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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Well, excellent! Tthis does bring up the issue.... has anyone had their clothes fall off? Just I could have had my pants drop if I hadn't been careful! That would be just one of the best NSVs once one was over the embarrassment..
  2. BurgundyBoy

    Hi everyone :)

    Your daughter probably thinks you are perfect. 100% perfect.
  3. BurgundyBoy

    Hi everyone

    HI Kayla, the pseudo tumor may be "the" reason but with a BMI of 38 you will avoid SOOOO many problems with a lower weight. Mine was also about 38 when I had my surgery, but my joints were worn out, I had sleep apnea, and my BP and blood sugars were very, um, borderline. I am so glad I had my surgery.
  4. BurgundyBoy

    Sleeping problems after weight loss surgery

    I had a significant worsening of my sleep apnea before surgery so for me surgery led to much better sleep. I do have nights where I can't sleep, but I have to remember to take my valerian or melatonin or clonazepam or whatever early enough so it kicks in! FWIW one hears that drinks/ food with protein in them help with sleep too. If I am rattling around the house in the middle of hte night, I heat up some no-fat milk now and drink that. Much better than whiskey for a good night's sleep!
  5. BurgundyBoy

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Nana Trish You'll be able to spot Nerdy because of all the paparazzi around her! (You'll be able to tell me from everyone else because I will be wearing an old baseball cap with a "B" on it, unlike anyone else in Boston).
  6. BurgundyBoy

    Don't Forget to Take Pics

    @Gypsy Angel Wow! that is unbelievable. Good for the Lurkers on the site to see what great things can happen after surgery.
  7. BurgundyBoy

    Gallbladder Surgery is Imminent

    Yes, I think that is it, the loss of appetite before surgery and then the return of normal appetite. Fake news, fake news, fake news...
  8. BurgundyBoy

    The post where I finally show my true colors.

    Well, here's to emptying our minds of any distracting thoughts, be they placid or snarky. I'm going to have to practice being patient, not my strong suit.
  9. BurgundyBoy

    Gallbladder Surgery is Imminent

    @Gypsy Angel Having your gall bladder out does not lead to weight gain, or weight loss, on average. Some people haven't been able to eat fatty foods before their surgery, then can afterwards, and may gain weight because they can then eat (fatty) foods that led to gall bladder attacks. But you, of course, are a WLS Adult and you have to have been doing SOMETHING or other since your surgery in 2012 to stay all svelte and healthy - I bet you do not start gobbling down butter and ice cream the day after your surgery. All of my siblings and both my parents had theirs out, I have not, but felt that I could answer your question because their experience rubbed off on me and made me an expert (they talked about it forever and forever). More seriously I checked out some medical literature and the above seems to be the main reason people cite for any weight gain after GB removal. One of my sisters lost 40 lbs before she had her GB out and then afterwards gained it all back once she went back to her (fatty food) diet.
  10. BurgundyBoy

    5 week post op stall, need some encouragement

    Agree with @NerdyToothpick100%. My weight may go up a few pounds if I am not mindful, and if I just go back to my basics, all works out fine. I am (temporarily) just above 200 lbs but am nearly back into Onederland. The interesting part is both how easy it is for my bad habits, slothful attitudes, and weakness for late-night small crunchy objects get me; but then also how if I just go back to basics, I drop the gain. This is SUCH a mind game. My Perfect Wife, who is sometimes quite free with her comments about my appearance, noted a couple of weeks ago that when I sat down my new (much smaller) shirts were pulling on the front button. She detected my incipient early weight gain earlier than I did. I was horrified, found that indeed the Weight Loss Demons had brought me a small inner tube of new blubber about my middle, and have been banishing it since then. This is why I need to weight myself at least once every 3 or 4 days! I had gone a couple of weeks between weighing and had some travel... and all the usual set of excuses. ( @Nana Trish this is just for you: one piece of the excess was a dinner party for 12 that included 4 roasted ducks, which I know you are off. Alas I snacked on bits of duck for a week afterwards!)
  11. BurgundyBoy

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    You're also young enough that your skin is more elastic and it may remodel to the "new you" better than it would it for someone older. Glad you are not listening to the whacky person who was full of advice...
  12. BurgundyBoy

    I need to vent about my MIL

    @CheeringCJ What a cutie! Totally adorable! Well now you know something more about your MIL's ability to keep a secret etc. Sorry for all your 'sturm und drang,' who needs it!... I didn't tell very many people initially but now I just tell people if they ask. Luckily my package of emotional weight after having been heavy does not include the embarrassment so many people feel about having had WLS (I have other baggage, but that piece of luggage was not included). When I am asked about it I focus on how it is the only proven way to lose weight since dieting doesn't get you anywhere. So far I haven't had anyone try to shame me for having had it.
  13. BurgundyBoy

    The post where I finally show my true colors.

    Ack! I think you are right. I looked up the ingredients and the first 10 were synthetic. Horrible.
  14. BurgundyBoy

    Month 10ish - still losing!

    You're doing great @Kio! Hope to see you next weekend at the Boston meeting. Perhaps you saw my posting from Indonesia last year - I woke up one morning with a resting pulse of 42. Yes I thought I must be dead. I was swimming an hour a day then ... more recently my resting pulse has been higher, in the mid 50s. I can't find any literature on how long the low heart rate lasts, or what the dynamics of the change are. I'd also be happy with the low BP, basically the data shows the lower your BP the longer you live. Lately have been eating farro - put some garlic in a little olive oil, then dice up a ripe tomato, and after it reduces a little, then about 200 calories worth of farro - chewy, full of fiber, pretty reasonable protein, and matches well with all sorts of protein.
  15. BurgundyBoy

    The post where I finally show my true colors.

