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  1. I am now nearly 6 weeks postop and have to admit I'm only now really starting to get my spirits back. In a sense we all lost our best friend (food). That thing that was always there for us. The thing that cheered us up after a crappy day. Things like work parties or summer bbqs aren't as fun for us for awhile because we again have to be the weird one who can't eat anything. But what we do get in return is looking smoking hot in the mirror. Fitting into any chair we sit in. Having clothes that we couldn't even get on 2 months ago now be literally falling off of us. Being able to walk 3 miles and barely be winded. I'll be honest I didn't feel this way 3 weeks ago but I do think my body just took a while to heal and I think that combined with pure exhaustion in those early weeks took a number on my emotions. Hang in there you will feel better. In the mean time don't be hard on yourself. Give your body and mind time to come to grips with this massive change. I don't think you have to push yourself so much just take it easy. Relax and take care of you first.
  2. I discovered gum in the liquid phase. Every flavor and all the time. It was like a tiny little party in my mouth. Now why they can't make pizza flavored gum or even chocolate I'll ever know. But seriously it gives you some intense flavor and it helped me with my wanting something sweet without the sugar. Just in the past week I discovered a brand that has flavors like birthday cake and lime-coconut. The lime-coconut one makes me feel like I'm having a tropical cocktail.
  3. I had to retire a size 24wide pants they literally were falling off of my bottom. Best feeling ever.
  4. This is so spot on. I'm 3 weeks postop and starting to feel like myself again. I think those weeks before and directly after the surgery I had to grieve the end of food as I once knew it. I still miss food, but I simply can't go to it for comfort or celebration. Now the hard work starts: fixing the parts of my life that cause stress that I used to avoid with a binge.
  5. Hotmamatime


    Oh man. I'm at 3 weeks postop this week not excited about a stall. So with my surgeon they want you to start puréed at 3 weeks. For those with the 3 week stall did you also start puréed foods also at that time ?
  6. Thank you ladies!! I know I'm just being hard on myself i need to be giving myself some time to heal before thinking I'll be able to just bounce up and be active. Such a huge reason I did this was to have more energy from not lugging all these extra pounds so now I just want them off. Like now. That's probably not the best way to look at it though.
  7. Happy Sunday Friends. I am 4 days postop (lap band removal, gastric sleeve and some other things) and I know being tired is normal just wondering when this wears off? Is this the type of thing where if I nap and rest too much I'm just making myself more tired?
  8. I think that the most important thing is to ask for professional help when you encounter big life stress. Therapist, group therapy, etc...they can help you the most by letting you get your feelings out and giving you ways to cope. The food is just a way for us to avoid dealing with stress. Spending our energy on trying to control our diet never works. What works is facing our lives head on.
  9. Day 2 after surgery I fell really pretty well. They ended up taking out my lap-band, revision to gastric sleeve, removed my gall bladder and fixed a hernia. Did I mention my surgeon is my new favorite person. Came home yesterday. Like everything is going really really well. I can drink water and protein shakes. I can walk. It hurts to roll around in bed but really considering the pain is manageable. So of course I made the mistake of getting on the scale ... not the number I was expecting but I know that's just the gas they pumped in. I just feel like it all went so well. The best part is I don't miss the food. Food-shmood. I don't want it. I want to be skinny. I want to be able to wear anything in my closet again. I want my fire and my self confidence back. I want to celebrate this entire journey. I just wanted to share my joy.
  10. I highly recommend "Intuitive Eating". Though we can't follow all of the guidelines since we can't truly eat whatever we want you may find self forgiveness for how we got here: the wicked cycle of dieting and the dieting industry which I'm convinced is evil and has contributed much to the obesity in our society.
  11. I am dating someone who I think is as large as you once were. I am having my own WLS Wednesday and trying to encourage him to start the process. I know he has to be the one to put down the food and do the work but in guy speak how can I encourage a guy who has truly given up on himself? He is "in the food" as we say in OA. Did you have a medical wake-up call or what truly got you to make the move to start the process?
  12. Help. Too much sweat and movement and I have raw skin under my bottom belly and they said they will postpone surgery if you have that. Any tried and true fast treatments?
  13. Day 5 liquid diet for pre-op. I think if it weren't for the kid food this would be a easier instead I had to bag up animal crackers for one kid and sesame chicken for dinner while I sip my soup back in my room away from them because it's impossible to watch them eat what I made them. I'm doing this all for them so they have a Mama longer but wow this temptation isn't going to go away anytime soon.