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  1. Robin, great great! and after all the ups and downs you went through before your surgery, even more (dare I say) ... delicious?
  2. @Raijin What you've gone through / are going through / is really common. There are a gazillion posts here and elsewhere about sometimes needing to up your calories a little bit to "convince" your body that it can allow weight loss - when it is getting all the signals consistent with you being in in the midst of a famine. From your post it sounds like you are doing everything you 'should' do such as a restricted diet, getting some exercise, and focusing on getting protein. INVARIABLY you will lose weight. You just can't eat less than 600 calories a day and not, eventually, lose weight.
  3. @tracyringo Great before and after pics. Well done!!
  4. Ridley you'll be okay. You will not be sentenced to measuring your life in one ounce cups. I think you are feeling low because you just got a divorce (figuratively speaking) from eating too much, which was both a comfort but also a cause of premature death and disability from obesity. I have maintained my weight at about the same measure now for 2 years, despite having many bad habits now and many more before my surgery, and all while enjoying being a gourmand and drinking good wine and having a convivial life that often focuses on meals and good company. Not sure about the quote but man
  5. Well, um, congratulations and too bad. Be sure to get those orthopedic issues documented (you described those earlier) along with any family diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart or kidney disease that you may be prone to acquiring.
  6. @lisa18 Good! An electronic pat on the back and thumbs up for getting some walking in! Atta-Lisa! I am much less disciplined than I 'should' be (being very imperfect, perhaps even a bit flawed now and again) - and exercise gives me a bit of a cushion for my behaviors. It's true that when I goof up and mindlessly snack at night watching TV the worst I can do is 500, not 5,000, calories now, but do that for a week and you gain a pound. My typical workouts come in the 500 calorie flavor or the 1000 calorie flavor ... some of us can maintain our weight through just diet, but given all
  7. Lisa, not to speak for you, but would suggest you may also be mourning your prior love of your life ... food. For many of us food, and the act of eating, and the linked pleasures we had were a comfort from 'the slings and arrows' of life. It was for me. It is totally normal to mourn the loss of a friend. As @athenarose notes, a change in your diet may change your brain chemistry too. Personally I have become persuaded that eating a lot of carbohydrates, which I did in the past, was a form of addiction on my part. I enjoyed eating a lot of food, and I suspect that at least part of that wa
  8. @Sama5959 You are crushing this, mate!
  9. @Dodes Congratulations! You look great! Well done!
  10. @S Griffin 71 Another thought - I have seen microwavable pouches of South Asian foods at Costco - mostly vegetarian options - that are around 300 calories for a full pouch. Likely too many calories for you now, but in the future might fit your needs. I have had the lentil ones and they are quite good.
  11. Dodi, that is so excellent! Well done!
  12. @BrightDay congratulations on your loss and getting into the 20s! Sometimes people mistake our thinner faces for being unwell. To my own eye I can see creases in my face that were not there before; luckily for me, mine are in the pattern you see with a smile, so the creases are not unwelcome. Have you thought about what your Goal might be?
  13. @Kathryn1974 Your pouch is fresh, and not very able to stretch very much, and may still be a bit swollen since your surgery was recent. But yogurt is not a brick nor a stone, you are not going to stretch your pouch with something soft like yogurt. It's normal to want normal food ... but stay away from the naughty stuff, that is what got you into trouble. @cinwa's advice about avoiding dehydration is good stuff! You want to make sure you are making urine. I think having loose stools is common after surgery. You undoubtedly were given some antibiotics at the time of your surger
  14. Would just call the company, report the lot number, and get a new case shipped to you.
  15. Have a good trip. We are with you.
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