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  1. Hello! Sleeved Monday... doesn't feel real! 

  2. How much time did you take off after surgery? I have FMLA so that I can take up to six weeks and that's what I submitted for. Am I being too ambitious? My friend said she took off 4 weeks because she wanted to be finished with the pureed stage before returning to work. I figured why not take the as much as I wanted! Thoughts?
  3. Oh, thank you! I fixed it so it's a formula!! I'm glad you like it! I know it's not perfect, but it helps to see it in my opinion! But I know it doesn't work for everyone and that's okay!
  4. First, I'd like to say that the numbers posted within the chart were arbitrary random numbers. I realize that it's not always practical or possible to determine a goal weight. The great thing about the chart is that you can adjust it as you continue on your journey. In my opinion, there is not a one size fits all solution for how you look at weight loss or focus on goals. For me, the weight loss chart is just a way to look at information. I did use numbers close to my personal weight, but I know from being thin when I was younger, that 130 lbs is not realistic for me by any means. I simply took a number from a chart and inputted it for the sake of simplicity. Honestly, at this point, I have no expectations on myself as to a number to lose or a goal weight to reach. I want to be healthier and more active. The numbers are working as more of a guideline or milestone format for me. I know I am looking forward to being under 200 lbs and losing 50% of my excess weight, but beyond that, I'm not trying to set any expectations or impossible pressure on myself. The chart was shared because I know that math is not always easy for some people and that some people will enjoy seeing visually what different goals might look like. I do hope that people choose to work with their doctor and health care team to determine what life looks like with weight loss surgery including setting those goals. My point is, not everyone will benefit from the chart but some will. Some people are more goal and data oriented while some people approach this from an emotional and holistic point of view. Even if it helps only a handful of people, I am glad I shared it. Everyone views this process differently, and I don't think we should decide how someone processes or approaches their weight loss or weight loss surgery journey.
  5. So I don't want to pressure anyone into reading my blog, BUT I did do a post about a Weight Loss Goal Spreadsheet I made. I thought you all might want to check it out. It's pretty nifty! The link is in the post! https://bigtexasgirl.com/2017/04/28/weight-loss-goals-spreadsheet/ I hope you find it helpful! :-)
  6. Congrats on your incredible results!!! I think at my thinnest, when I was younger and skinnier (def not healthier), I was 135. That seems unreal and impossible to me right now. I remember when I weighed 180 there was extra I wasn't crazy about but I liked how my face looked. That's how I even picked that number!
  7. No worries! I do that sort of thing allllll the time! :-D
  8. I've seen one or two - I should binge now! I didn't want to get ahead of myself before.
  9. Did I miss the link for the video? I'm excited to watch!
  10. Thank you everyone for the great welcome and encouragement! I'm so excited, but nervous to be going on this journey!!
  11. My surgery is officially scheduled for 5/22/17! I cannot wait (no pun intended). My surgeon told me he couldn't help me determine how much weight I would lose so I'm not sure what to set as a goal weight. I want something realistic, so that's why I picked 180. But honestly, I would love to be back at my high school weight (even if things don't look that way anymore). May 8th I begin my preop diet. It's not really all that liquid, just low carb. Anyway, a little about me, I just turned 30 years old and I've actually only been overweight for about 7-8 years or so. I'm not sure why I gained SO much weight in such a short amount of time. I imagine a combination of poor diet habits, poor sleep habits, depression, and STRESS. I'm lucky that my insurance approved me. My BMI was over the threshold with no comorbidities. I'm having the surgery in hopes that I never face the health challenges that plagued my relatives and that I might one day be able to have kids. I also have PCOS. I'm just looking to connect to people and form some sort of support system beyond my husband and mother-in-law (who rock and are with me 100%). I am hoping to find late-20 somethings and early 30 somethings to connect with and talk about life immediately after surgery and such. Anyway, if you wanna chat, let me know! Also, I feel dorky, but I have a blog called Big Texas Girl. Feel free to check it out. I began it as I started my 6 month diet journey and will continue with it as I go through this process. Hope to chat with you soon!