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  1. BurgundyBoy

    Gastric bypass weight loss montly

    hI @Heavenlyy_piink Must agree with Rachel @athenarose weight loss is only smooth and predictable... in our dreams. I have been a series of steps. The suggestion to measure arms, bust, thighs, calves, neck, everywhere you can and take photos is a great one and cannot recommend it highly enough. Days and weeks when my weight did not change, my neck and waist got smaller. That helps keep the emotional boat afloat and keeps you on an emotional even keel. Weight is only ONE of the metrics to think about; never forget your blood pressure, blood sugars, load on your joints, and all sorts of other stuff will get better too. Congrats on having the surgery done!
  2. BurgundyBoy

    I have not forgot about you!

    Hi @AustinJ Read this thread with a lot of interest. You have managed a rare and difficult task with all your loss. Good luck with the new business and your family must be just amazed. Hard to comprehend being 225+ lbs down now since just November of last year. Clearly you can continue to still lose more weight even with the 1500-1700 calories your doc is insisting on now.... just the rate may be slower. than with a smaller amount of intake. Are you still working out every day? That has seemed to be an important part of your life, your self image, and in particular your strategy for losing. There are some recent studies showing that an half hour of exercise a day will keep you fit but not materially contribute to weight loss... but at about the hour mark that equation changes and it can contribute. There are some older studies showing that people who did NOT have WLS and successfully lost weight have to work out about 90 minutes a day to change the equation for themselves. I'm, beginning to think that our bodies can adapt to some level of exercise without needing extra calories but then that shifts as the caloric requirements and length of time go up. My surgical team has told me they think that the adaptation to maintenance is in general easier for people who gradually increase their calories over time rather than abruptly changing from a low intake to a maintenance intake. I think you'll be fine with this higher level of intake if you remain as disciplined as you are. This is SUCH a head game. I used to say 90% is the head game, now maybe I would say 95%. Discipline, stay true to principles of protein and fluids, and thoughtfulness about your habits. In my case thoughtfulness about my many flaws, bad habits, and such. Like some of the others who have posted into this thread, will be rooting for you to achieve your next set of goals now that this biggie is behind you.
  3. BurgundyBoy

    Can you have too much protein?

    @CelticGirl You're doing fine! Each of us has a different trajectory than everyone else based on our own metabolisms, etc. The water aerobics as @athenarose says are not likely to be a major source of caloric loss right now BUT BUT BUT it is so important in terms of cementing your habit of exercise. In the future you may do laps swimming or something similar; exercise is essential to an healthy life (we tend to focus on weight loss here, but the ultimate goal is to lose weight AND have an healthy life). I'm sensitive to water weight too. But a couple of days of laying off the salt --> it comes off.
  4. BurgundyBoy

    Blood work

    Huge, just huge. Life is never the same after you've had to have a toe, or foot, or leg removed. Congrats, congrats, congrats!
  5. BurgundyBoy

    One year today—keeping it real

    Yes. Self-defeating to beat oneself up for not being perfect; that would be letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  6. BurgundyBoy

    Newbie - Just saying Hello everyone

    Welcome @Binary Supportive lot here - let us know if you are looking for some kind of content and can't find it!
  7. BurgundyBoy

    One year today—keeping it real

    @Madhouse Heidi First, big applause for the lap band conversion and re-do surgery, and loss of 90 lbs. Huge accomplishments. Don't sell yourself short. Secondly you managed to go 2 months without a big weight gain. Third, you've returned to journaling and getting some exercise. FWIW, my view is that these are signs of success. None of us are 'perfect' or able to ALWAYS do the right thing. The hallmarks of success are that when adversity shows up you use the tools at hand to get back on track. Which you have done. So don't beat yourself up; instead be happy with yourself and (while accepting your two month vacation from weight tracking) just move forward. I mean, you didn't gain weight even when your attention wandered. That is really really outstanding!
  8. BurgundyBoy

    Breathe, Emma (1)

    @HalvingEmma Really like the Einstein quote about the definition of insanity...
  9. BurgundyBoy

    4 month check in

    @Rob_VSG Totally impressive. Wow. and thanks for those cooking hints - have never made egg+almond flour bread, I will have to try it. Congrats again!
  10. It's almost painful to listen to some conversations about dieting and weight loss. Everyone, of course, is an expert and whatever they most recently read or heard must be true...
  11. BurgundyBoy

    Just stopping in to wave

    We're here! Too bad about the short honeymoon but I bet the marriage between Carina and WLS will be a long and happy one.
  12. BurgundyBoy

    1 week post-op

    I think I was taking naps too!
  13. BurgundyBoy

    I'm Overweight!

    Oh my, my son has pink hair now. Very fetching if I might say. Trying to suggest to my son that Deep Purple has merit but well it's up to him.
  14. BurgundyBoy

    Three months post op

    What a nice thread. @Anita62 sounds like you are doing well and have made good choices for your intake and diet. Follow your path (e.g. don't knavishly and foolishly and smugly go astray) and don't take up other foods right now. Just keep remembering that you are > 60 lbs down and have only another 60 to go. You can do this. You have demonstrated the required skills, just keep 'em up. (At the end of the day, my two cents is not to become attached to a weight loss goal, but rather an health goal if that makes sense to you: lower blood pressure, better hemoglobin A1c values, sleeping through the night rather than constantly waking up from obstructive sleep apnea... those are the functional end points that predict your health. Plus getting exercise every day.)
  15. BurgundyBoy

    I'm Overweight!

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Could say more, but more words are often not better.