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  1. Dumping with only diarrhea?

    Does sound like dumping then if it's so soon afterwards. Maybe try eating even slower than you are now, or break up the meal into phases: eat half of the portion - stretch/walk - eat the remaining portion? So your body would have a chance to process in small amounts and not all at once in your system. It's obviously not a cure/fix, but I wonder if Imodium or other anti-diarrhea medicine would help alleviate some of the symptoms? I hope your doctor is able to help with the issue!
  2. Dumping with only diarrhea?

    I'm sorry you're still having issues with it. And there's no one common item that you've eaten each time it's happened? Even if prepared a different way? If you haven't already, I would definitely call your doctor's office about the issue. It seems like it could still be dumping with the cramping and diarrhea, but it could also be a mal-absorption issue. About how soon after eating is it happening, less than an hour or more?
  3. belly rumble

    Depending on how far you are into the new diet changes, it could be either too much or too little fiber in your system. The rumbling and sounds are gas produced and trapped in your intestinal tract as it digests the food. A sign of a tasty meal.
  4. Food getting stuck

    Chewing your food slow and to the point of mushy is going to be the most important to not catching yourself in pain while your eating. But it's definitely harder to put into practice. I've found that when I concentrate on my chewing, I have the habit to swallow as a I chew and it's caught me off guard a few times with too large of pieces. Also starting out with soft, moist foods first will help you get used to the solid foods after having been on liquids for so long pre and post. I had not heard of using Papaya Enzymes before. O.O That sounds so interesting to use! I'm going to have to try some.
  5. The dreaded stall

    Good to hear! Every pound is a boost of encouragement.
  6. LADIES ONLY (Cycle talk)

    I am mid post-op week 3. I haven't started early on my cycle so far, but it should be coming up this weekend, so I'll see what happens afterwards if it comes back quicker than my usual schedule. I weigh myself everyday so I can see how my water and body fat levels are changing. I try not to pay attention/care about my overall weight until the weekend. It's not period related so far, but I have noticed most of my stalls have to do with my water retention levels. I've a bit of vitamin deficiency right now and it's carrying me to carrying around a little more water than I would be otherwise.
  7. Keto Diet and Bariatric Patients?

    I have not done keto post-op yet as I'm only on week 3, but I intend to start weaning into it once I'm back on regular foods and have tested what my stomach can handle. I don't think necessarily that post-op wls means you can't successfully use a keto-diet, but I would be careful adding in your fats. It may not be as much as an issue with a VSG versus a RYN since a VSG does not remove any intestinal track for nutrient absorption, but high fats still have the chance to trigger dumping syndrome. And that's very very not good. I think for blending a keto and bariatric diet successfully, still focus on getting your 2-3 oz of protein at each meal if possible and complement it with a healthy fat like the eggs cooked in butter, or meat with avocado. Since you have allergies to many of the common protein sources, definitely talk to a nutritionist to go over what type of foods you'll be eating and that might want to include still sipping on a protein shake throughout the day with some MCT oil added in there to load your macros. You can even use MCT oil while cooking and it'll give you a good boost. Calorie wise, I think you'll be aiming for 800-1,000 easy a day with the fats and might need to watch that you're not going too high. Macros (fats, protein, carbs), might see if you can balance it to keep your fats and your proteins pretty even at 50-40-10, or 45-35-20. Let me know how it goes! P.S. Not sure if you have tried it, but I have been lactose intolerant since a kid and I found Fair-Life milk a couple of years ago that I am able to drink without issues. Due to their filtering process, it removes practically all lactose from the milk and has 13g of protein per 8 ounces so it's a good amount for the fat and carb ratios.
  8. Well I did it......

    Oh my goodness. I think I got a little woozy reading through the process and seeing your recent pictures, but it was such great information! You sound like a pro about your procedures and recovery. I hope things go well with your recovery from phase 2.
  9. BOOBS

    Not sure if I've noticed any loss in size yet, but sometimes I can convince myself they look a bit perkier. Mainly since as my stomach has been going down, there's not as much having my boobs laying on my stomach anymore. yay!
  10. Depression hitting hard

    I'm sorry that you're going through a rough time right now and struggling at home. *hugs* I know it's hard not to take it so harshly, but stalls are a part of the process while your body adapts. I have faith that you'll get through it and see results of your hard work soon. WLS is a tough process to go through feeling like you don't have anyone to support you. I think I saw your previous post about your sister and I would definitely confront her about the junk food issue and how you're feeling. It's not for confrontation, but to be open about what's going on so you're not carrying additional weight of worry than you need to be. I've had a few regret days here or there, but do think I'm more emotional than before. I cry at alot of things I wouldn't have before and I think alot of that is my hormone levels. I know it'll be different for you also dealing with your complications, but I hope things are easier on you soon! You have all my support if you need to vent to someone!
  11. Dumping Is No Joke!

    Zyia, this is going to be a big thing for me also. Growing up with the mentality of having to finish whatever is on my plate, and then portions are so huge and out of control. I guess that's another reason not too eat out so much beyond food choices and saving money is to not overrun your fridge with take out boxes. lol
  12. Dumping with only diarrhea?

    Glad today was better for you. Hopefully, it was just something caused by your system still adjusting and is only temporary. If it does keep happening, definitely give your doctor a call. Do you keep a food diary during your recovery? I've been thinking about creating one myself, but my sister-in-law did one during her first two months about what foods she ate at a time, how she either liked/disliked the taste of it, and how she felt afterwards.
  13. Idiot diet brain is making me crazy

    Jen, I've been going through the exact same thought process - about wanting to get to goal after surgery or see continuous progress so that I know I'm doing things right, but I can't help but jump to over thinking it when there's signs of stalling and my weight isn't going down or even worse it's going back up! Eek! Sounds like with getting your water, protein, and walking in you are building up your lean muscles, so that might weigh more for a while, but I'm glad your scale let you know that things are still going in the right direction!
  14. Dumping with only diarrhea?

    Carina, what did you eat right before it started? Was it the same thing for lunch? It might be a slight case of dumping that is mild depending on how hydrated you are. Not everyone will experience nausea before it happens. But if could also be your body adjusting to a new types of food / nutrients that aren't absorbing well into your intestinal tract. Have you had any issues with it today?
  15. The fattest I will ever be

    Welcome! Congrats on having everything scheduled and getting your pre-measurements/pictures in. These are great motivators and you'll be meeting your goals in no time. Just remember to take each day at a time and think of healthy days to come.