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  1. Good luck! Post when you are able. Walk, pass gas, sip fluids, walk, pass gas, sip fluids; repeat.....
  2. Hi @glenncol How are you doing today? Your weight loss trajectory is fine. You lost over 10 kgs between 1 May and 6 June. Please remember that everyone has a different path as they lose weight; some people lose in steps with periods "without" weight loss between big drops, others it is more seamless. Don't forget to measure your thighs arms neck waist chest calves so you can track your narrower self as your body remodels. During some stages, many of us get slimmer even if our body weight is not changing very much. Helps to keep yourself in good cheer. Congratulations on your loss to date!
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    No worries, it's ok. Just enjoy this. So many people take longer to lose all the water weight from surgery. Just keep up the fluids and protein! Delighted for you.
  4. Trish, FWIW, I have to use psyllium powder every morning with my protein shake, AND sure to eat a grain with fiber (wheat berries, farro) or beans to stay regular. I dread being plugged up and dare not swerve from this path. When I travel overseas I take the protein bars from Costco that have lots of fiber in them to address my needs for protein and fiber....
  5. @hthe620110: Ditto @tracyringo re: second hand stores. You are not going to be wearing the intermediate clothes for long. But, if that is not doing the trick, or the available clothes won't do for work, buy 2-3 pairs of inexpensive pants at a big-box store (often lots of sizes, and inexpensive) and buy them a touch tight, or buy them with expandable waists. Then just wash 'em frequently while you work your way down to a smaller size. Also would note that as you lose weight, you will find more selections in the second hand stores, so having to buy a few pairs early on does not mean you'll need to buy retail going forward. I didn't want to buy along the way either. I started at a waist of 44+" and my Perfect Wife forced me to rebuy some at 38 since everything I had was falling off me and I looked ridiculous. She was as usual quite right to do so. I now have both 34" and 36" waisted chinos. My weight fluctuations can be enough that each has its place. Once I start wearing 36" I KNOW I have to go back to precise calorie counting and daily weights. (I'm wearing my 34" chinos today for the first time in a couple weeks, heh heh heh, I don't need to weight myself to know I am getting back to where I want to be).
  6. What you've done is something extraordinary. You are undergoing temporary discomfort so you can be healthy and fit and slim and like a butterfly exit a cocoon and thrive the rest of your life. Most of all you will exult in your longer lifespan. This, @Sleeved23, is deadly serious stuff: you are going to live longer now. You will live longer, and in better health, than you were fated to live in your prior life. You should expect a few days of disappointment and you should expect having 'Buyer's Remorse' when you gaze upon your ex-favorite pig-out food and find... you have no interest in it. You should also expect exultation as you throw away meds you don't need, throw away clothes that hid you instead of displayed you, fit comfortably into seats without worrying about breaking them, and delight in the shock on people's face as they finally recognize you in your new shape. Most importantly you will exult in being in control of your life. All the adult things we do have upsides and downsides. I used to love eating an entire rack of ribs. It must be 6 or 8 months since I had one rib. I just don't care. I used to eat bags of potato chips. Now I have 3. I just went to a wedding and ate moderately and well. One bite of the wedding cake was enough to share in the festivities, I didn't need to eat 500 calories of sugar and flour to be happy for the couple. I still love food. I just love my health more than the immediate gratification of feeling bloated and full. I belong to food and wine societies. I eat incredibly well. I've found that for me - and everyone's Path is different - I focus on quality and beauty (I'll let you define what makes a food's visible presence, its smell, its flavor; it's different for everyone). You do not have to give up all pleasures, nor even the majority of them. The only "pleasure" you have to give up is that of eating too much. There are many threads here about the difference in physiologic hunger (true body needs hunger) and hedonistic hunger (head hunger, based on emotion not on physiology). This is an opportunity to re-calibrate and to address physiological hunger and to acknowledge the role of hedonistic hunger. In my view it is better to live your life moderately and in control of yourself than to be at the beck and call of the whims of your emotional self when it comes to eating. And I love having less back pain. And I love having less joint pain. And I love sleeping through the night without my sleep apnea waking me up. I love sleeping through the night with my beloved spouse next to me, and not driven away by my snoring. And I love the way this has re-energized my love life. And I love my new wardrobe of clothes (who knew I was as vain as I am about my new looks??) And I love it when I cycle 5 mph faster than I used to go. And I love it when I see my doc and she looks at my numbers and shakes her head in disbelief.
