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  1. Thirteen days post op

    Kinda bummed I've only lost 2 pounds this week. In total since surgery ive lost 15 which is really good still, I'm just hung up on only 2 pounds this week. Other than that my multi vitamins are terrible to me! I can't stand them, but I know it's a must lol. How long before i can start taking my biotin again? I'm worried about taking them too soon, when did you guys start taking your regular vitamins again? Thank you guys in advanced I appreciate all the replies and support xoxo
  2. Hi

    I went through Kaiser for mine. They have a 12 week program you must take first, it's called options and they educate you all on the sleeve and bypass. Throughout the time of the class you have to do all your labs and requirements first. Once you graduate the course you'll have a psych evaluation. After that you'll have a consultation with your surgeon. I finished my course at the end of November and had my surgery last week. I had a little hold up with my surgery because couldn't get my last 10 pounds off but as soon as I did my surgery was scheduled a month later. As long as everything is fine with your labs and you lose your required weight everything happens pretty quick! Good luck!!
  3. My biggest worry is my boobs and my arms! I know everything is going to change, but how much did your body change throughout this process. I've always had big boobs right now I'm a DD I just can't imagine having a smaller chest. And my upper arms have always always been my biggest insecurity! I dont like to show them at all. Did any of you face the change in your arms and being more comfortable?
  4. New to this. One week post op

    Hi guys so I'm new to this, but I've been reading alot on this forum. I just decided to make an account to have more support from people who know exactly how I'm feeling. So im post op one week today. I am having an extremely hard time getting all my liquid in. It's so hard for me nothing is satisfying to me. I used to enjoy the premier shakes but after the surgery I cannot stand them. I noticed since the surgery anything I drink leaves and unpleasant taste in my mouth for hours. And I've been feeling weak which I know is probably a result of lack of protein. I have lost 12 pound so far and I'm happy with that!! I just wish I could get my liquid in and to think I have another week of liquids discouraging. Any advice?