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  1. I think that's right. Doesn't matter what I eat. Any luck managing this better?
  2. Is this still working?


    Well I've finally figured out that the less I eat at a meal the better I feel afterwards. Several small meals that look more like snack sizes is best for me.   I went almost all day the day of my 5K  with only half a baked pork chop on my stomach and felt fantastic.  I ate the other half when I got home and then had a very small salad for supper.  I felt so darned amazing, it was unreal.  Full of energy.  Crazy.  But it's my new standard.


    edit: i really expected my sugar to plummet after the 5K simply because I hadn't eaten anything to speak of and I drank a gatorade during the race.  But it didn't.  I can't stress enough just how incredible and AWAKE I felt that whole day long.  It's been a while since that has happened. 

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