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  1. My secret

    @Lankyliz Glad this worked out ok. So often we tend to think of people in a stereotyped way even the ones who love us and are close to us. WLS usually strengthens a good relationship. Bad ones fall apart when the obese person takes control of their circumstances and tries to get healthy... and the partner objects. I'd keep the hubby around, could be a keeper.
  2. Figuring out how to eat while maintaining.

    @NerdyToothpick Looks pretty good to me. Well, quite good actually. I did think about how a little feta cheese would do in this. re: potatoes I think they should be fine. I'm pretty protein focused until the evening meal and then, not infrequently, eat a medium sized red potato as part of my dinner - either sliced ultra thin and used in a gratin with some cheese and leeks, or else diced as part of a thick stew. Must confess that dusting the potato gratin with some baked bacon (all fat poured off) crumbles and some Parmesan cheese makes me think Life Is Very Good. I think the bulk of the potato helps my sense of satiety in the evening. I know there are a lot of people reading things who are in active weight loss and potatoes and Parmesan must sound like the antithesis of everything they are trying to do.... but you do have to think about maintenance differently than weight loss. You can go overboard. The other thing is that if I am cooking for more people, I cook with potatoes and they just get a higher % of them than I do when serving, and it simplifies my culinary life. My Beloved In-Laws come over pretty frequently and He is a meat and potatoes guy, so this works for me and for them. Now, if they could only breed a potato with fiber... oh, they call those beans!!
  3. 72hrs after op..

    @Elisa Good for you! (Lots of people get a lot of fluids in surgery and may weigh the same or more for up to a week after surgery) You able to walk very much? That will also help to mobilize any surgery-related fluids out. At this stage it is get your fluids and protein in; walk; and well there you have it.
  4. Excited for follow up care!

    @NerdyToothpick That is great! Because the team is great there! Highly experienced surgeon, smart team members, good weekly followup groups, lots of "best practices" followed. (Everyone else, they did my surgery).
  5. Week 7

    You are so right about the still beautiful air of a cold winter night for a walk. There is no reason not to acknowledge the beauty around us in our WLS path. I mean as long as we gotta do stuff to get to goal,, why not appreciate what is pretty?? Was idly slipping my wedding band on my finger as I read your post. For the first time in years I could actually remove it and turn it around if I wanted. For some reason my hands were the last to lose size not early sites. Got me why I am late and for you it is early...
  6. The next goal is in the books :)

    only looking forward, only looking forward. my many past transgressions... are only part of the learning curve. have no doubts of your resolve. You have, like less than 10 lbs to goal?? You are my heroine.
  7. When will our sleeves relax ?

    Whoa. That is brutal. You're not allowed to float and flop about? That's not exercise! Yes, in heat like that... the best thing is to hide in some cool cave. Is the evening any cooler? I used to live in West Texas when I was a kid, but have no recollection of it ever being that hot.
  8. It's been a while....

    Great progress! You are doing better than me if the painful lessons were only a couple of times. Le Sigh. You're doing great. You sticking with 199 as the goal?
  9. Starting the removal

    Yeah, those guys are vicious, have to use wire if you want to catch 'em. Last one I saw swam right up behind the blue I'd caught and snarfed it whole and took the rig with it. Musta been painful when you tangled with it.
  10. Starting the removal

    Um, you fish a lot??
  11. Starting the removal

    Whoa that was one vicious hamster!
  12. When will our sleeves relax ?

    I too struggle with getting enough fruit and veggies - so standard practice for me is 140 grams of blueberries (70 calories) of blueberries in my morning protein shake. The only time I am only eating all protein now is when I am bored of being in a stall and I want to kick myself out of it. Eating at my calorie level (~ 1800) allows the fruits & veggies which all clearly healthy to eat. I suppose this may be a back-handed reason for a lot of exercise too, since it gives one the caloric breathing room to include fruit & veg. Exercise is NOT necessary if your immediate goal is weight loss but it is a key determinant of overall health... and our goal here is health, as well as weight loss. There are recent HUGE studies with tens of thousands of people who were enrolled in multiple countries around the world... that showed that mortality, strokes, heart attacks, and such are powerfully prevented by exercise. Weight loss does not remove the need for exercise for best health. Ideally we should all have an healthy weight and get exercise. A sedentary person with a normal BMI is at a lot higher risk than the same weight person who gets 150-180 minutes of exercise a week. Tracy my gently whispered two cents is to do things as you can. Your listed BMI is 39 and you must have started up around 50, right? Doing exercise is far easier at a BMI of 25 than 30, 30 than 35, and 35 than 40. Continue to lose weight and work in the exercise as you get increasingly light. Look at what @Kio did - just introduced some walking, couldn't go very far to start, and now she must be up to, oh, 20 or 30 miles a day! You can add the carbs your Dr. suggests, and some fruits and veggies, more easily with the exercise, and your daily caloric deficit might still remain fairly high and allow you to continue your pace of loss...
  13. I can't be trusted

    @Cardamom77 Congratulations!! You are a star! Do post a campy picture of yourself in your most outrageous Target purchase. Must have fun in life. All things in time re: the gym. Key is to go as @Gretta and @Jen581791 say. It's like investing - if you don't save, then all the talk in the world about how to invest your saved money is just blah blah. Any talk of the details of what kind of exercise to do is pointless if you don't go to the gym on some regular basis. So, slough the work onto your husband with some kind of vague words about medically required exercise after surgery with pointed insinuations about how if he really loved you he would do more. (This hasn't worked for me but am hoping it might work for you).
  14. Hi

    Aha. This is a normal developmental stage in the life of a WLS "infant." Soon you will progress to things beyond baby/toddler food equivalents. Tell your no doubt suffering husband that the Forum wishes him well and he should not yet abandon all hope or shoot you to end his misery. A subset of us after WLS find that savory tastes are much more attractive than the sweet ones. I became a demon at making fish stock from ocean fish heads and bones given to me by the local fishmongers - huge protein content (it gels just like jello) and very different appeal than our typical protein shakes. (Just thinking about it reminds me I should call them up as soon as I get back home after my current travels). Even now for dinner parties or the occasional meal I make a rich chowder based on this fish stock. (Quick recipe: to the broth, add: Baked defatted and crumbled bacon, small diced potatoes and vegetables, tomatoes, lots and lots of mussels and small cubed cod or haddock, parsley garnish. If you serve most of the potatoes to your family, not yourself, this is super duper high in protein and flavor and fully WLS compliant).
  15. The next goal is in the books :)

    Your stats are unbelievably great! Wow! Alas, I don't have your willpower as my habits are ingrained, I am undisciplined, and am feeble-willed. I just eat a smaller and planned (in terms of calories) snack now. BB has had many bad habits and I've had to be strategic in terms of which I could try to give up and which ones I could adapt. Any success I have had just points out that any darn fool can do well with WLS if you just stick, more or less, and most of the time, with your Plan. (Lurkers, take heart). I think your attitude towards just getting back on the Path when you wander off is healthy and constructive in avoiding the blame-game cycle.