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  1. I am 8 days post op my and i was suffering from the worst back pain ever! At my follow up yesterday my doc said i need to start standing strait for my back to get better. So i tried a few things that seem to be working for me and i thought i would share them in case it might help someone else who might be struggling with this. Other than trying to sleep flat as you can heres what i did and i swear it was like a miracle. 1. I every hour i try to turn my upper body side to side as much as it will go to get things moving. 2. And this was the best i swear. I took the binder off, stood in front of the mirror in just panties and bra i think having my shirt off helped me see and focus on what i was doing. I placed my hands over the center of belly gently massaged then pressed down on the ab mussles that were preventing me from standing strait. For me it was the center muscles right where my belly is still sticking out. Normally when i try to stsnd strait it feels like they are literally ripping inside. Its so tight it pulls me forward and im hunched then i get this horrific back pain. But ill tell ya what after doing this for about 3 min i stood strait!! While holding my belly like that i did it!! I also try to push my butt in and my shoulders back when i walk which helps a little, but i think (im not sure lol) if i do this everyday maybe 2xs a day stretch my belly it will help me get through the huntch back faster!! Hope this helps someone! I was so excited i had to share! Thanks for reading! Elise
  2. Before and after pics Updated!!!

    Wow!!! Thats my body goals!! You belly is just everything!!! Congrats!! You look amazing!
  3. 155 pounds lost!!

    I strongly suggest you look at videos on you tube people have the journey from pre to post TT and it is sssooo helpful! I learned so much from them and its visual very informative. There is a girl her name is Vanessa that did a probably the best series i watched she put some very helpful things and tips in there that saved my life lol
  4. 155 pounds lost!!

    Beautiful!! I just had my Tummy tuck with lipo im 7 days post op. Good luck on your new journey looking forward to seeing the TT before and after pics!
  5. 6 Months out - What a change.

    You look amazing!! Very stunning transformation.
  6. After 6 months and 86 pounds less

    You look fantastic!!! I have a snacking ptoblem also.. I love sugar, so im really struggling right now 7 days post op i had a couple days already where i ate things i should not have. Its really tough i dont eat huge portions of food never did but the snacking ir urge to snack is killing me.
  7. 7 days post op

    Well ...its been a journey!! I had my TT w lipo to the back, and sides on 4/3 ....Im ssssooooooo happy i found this site!! I had so many questions, have felt like im going crazy with this. My back hurts pretty bad. My belly looks weird i just felt so scared that might stay this way :-/ can not stand strait. It feels like my belly is going to rip inside if i stand strait. But heres the thing... My doctor acts like im crazy for this! Went to my follow up hes like you can stand strait, you need to focus and do it, i think he thinks i can do it :-/ i really cant. But i feel like 7 days post op that should be almost normal... Idk. Im just so happy i found this site and read a few posts and everyone is on the page, i could cry. Im a 36 yr old woman with 3 kids, i am very short and my pregnancies took a major toll on my body, i had a huge pouch of stretched skin... Huge... I was 140lbs, i honestly do not know how much i weigh now i havent weighed myself but my belly still looks huge but its tight all of the saggy loose skin is gone but its so big like right nelow my rib cage to my belly button its like a round solid ball now... Im praying that is just swelling. The worst thing is after standing 20 min i get the worst pain in my back where he put tubes in for the lipo. Its like stab feeling literally right at both spots he went in there. Idk y. But in proud of myself i can go up stairs i walk around the house and clean up as tolerated, when i try to shower it sucks by the time i finish im out of breath, my back is killing me my belly is sore and i cant get dressed. The shower sucks the life out of me. Tonight is my 1st night laying in bed... I should have tried this a few days ago but i thought i would not be able to it. Feels good so far!! I thought i was going to be ready to go to work by thursday but i just do not see that happening right now. My doctor said a week or two more. I wish i had more help at home. I hired a girl to work a few hours a day and help me. That has been a blessing im so happy i have her. Anyways thanks for reading!! Im excited and so happy to have found this site! I felt so alone and scared and already from reading some of the stories i feel a little better :-)