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  1. My Progress So Far

    Well we must be the prolonged stall group... could not have better company though!
  2. Things are looking up

    Hi @ktallon Missed this good news! Hope all is going well! Persistence, persistence, persistence!
  3. I think I might have to quit working....

    Discovered that no work, reading newspapers for 4 hours a day, a lackadaisical trip to the gym for a long session, and then a good dinner ... make me really happy. Not so sure about the weight loss, but my happiness quotient goes up!
  4. My Progress So Far

    I'm going to let the vampire bats bite me and shave my hair to get under 200... oh, wait, that hair thing,.... what did I do with those hairs?....
  5. Here's hoping you can find things, either because they are low GI or small enough quantities, that you are ok.
  6. My Progress So Far

    Dtrain, you and me both ! You are looking great! I'm at 205-206 now x 4 months. I saw my surgeon today (1 year surgiversary) and my guess is she thinks this is it for me (about 90 lbs down from my peak). I can't say I feel the same imperative to lose weight that I had a year ago, since all my health goals are accomplished. Last few months have had a lot of travel and work, not made it to the gym as consistently as I should have. Good luck with getting any further, if that is important to you. We're rooting for you!
  7. I hate the night - sundowners?

    Oh, we are all in this struggle...
  8. Traveling Abroad after Surgery

    I don't spend more than 60 seconds a day thinking about this stuff. Bottles water, preferably with bubbles (no, it doesn't bother me) to prove that the bottle was just uncapped, and no street food unless it is boiling or comes off a grill - no dunking grilled foods in secret sauce, either. No buffet food, always order cooked to order (reduced food poisoning risk by 75%). No salad, but steamed veggies are fine. Wash your hands (most people in the US flunk basic hygiene practiced in poorer countries). No rinsing your toothbrush in the shower or drinking water in the shower. And remember that if you are worried about the water, get a beer or something with alcohol in it.
  9. Traveling Abroad after Surgery

    Vietnam, India, Uganda, Switzerland, Italy, France, Indonesia in first year. Italy was actually the hottest with record hot summers. I'd only take a water bladder thingy if you are hiking in the forests. Bottled water available everywhere, plus hot broth soups are commonly available. More important to make sure you get your vaccines up to date and watch what you eat so you don't get food poisoning or diarrhea!
  10. Oh, like you only surprised by the height and depth of your readings. Sorry this is happening to you! Can I ask if this happens even with "low glycemic index" carbos?
  11. So Angry and Upset

    Lots of very good surgeons. Invoking @Jen581791 and @NerdyToothpick to see if they might comment on their experiences for you, especially since you are self-pay.
  12. 18 hrs out

    Congrats! Long time coming, but you are there!
  13. I hate the night - sundowners?

    I'm hopeless re: snacking in the evening. Two recent tactics besides the lemon drops mentioned by @NerdyToothpick - Plan on 200 calories in the evening of nuts, dried fruit, whatever your downfall is. Then eat each tiny sunflower seed over a couple of minutes. Takes forever. When you make dinner - say some beans with cheese melted on top in the oven - make 30% more. Then when you feel snacky.... you go back to this. For some reason having exactly the same thing as dinner makes me satisfied earlier. I LOVE the toothpick suggestion @msmarymac !
  14. Wow, you have it. Write it up, including the name of the device you use, and there you are.
  15. So Angry and Upset

    Am deeply sympathetic. Surgeon's hands may be, at least in part, tied by insurance company. Yes surgeon could talk to another rheumatologist but that person wouldn't know you and it would only be an hypothetical response, and so would be rejected by insurance company monitors. You might consider speaking to a medical monitor with your insurance company since they might be able to approve an exception to the process - you do, after all, have sign-offs from your other docs!