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  1. I see thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm sure it's just your body getting used to everything new and nothing to worry about x
  2. Hi cheese head how are you? Yes im able to eat and drink now without any pain so it's much better now thank u
  3. Sorry to sound thick what does plateau mean?
  4. Hi surf23 im doing good now thank you so much better than I was! How ie are you doing?
  5. Hi Hun the antibiotics have kicked in now so there all burst and flattish but look like they might scar even more than the incisions of surgery lol. I feel loads better on my self I can now eat and drink with out paid I went back to work Monday after 13 from surgery so that was nice. how are you doing? What can or do you eat now?
  6. I'm glad your doing well my wounds became infected with blisters so that set me back a bit eating and drinking is painful when it goes down and everything tastes horrid apart from that it's getting better each day
  7. Apparently not I've been to the gp instead now on antibiotics due to infection on the blisters by the wounds and chest infection but today is the best I've felt having less pills but the boring liquid is doing my head in there is only so much soup and custard I can take lol. What are you eating and drinking?
  8. I've had less pills than I normally do because they seem to really hurt me when they go down. I've also got blisters on the edge on my dressings call gp for nurse to check she is off for a week! I was dreading the poop thought it would be painful but it was fine and made my tummy feel less bloated.
  9. Hi carina hi Catina yeah there is lots to take in I'm 6 days post op now I've felt like utter pooh tbh but today I've woke up feeling a bit better it hurts to eat or drink every time does it hurt u? It took me a week to poop How are you feeling?
  10. Hi you had your op the same day as me how are you doing now? X
  11. Hi I'm from uk I had a gastric bypass 5 days ago
  12. Hi I'm 5 days post op and would love a friend x
  13. Hi I'm 5 days post op and would love a friend x
  14. Hi I am after someone to talk to and see what I feel and feeling is normal etc. I'm 5 days post op of a gastric bypass. Any help and advice would be so helpful thank you x