea is gone, but sometimes I feel too full and thats the moment I desperately need to burp, walking has been helpful. Sometimes I feel like I want to throw up but I try to walk it of because I don't need all those acids going up.
  11. Hello!

    @BurgundyBoy @Jen581791 thank you! I really appreciate your words! I'm dying to get some more excercise, unfortunately I have a hernia on my lower back, which is killing me and I'm not able to walk long distances, (I'm on a treatment to avoid back surgery) I think what kills me is that I wish I could do more but I am phisically unable to work out. The first month my surgeon and my dietician allowed me to eat a few carbs (specially during the pureed and mashed foods phase) but I ate more than I should have, but now I'm determined to follow my new diet and not cheat at all, I'm finally allowed to use protein shakes which I know will help a lot.
  12. Hello!

    Although I just got out of my one month check up and I've lost 18lbs, but my doctor told me he was expecting around 25... I feel disappointed,
  13. Hello!

    Today is my first monthiversary! Best decision I've ever taken!!!
  14. Period after WLS

    Hi! I'm 2 weeks post op today. I got my period 2 days after the surgery and lasted 4 days (as usual). My question is, after WLS does period patterns change? Do you become more regular? Does it last longer? thanks!
  15. Hello everyone!!! Before my surgery everytime I felt nausea or felt the need to burp but just couldn't I would sip some club soda; but now being that we can't/shouldn't drink bubbly drinks, what do you do when you feel this way? Any advice will be highly appreciated.