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  1. My Progress So Far

    I also forgot to mention that he said that younger people are more active which would put more wear and tear on the replaced knee which could require a second replacement which makes sense. I hope all goes well for you Trish!
  2. My Progress So Far

    I was told by my doctor that they prefer not to do knee replacements on people under 55 years old. His explanation was that knee replacements are good for 15 years and they don't like doing multiple knee replacements on an individual. I guess they settled on 55 because the life expectancy of an average American is 70 to 73 years, so you can do the math there. My doctor told me only in extreme situations when they do a knee replacement on a younger person. I do have a former coworker who had knee replacement on both knees at 42 years old. So depending on your situation, you might be able to still have the knee replacement.
  3. My Progress So Far

    Thank you Tracy!
  4. My Progress So Far

    Thanks Jen!
  5. My Progress So Far

    Thank you! It's good to be back.
  6. My Progress So Far

    Hey Trish!!! Thank you! Congratulations on reaching goal weight, you look fabulous!!! I know this stall shall pass. I'm in it to win it! I will try my best not to be a stranger around here.
  7. My Progress So Far

  8. My Progress So Far

    Thank you!
  9. My Progress So Far

    Thanks! We'll all push through it together!
  10. My Progress So Far

    I know how you feel with the knee. My left knee has been an issue with me for years. I need a replacement but the doctors telling me that I'm too young right now.
  11. My Progress So Far

    Hopefully I will get there by then, I'm two and a half weeks away from my first surgerversary.
  12. Back from a long hiatus

    Thank you! It's nice to be back! I've endured a lot of ups and downs the past 6 months, I have weathered the storm for now. I'm looking forward to hanging around here much more.
  13. My Progress So Far

    Thank you, I feel great too!
  14. My Progress So Far

    Thank you BB! I'm not looking to lose a whole lot more. I had originally set my goal weight for 180lbs. I've since decided that 195lbs is where I want to be. My wife likes where I'm at now as far as my weight but I want to lose 10 more pounds and then I will go into maintenance.
  15. My Progress So Far

    Thank you Gretta! It's good to be back!