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  1. I thought I would check in & share my current stats. Learning allot of lessons about portion sizes the hard way but despite that, all is going well so far! I've had a couple of painful lessons,but so far, so good. HW: #315, high weight SW: #290 (10/23) surgery weight CW: #239 current weight GW: #199 goal weight
  2. I'm 4 weeks post op & tonite managed to miss any form of signal. Been miserable for the past 2 hours. It's a new world for us I guess, not again for me. I hope I get this figured out soon.
  3. Hey guys, I thought I would post an update. I got my insurance approval last week. I'm on the pre-surgery diet, it really sucks. I quit all tobacco cold turkey, that was really tough but its done. One week from tomorrow, Monday 10/23 I'm getting it done. I'm excited about getting it done but definitely a little un-easy at the same time. I know I'm doing the right thing for ME & my family but it's still a little nerve racking. I've just gotta get it done. I'm sure I'll be chiming in looking for support and advice as I navigate these unfamiliar waters very shortly. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Clay
  4. I started at the end of the thread not the beginning...
  5. Thanks guys. Yep, 6 months. Period. Starting Chantix tomorrow. See the dr thursday & I'm sure I'll take a butt chewing for still smoking. Oh well, life's full of disappointments for us all. I have to be nicotine free for 6 weeks so I know that won't be a problem. Been a little frustrated about the whole thing but It is what it is. I appreciate the encouraging words. Clay
  6. I own a harley now which I love. When I hit my goal weight of 199 from 301 I'll just enjoy my bike that much more. It will be like riding without my #102 passenger!
  7. I just got word that I have to go the 6 months with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was suppose to have the VSG done in June & now it's been pushed out until October 21st. I'm pissed. It took me forever to finally work up the nerve to do it & now I'm being held off. Frustrated to say the least. Been a smoker for 30+ years, chewed tobacco at work for 30+ years & stopped cold turkey. Now I find myself slipping on the smokes after stopping for the past month. Leaving on vacation tomorrow for a week, gotta get my head screwed on straight again & get back on track but am so disappointed with the way things are going...... I'll get it together, but damn.... This really sucks!
  8. Wow! You look AMAZING! Great job. GREAT JOB!!!
  9. That's great success! Do you have an update??
  10. Thanks guys. I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about this because it is a life changer but I know in the end it's the best for both me & my family. The more I read, the more I appreciate this forum!
  11. Hey guys! New guy from Seattle. 53 in about a month, married forever to my high-school sweetheart & have always been a Lil chubby. Just had a physical a few weeks ago & was tipping the scales at 301. At 5'-9" & #301 it was time to do something. I saw a Dr in Everett WA. at the NWWLS Clinic that I was referred to by my general MD. He suggested the VSG & after doing my research and speaking to the surgeon I've opted for the VSG procedure. I have to meet the nutritionalist & have the upper GI performed and hope to have the procedure done mid June. I've got a vacation planned May 4th to May 9th & then away we go. I would love to hear the pros & cons of the VSG post-op. Thanks, Clay