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  1. My doc has me on two crushed pills that make me want to vomit. I'm trying to find the best way to take them. I had thought peanut butter but read that only a week out there's no way. I have tried in pudding (but my need to chew keeps chewing the pill powder). I tried in a protein shake but it settles. Did a shooter with protein shake and so far that is the best way. Anyone else have any ideas?
  2. Bloating Pain

    Try simethicone. I have similar issues, feels almost like a heart attack.
  3. 5 Days Post Op Gastric Bypass

    Thanks everyone. Kathleenm1964, I'd love to be post op buddies. So today, do you get to have pureed food? I bought Bari Care shakes prior to surgery. 3 boxes plus 2 boxes of the lemonade. I feel the chocolate is a mistake. They are pretty gross and I wake up with terrible breath. I enjoy being full though. Also, did you experience terrible pain from the gas that they filled you with? I have so many more questions but this one is pretty important: Also-I'm new to forums, how do you connect with a "buddy"? Sorry, I'm tech challenged.
  4. Kidney Stones

    I have had many kidney stones and nothing eases the pain except pain meds and those didn't really help. Time was all that helped. Definitely take the cranberry pills every day from now on and drink plenty of water. Good luck
  5. 5 Days Post Op Gastric Bypass

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to this journey and becoming the version of me I was always meant to be
  6. Surgery is scheduled and i am scared

    I'm 5 days post op gastric bypass. I wanted sleeve too but because of my pcos and barrett's esophagus I had to get bypass. I'm not sure how I would feel different with the sleeve. I'm glad I got it done. My surgeon said my liver was huge so that was scary. I think it's normal to be scared. I was scared but knew that I had to do something so I could have a full life for my little girl and my husband.
  7. Hello. I'm 5 days post op and was researching a few things. Thankful I found this site. I've never signed up for anything like this before but I think it's a great way to get info, share info and feel comforted by what we are experiencing. I'm excited to get to know folks on here.