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  1. @Nana Trish thank you and you're welcome! I hope all has been well with you.
  2. @Jen581791 thank you! With all the ups and downs, the times have been busy and exciting. You're right about that with me being able to maintain my weight through all that has transpired for the last several months.
  3. Hey everybody, here's an update! We closed on our home June 29th, my mother in-law is out hospital and is doing well. I did hit onederland at 199 but went back to up 204 a week later where I'm currently at. I'm happy with everything right now. Been really busy unpacking, decorating and settling in. Here's a few pictures of my new home!
  4. @Gretta we had to push the closing date back to mid June because we have not had time to make preparations to move.
  5. As some of you know, I've been in a 3 1/2 month stall. Decided to put my scale away for a month to focus on my meal plan. I have a lot of distractions since I decided to put the scale away. My wife and I were closing on a new home this month then my mother-in-law fell gravely ill. She several surgeries including one to clean out an infection of the brain. During these tough times I have not been able to follow my meal plan as I would have liked. I've decided to weigh myself after a month and found that I have lost 4 lbs! I don't know how it happened, my stall may have broken finally! I am 2 pounds away from onderland! As most of you know other than walking, I have done no exercise at all. Here's an updated side by side picture. Before I gained all the weight I had gained, I was a muscular guy who worked out regularly. It's amazing to me that I gained some of my muscles back while shedding the weight. I'm also going to include a picture from 2012 before my weight gain. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.
  6. Closing was supposed to be on Tuesday the 29th. My mother-in-law has been gravely ill and we had to push the closing date back to mid June because we haven't had time to prepare for moving.
  7. Thanks everybody! May 29th can't come soon enough!
  8. Yes it is a new build and we will be the first in the neighborhood! So my wife and I will welcome neighbors as they move in!