    Oh, but why not allow yourself to sneak out a snarky thought? (We keep Halo in the house for me). I'm trying to remember the story about the woman who never advanced past the stage of cream whip or something like that .... someone here was posting about how for 3 years this person complained she couldn't stand the pain of anything solid and ate.... cream whiz or something. It was terrifying.
  16. BurgundyBoy

    Let down...

    Well often if you can provide a solution to a problem that someone else has - they will adopt it. Good luck!
  17. BurgundyBoy

    Can you have too much protein?

    Oh sure, anyone can get chicken wings (my family calls them bat wings). The younger you are the more elastic your skin is, and the chance of remodeling of your skin is higher. Will let others comment, but with the exercise I do, I have almost no bat wings. (I swim, bike, do indoor rowing, some upper arm strengthening too). My arms are all handsomely muscled according to my Perfect Wife, whose judgement is not to be quibbled with. More seriously, if you just do some modicrum of arm exercise, am sure your skin will tighten up there. I do have a ridge of remnant blubber about my middle and some saggy booty issues, but, well, that is what stretchy nylon was invented to cover.
  18. BurgundyBoy

    Let down...

    Ack. What a drag. Can you network through the social agencies?
  19. BurgundyBoy

    Quick question about gastric bypass

    hi @Kayla7274 Average loss from a bypass is 70-80%. Unusual (maybe 5% of people) to lose all your excess weight and get to a normal BMI; this Forum and others will of course have people who have managed to do it, but the average is 70-80%. The average includes people who don't have social support, who don't follow the diet, who don't get any exercise, and who continue to save psychiatric or psychological issues that they have not addressed. The surgery works for lots of people, and you get out of it what you put in. It is NOT rocket science and it is NOT luck that is involved, you just have the surgery done and follow the rules. If you forget a rule and eat too much or too little... you dust yourself off, and just do the right thing again. What is so marvelous is that it really is that straightforward. Average weight regain is perhaps 5% of excess weight 2-3 years after surgery. Look at the charts provided by your surgical team. People may slack off from their diets and well they regain a little bit. The health benefits are of course amazing. This is the time to let your brain run the show, not your emotions. Everyone is a bit nervous, it's normal, but you are worrying about the extreme and unusual things that could happen, not thinking about the most likely results. If you have some social support, follow the diet, and have your psych issues addressed on an ongoing basis, you will be fine. Exercise is not necessary for loss but it does predict a lower final BMI - a bit more than 2 points - at the end of the day, even if you only get modest and minimal amounts of exercise. I wanted a BMI of 23.5 as my goal, but I am about a BMI of 26. Works for me. For me to gain my 100 lost pounds I would have eat a lot more calories than would be comfortable, and to lose more I will have to really up my game. Neither of these will be very easy for me. I think it's that way for most people. Just by way of comparison, your risk of surgery is about 1-2 per thousand in terms of death. Your lifetime risk of dying in a car accident is about 1 in 650. But you get in a car, right? You put on a seat belt and don't drive 100 mph all the time? That reduces your risk. If terms of weight loss surgery, just have social support in place, follow the diet, have your psych issues addressed, and you will be a happy camper without suffering the very unusual problems of excess weight loss or no weight loss.
  20. BurgundyBoy

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    HI Nerdy, in Austin. Parts of my family have lived all over the state but most recently in Austin.
  21. BurgundyBoy

    Can you have too much protein?

    Oh those will tighten up too with time. When you think of your arms now focus on the emerging muscles, so that your thoughts about your arms are more reasonably balanced and positive, not unbalanced and negatively attuned to the cellulite.
  22. BurgundyBoy

    REGAIN! I feel out of control.

    @kat___138 You're a big success. You've lost a lot of weight, have taken responsibility for the alcohol issue, and are seeking help. Not all anti-depressants lead to weight gain, by the way. Your surgeon will likely be supportive, not judgmental, he or she is there to help you. They can help form the support network to aid you in losing some weight again. I'd focus on how you dug yourself out of the hole you were in and not focus on the fact your feet are a bit muddy still. Plus someone loves you so much you are getting married. You;re blessed.
  23. BurgundyBoy

    Asking for prayers from the group

    How very very sad. Things like this feel like they are too much to bear.
  24. BurgundyBoy

    Five Months of Maintenance

    Great post. Nice you mentioned the ways your spine / hips / posture are continuing to subtly shift. Good luck with the family thing ... everyone in my family knows now, even the ones who haven't seen me yet... he he he. @Kio Just go with a friend to the gym who can show you how to use the machines, or get a tour from the staff. You'll be up to speed in no time!
  25. BurgundyBoy

    Any other painkillers besides Tylenol?

    You may find that in the NSAID class, ones that are COX-2 inhibitors may work. (see, for example, https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/treatments/pharmacological/non-opioids/ask-expert-nsaids-after-bariatric-surgery - note that combining them with acid blockers may be helpful too). Perhaps someone on the TTF may have personal experience. Agree CBD oil (from cannabis) may be pretty safe, not known to induce ulcers or other stomach problems.