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  1. I'm contemplating having gastric bypass in a month and this thread has really made me stop and think. Is it worth it? Will I regret it and be one of those who end up with complications..... I had my band removed a year ago, vagus nerve damage, erosion, malnourishment and the effects of that, blackouts, fatigue, numbness, poor cognitive ability, difficulty speaking even, breathing laboured etc.... i regained weight rapidly after removal, and back to square one- fat with all its own complications- I am fearing that the gastric bypass will lead me down the same path, except it's not as easily reversed as the band. This thread has me torn on what to do. my heart goes out to all of you. xox
  2. Best of luck on your journey sending hugs x
  3. Hi there, I'm from Ireland and researching gastric bypass in Europe (lower cost - self pay) and Estonia has popped up on my radar. I am hopeful here that someone has had surgery there - get the low down? Anyone had experience with Dr Ilmar Kaur? thank you MC