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  1. So much fun!! I love both outfits, but the inner sassy in me adores the sequin dress! Congratulations on the weight loss so far...great job!
  2. Has anyone heard from Trish13 ?

  3. Trish13

    VSG surgery date


    WOOOHOO!!! Less than on week to go! Not much longer now....Congrats, @AustinJ!!!
  4. Trish13

    CJ's Surgery Day!!!!

    Tick Tock....Tick Tock......the clock is getting you closer to your date by the seconds! I can't believe it is here already! I'm so excited for you!
  5. @CJireh..what a nice read. I'm glad that your tenacity and desire is strong, but equally as glad that you also have put in place a network of people who care about you, your success, and want to help support and encourage you along your journey. Even if that means "haunting" your thoughts here and there...lol! You're going to do great, CJ! Hugs!!
  6. Best wishes for a successful revision and hoping for many wonderful meals with your wife in the near future!
  7. Trish13

    Kio's RNY

    WOOHOO!! It will be here before you know it! Congratulations!
  8. @BurgundyBoy hit the nail on the head about everything. But I am going to take his one point slight further about your intake of fluids and protein. I'm really kind of the exception to the rule, but he's right that I've had a pretty rough go with it and still struggling to get where I need to be 6 weeks after surgery. I can't stress this enough, get the fluids and protein in. It's difficult with a new pouch, but you need to push yourself through this as much as you can at the beginning without making yourself sick - this is of paramount importance. I'm can barely get down 30 out of 64oz a day
  9. Good luck at the check-in appointment today. I hope you are cleared so you can head back to work and get some guidance for your protein and vitamin struggles! :D

  10. Hey Trish how are you feeling??

    1. Trish13


      Hi! I'm feeling better. Still struggling to get in all my protein requirements in, but I think it will all come together as I can I add more food. Idk why I can not stomach the powder protein, but I just can't as it makes me so sick. I go to the Dr tomorrow, so that's sure going to be an interesting appointment. Little nervous about it. Not sure he will release me for work...ugh.... little stressful but I'm sure it will all work out fine. Thank you for checking in. 

    2. Mpierce


      I didn't like most of the protien powders either. My dietician recommended Unjury. They have two I like. One of unflavored and you can mix it with sugar free drink mixes. It's not gritty and dissolves in all kinds of liquids. They also have strawberry sorbet that I mix with sugar free lemonade powder that I love!  

      Im still having pain. Gas and bloating make it hard to get in my liquid and protien. It will all come together. 

      You are planning to go back to work soon?  I hope that works out for you. I don't go back until August 16th. 

  11. Haven't seen you on for a few...  Wanting to know if you are doing okay ?

  12. Hi Surgery Twin!

    Just checking on you, I'm in a little pain other than that so far so good;)

  13. Trish13

    WendyH Surgiversary (2015)

    Happy Surgiversary!
  14. Congratulations, Tracy!! It will be here before you know it!!!
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