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  1. BurgundyBoy

    Oh life!

    @NerdyToothpick <<Empathy, support, and congrats on getting these school/state/providers/insurance stars to line up.>> Thanks for catching us up. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Same issues arising in the extended BB family.
  2. BurgundyBoy

    Heading to Haiti

    Lovely shots. Were you up in Cap Haitien? Transcendant beauty in parts of Haiti...
  3. BurgundyBoy

    A "Lightweight" Having RNY

    Just back from India, sorry have been away from the Forum. Measures taken.
  4. BurgundyBoy

    A "Lightweight" Having RNY

    Hi R., my "official" starting BMI was 38 but I know it was really 40. I got down to a BMI of 27 in 9 months, was steady there for a long time, upped my exercise and got under 25 late last summer early fall ... and then in the press of a demanding job over the past 3 months, slacked off the gym, and went back to my BMI of 27. My weight at the end of December was within 1.5 pounds of my weight in June 2017 and in early January 2017 (my surgery was mid March 2016). So that has been pretty steady. I think it just means since you have less to lose, you get there sooner. Like you I had co-morbidities (terrible hip and back problems, sleep apnea) and the weight loss has been a tremendous gift. For what it is worth, there are a bunch of studies - which when taken together - suggest that going to the gym is worth about another 2 BMI points off. My personal stuff this past 6 months is instructive since with daily hard exercise (rowing at an high level) my BMI was just under 25, and now (without that) it is 27. Exercise is not critical to our weight loss but it is critical to an healthy life! and does provide a bit of an extra when you are in the acute weight loss period, it seems to help keep you losing and to make it a bit faster.
  5. BurgundyBoy

    What have I done!

    Congratulations!! Always space in life for happiness and love.
  6. BurgundyBoy

    Traveling Post-Op

    Miss B, and @Brattykid - I buy one of the in-house Costco brand of beef jerky - it has much less sugar added than most of the commercial brands, and is pretty good. Unopened bags can be stored at room temperature for quite some time. It is also not as salted as some (so doesn't make me as thirsty when I eat it). At my local Costco they sell 3 or 4 different ones, but this is the lowest added sugar one. If you just look at the Nutrition information label you'll see which has the least sugar. It's tasty too. My other current choice for a protein bar is also coming from Costco - they sell bars with 21g of protein, 15 grams of fiber, and 4 grams net carbs (1 gram sugar). They are 190 calories. I find these very useful when I need something to eat but want to stay protein heavy. One advantage to these is that they are tasty and have fiber. If I eat one of these each day plus add some psyllium to my morning high-protein shake, or have some beans with dinner, then my bowls remain regular. For what it is worth -- When I am in places where there is a lot of traveler's diarrhea (India, Ethiopia in my recent experience) I take a probiotic twice a day. And, since the airlines like to give you cheap food with lots of carbos like pasta, I have taken to ordering special meals on my recent flights. If you ask for the diabetic meals they are usually strong on protein and vegetables. Have great trips!! and Best for the New Year!!
  7. BurgundyBoy

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Ah, Aussie, I would! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All, and Best for the New Year!
  8. BurgundyBoy

    Revelation during support group tonight

    Also along lines of @CheeringCJ thread - drink lots of turkey broth if you are tempted! and remember, QUALITY over QUANTITY pick and choose what you eat. My relatives all know I am going to eat small amounts, and with them I have no problems with just eating what is right for me - and yes to walking, walking walking.
  9. BurgundyBoy

    How hard has it been to change your behaviours?

    @Prattlebangs One of my downfalls is snacking at night, an old habit and hard for me to change. I try to keep things like seeds, dried fruit out of the house because I will snack on them at night - this is above and beyond things like crackers or potato chips, which are really gateway drugs for me . As per old postings I've made I sometimes just plan on my snacks and allocate a certain number of calories to that. Rather than beat myself up over the issue of snacking, I just plan on it and keep it bounded. I often do quite well with my calories/protein during the day but it is evening when I am at risk. I'm now in maintenance so my caloric intake is in the 2,000 - 2,400 per day range. One tactic you may wish to consider is the following: I will cook up a dinner with some form of meat, vegetables and beans in the evening. For example, a quarter pound of hamburger meat cooked with garlic and a little olive oil (gotta get your good oils in), herbs/salt/peppers of your choice, and then an entire can of Goya black beans. Adding some cruciferous vegetables bulks up the meal too without adding much in the way of calories. This kind of meal has lots of protein and fiber. I can't finish this meal in the one sitting we are supposed to have for dinner. Later on in the evening, when I am tempted to snack, I just go back to my dinner pot and have a few bites of the bean dish. I'm not advocating that you give up on having set meal times and amounts after surgery, which I think is a better course... but if you suffer from this malady of snacking behaviors/habits, this might prove helpful. It is easier to re-purpose an habit in a positive direction than it is to completely break the habit. {Calories in 1/4 lbs hamburger, 85% meat 15% fat, is 250; calories in one can of Goya black beans is ~ 450; so with a little oil and garlic this dish is ~ 800 calories total}.
  10. BurgundyBoy

    I'm considering not getting the surgery after all....

    Sssshhhh! Don't tell anyone!!
  11. BurgundyBoy

    Post Op

    How is that protein intake going? Gotta keep that and the fluids up.
  12. BurgundyBoy

    Happy one year to me!

    @Boho Rosy Thanks for all your smart, passionate contributions here. Congratulations and best wishes for yet more success on your Surgiversary!
  13. BurgundyBoy

    How did you lose weight before surgery?

    Meadow - you will lose weight after surgery. You would have to have non-human physiology to not lose weight. Just because you have not lost weight before surgery does not undo what surgery will accomplish. Be of good cheer, every day you are closer and you are taking control of your future and are going to love being smaller.
  14. @Kim M How are you doing today? Hope you are doing better.
  15. BurgundyBoy


    @Cardamom77 <<< Empathy to you and your family >>> Fear not, you give by your example.