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  1. Hello from Cali

    Thank you!
  2. Hello from Cali

    Yes, thank you. I just met with my surgeon and she told me I was doing great weight loss wise. 54 lbs lost since Jan of 2017.
  3. That's a great idea. Worth trying. Thank you.
  4. Thank you, as a matter if fact I'm taking some biotin chews now also. I'm also thinking of just getting it cut.
  5. Thank you for this post. I am going through similar circumstances. My surgery was on Jan 2017. The first month I lost 18 lbs. After that I have lost very little weight. It's going into my 4th month and I have only lost 45 lbs total. I know I should be calm as long as the scale keeps going down. I am just depressed because I have gone through so much. I have never had surgery before this and now my hair is falling out. I am 58 yrs old, I just wanted to be able to be a better mom to my 14 yr old. I feel like such a failure. I have an appt next week with my surgeon and I don't even want to go. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed.
  6. Hello, I am almost in my 4th month post op and my hair is falling out. I have thin long hair, 58 yrs old and almost all grey. I would love to color my hair but I don't want to make things worse. Any advice on this?
  7. Hello from Cali

    Hello, I was sleeved on 1/3/17. I am 58 years old and I live in California. There's really not much to say about myself. I need bilatetal knee replacement, so it's difficult for me to exercise. I have tried walking in the stores, but I lose all mobility for days due to the pain. So I am not losing weight as I would like. HW 326, SW 300, CW 251, GW 140.