  7. Dear Rob, if you post data - how much you are eating (with carbos, protein, and fat breakdown if you can), how much you are exercising, and your current status, we can likely provide more help. For example, I found my bad habit of snacking at night continued after surgery. I had to plan on xxx number of calories in the evening to address that issue. Also, when in a stall, it may be you need to up your protein and become ketogenic, or up your exercise, or (counterintuitively) even increase your caloric intake to signal to your body that it is "ok" to allow weight loss.
  8. I had SOOO many people do a double take if they had not seen me during my weight loss period. Hee hee hee...
  9. (Congrats on your upcoming surgery, Juice!)
  10. This reminds me of the rotation diets. You get rid of everything except cabbage and um, alfalfa, and something to provide some protein, and then after a week or two of a cleanse, then add back other foods and see how you feel. Everyone I know who does them feels better, no matter what, probably because they also quit booze and other vices, and lose weight because there isn't enough to live on in a sustainable way. (I hope this does not come across as being too very very cynical; my best friend from college did this not too long ago, and this was her characterization of why it worked!). . Having said this there clearly are sensitivities people have, and sometimes the only way to detect them is to try life with and without them! I have a friend with true celiac disease with gluten sensitivity and this is the way he found out.
  11. @Boston Redhead Some of the blood tests for 'allergies' find a lot of things that are false positives... I'm informed that they are often most useful as guidance for things to consider rather than proving allergy. Just sayin...
  12. It's common to have a real brand preference.
  13. Irish Eyes, this is pretty common. Sometimes with surgery you get a lot of fluids, and your body has to absorb them and get rid of them, which can take some time. Are you walking a lot? That may help "mobilize" the fluids. Most people have a blip up after surgery. Keep up the diet, keep up your fluids, and move about to the extent that you can. Hope you are not too sore.
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    @robin0418 that is excellent news. When do you think you will have your surgery?
  15. @Res Ipsa Congrats on the move! (Am sure you read about the snarled commutes here in greater Boston with the green and red line derailments... and are dancing with delight at not having to put up with it!)
  16. M., you have already lost close to 8% of your body weight. You are doing great. This is not a race, it is a journey, and everyone loses at their own pace. Congratulations on having had the surgery!
  17. Two other potential solutions for you: Add Splenda or another non-sugar sweetener. Bitter plus sweet might work for you. Ask for a replacement pediatric liquid preparation, if it exists; they often have sugar in them but are formulated so that children will not balk at taking them. Since you will be on the antibiotic for only a short period (am guessing here...) the sugar should not be an issue in the larger context.
  18. Protein, protein, protein, and fluids. What is ok now, at less than a week after surgery, is not predictive of what will be ok in the future. In the past I was not much of a sweets enthusiast and after surgery am even less of one.
  19. Socks. Have good socks...
  20. Interesting idea. Pyrex dishes filled with duck confit, duck fat, duck broth, super concentrated fish broth, a zillion kinds of cheese (feta, chevre, Gruyere, several cheddars), eggs, assorted beverages (skim and whole milk, diet tea, wines), a variety of sausages, lots of condiments. Fresh parsley in a glass of water so it stays in shape, artichokes, radishes, green onions, parsnips, some lettuces, dried tomatoes in oil, ...
  21. @Dtrain84!!! so glad to hear from you !! You look ripped mate, can see you and the gym are getting along! Congratulations and condolences. Am sure you made your MIL proud. Great to hear from you!
  22. Maybe you should spread the rumors about a new wife and call her ... Lucy ... and start using your nickname "Lucy" to see how far you can go with this.... the stories might get you invited to lots of dinner parties just for your talents as a raconteur! and what better than stories like this?! (Does your MIL think you lost all your weight though force of character, etc etc? That can't be against you!!)