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  1. Wow!!! That's great!! How are you doing??? Are you almost close to eating regular food???
  2. Lol... I know that's right!!! Well if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I'm still learning my body each day!!!
  3. Congrats... I'm so happy for you!!! Are you excited??? Have you started changing your diet???
  4. Hello I had my surgery on April 10th 2017. Just wanted to know if anybody else out there has had there's around this time??? I must say that I have been doing extremely well without any complications. However I do find myself wanting to binge eat...but I remember that I can't do that anymore!!! After being on liquids for 3 weeks, close to a month can really drive you nuts!!! Lol... I guess that's why they make you see a shrink!!!! Anyway I'm losing a pound a day!!! When I first started the liquid diet on April 4th I was at 407, now I am at 385!!! So I do see some improvement! Looking for a nice buddy to walk with and talk about the bypass period.