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  1. Hello- I'm 5 weeks post op and have to be on soft foods until the second week of Aug (total of 10 weeks). I am getting bored of salmon, tilapia and chicken. Any one have a good recommendation for the soft phase or a good recipe? thanks!
  2. Hello- A well meaning friend of mine made pureed potato leak soup for me yesterday. I believe it also had zucchini in it. 2 hours after I had the soup, I started getting horrid gas pain and then had diarrhea. I felt ok this morning and had a few bites of scrambled eggs for breakfast. About an hour later, gas pain back and had diarrhea (not as bad as yesterday). Is that an intolerance to the soup? Any other thoughts? thanks
  3. Hello- would love to find some support in the windy city! thanks
  4. i think being back to work has helped...i was also really home sick so that has faded a bit and also mourning my old life which really wasn't as fantastic and I think it was lol. I'm trying to have a new attitude that I can start doing things i liked but no alcohol and probably no food...eventually i will be able to have a glass of wine but i'm going to give it until the end of summer before i even think about it. Hope you don't get the fun!
  5. definitely no fun...ended up being able to eat a bit of tilapia last night so hoping i'm on the upswing!
  6. Hi- We had surgery a day apart and i can drink warm liquids that quickly like a cup of hot tea or hot broth. I definitely can't get a protein shake down that quickly!
  7. Hi Olga- We had surgery on the same day! I did great the first 2 weeks but the third week was not good. It started with stomach burning that turned into nausea. I was not getting my liquids or protein in even taking zofran. They also started me on companize at night for nausea and put me back on full liquids (started last Wed). I had a liter of fluid IV given to me in their office yesterday and started back on soft food today. Grant it i'm not taking much in but better than nothing. Are you on nausea meds? That might be a good start. I burp all the time so not sure why you can't burp. are you taking gas x? Hope you feel better!
  8. congrats on your weight loss-that's great! At the end of week 3, i started crying all the time. I would rather be cranky, it is an emotional i'm familiar with lol I felt that away around family eating dinner so i would join them with soup or leave the kitchen,
  9. Hello- I'm on day 2 of the pre op diet...trying to drink lots of water to not be hungry but it's pretty brutal. My department is having a party for our admins and had a Mexican fiesta...i decided it was too much to go because of the food smells, temptations, etc on day 2. Can't wait to be on the other side! Any tips for the first 2 weeks after the surgery?