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  1. It also takes alcohol twice as long to leave your body. It would be in everyones best interest who enjoys going out for drinks to buy a breathalizer. No one ever told me this, but it is VERY real. One glass of liquor consumed will get you a DUI .... don't drive for at least 4 hours after. Take this seriously, because that is our reality.
  2. I had to be hospitalized for low potassium and sodium, and yes my vision was funny and at times people remarked that I appeared drunk with a wobbly walk and slurred speech. You need your blood drawn and fast results, so if you can get in with PCP and he order STAT labs then do that tomorrow, if yu are frightened go to the ER or urgent care.
  3. I never had a stall ... but here is some advice on how to break it. Consume more calories than you usually have been and try to eat more often, like every 2 hours. Do this for 3 days so you trick your body that it is no longer in starvation mode, this will break your stall. It happens when your body reverts to it's prehistoric self when there would be long winters and food would be scarce your body will "hold onto" calories. So if you consume excess calories for a few days, then the cycle will break. Good luck.
  4. Ya took the words right out of my mouth!!
  5. Therapy is a great start. Try and pay close attention as to what you are eating all day. Record it for a week, with the times. Then record the time of your crazing and what you are craving. You will find that sometimes foods that we think are good choices sometimes trigger cravings later on. Do you eat bread, or other carb? This is a huge trigger for craving sugar. Did you recently change from one product to another? Little things like this can have a big impact. As for dumping, sure we get a bit more tolerant but let me tell you, if you eat enough sugar or fat you WILL get sick. Try and make a reserve on the amount of sugar you consume, ie, I dont go over 12 grams of sugar per serving. Good luck to you on your journey!
  6. I was a fan of Atkins and it tastes delicious. I would buy vanilla so I could add different flavors of Crystal Light to switch things up a bit. If you use orange Crystal Light, it tastes like an Orangesicle!!!!!!!
  7. I told people, "Thank you for your concern, but my mind is made up". The worst comment I ever recieved was 'why cant you just push the plate away?" then I said, "You're being ignorant and I wont discuss this with you further.". No sense in being a lady when someone is being rude. Good luck.
  8. Whatever you decide, if you decide to buy the scale ..... write this message on.
  9. If you were my sister or brother, I would recommend banding vs any other WLS. Just my 2 coppers ....
  10. How many times a day do you weigh or when do you weigh?
  11. Full steam ahead! Those first 4-6 weeks can be nutty tho!
  12. You are so so welcome. My birthday is Jan 29th and when I got my call to schedule they offerd a dat of Jan 19th or something like that .... like 10 days as of the call. I screamed because I was excited to get approved, but I didnt want the soonest date on their calendar, but accepted one AFTER my birthday which I made my "pig out" date. The days after my birthday were spent eating soft or clear foods ...I wanted to be optimal the week prior, but partied like a rock star the days prior! As excited as you are now toi schedule, I want to keep you aware of your pending "hell week" after surgery. Thats the "what in the hell did I do to myself days" lol. I remember them vividly, but they pass ... not as quickly as you want them to, but they do. So there are so many emotional stages ahead of you ... live in the now. Dont what you can to complete your "to do list" because the 3 months following will you consume you on so many different emotional levels than you are able to experience now. You are welcome, I am here if ya need me. Its been a long time since I was where you are now, but I do remember it all. ((HUGS))
  13. You are normal! Welcome to the other side!!! Remember that through rapid weightloss there is also a rapid release of hormones and feeling angry, sad, explosive, impatient or depressed IS NORMAL for us. Hang in there ...... you ARE not going crazy. Remember it is important to COMMUNICATE ... tell your loved ones how you feel. Tell your loved ones you appreciate them in times when you are challenging. Kind words go a long way with our caregivers, family and loved ones. keep on keeepin on staplers ... everything is going to be okay!
  14. Hey there lil lady! I cannot reply with empathy with regard to your job, but I can offer you helpful advice. I had and still have a hard time with "dense" proteins. Improperly prepared chicken and seafood as well as beef. It sounds like you struggle with the same thing I do. All I can offer is to tell you to be proactive. bring Jerkey, String Ceese, Almonds and other high protein eats that you can carry in your purse. Chew your foods very well. Bite size pieces like that of an eraser tip and then chew it like crazy. Take your time eating, no one is looking. regarding you feeling like you eat like a toddler; 90% of the time, people dont notice the other 10% I respond that I "eat like a bird" or when eating out I always ask for a to go box with my food, and then I put 2/3 of it in the box then eat. I have never in 8 years had anyone ask me about this habit.. An attentive waitperson may ask if the food is okay if they notice you didnt eat much, all Ive said is that it was great but dont have much of an appetite and ask for a to go box. Dont over think things. Choose the softest proteins as possible ie sushi if ya like it, when eating in public and chew like crazy. Do not drink with meals and stay away from anything that is carbonated. Water is your best and safest bet, you want to work on flushing those kidneys as much as possible in your 6 month honeymoon period. Best wishes mama, things will get better you are learning new habits is all ... you are going to do fine. PS You need an assistant? Your job sounds awesome!