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  1. You're right. Thank goodness today I'm on the up & up, but will chat to the surgeon.
  2. from band to bypass

    Hi Cath, to be honest I also had a awful time with vomiting with the band. I did have trouble often eating protein. Mind you I had it removed by a different surgeon who told me that it had never been placed on the correct angle nor was it a suitable size. During the 5 years I had it deflated for probably 2 years. It did cause a lot of reflux, and many times I would think it was cardiac pain. I saw a cardiologist, had many tests all which were ok. It was found I had a hiatal hernia which may have been caused through the vomiting. I told myself after having the band removed that that was it with WLS. Fast forward to this year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis which was really hindering my ability to exercise effectively & found the weight just kept piling on. So got in touch with the surgeon ( who I'd chatted to last year re hiatal hernia repair & 'chatted about WLS' was booked in. My first choice would have been to have a sleeve but due to my reflux the Dr explained I wouldn't be suitable for this so the next step was the mini bypass. So far a little reflux, getting use to 'bodily' function changes lol, but know I've made the right decision. 2 weeks on optifast before , and its been nearly 3 wks since the op & so far down 12 kgs. I hope that may help? More than happy to answer questions that I can.
  3. from band to bypass

    Hi there, like you I had little result with my band that I had for 5 years. I am currently just on 3 wks post op from mini gastric bypass. This took me over a year to come to the decision. I'm so glad I did although I am having some issues, but know it will be successful in the long run. Like the others that have posted, I too have had to realise this is only a 'part' of the journey & am working through food selection with help from a dietician. Best wishes
  4. Hi there, just new to this site. Well just nearly 3 wks post op & struggling with cramping, nausea & multiple bowel actions for first half of the day. Sorry in advance for detail but bowels very yellow, loose & offensive smelling? I'm hoping it's a recovery thing. Can anyone identify with this? Many thanks