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  1. @Res Ipsa....they gag me so badly...lol! I really really want to drink them but they are not even going down the hatch at all! @cinwa....that's my fear, that it will be too sweet. Wish I could find a sample pack since it's so expensive. Might reach out & see if they can send me one..what do I got to lose? Just would love to be able to drink a shake - even if just once a day! Sigh...
  2. So I've been hearing a lot about BossLady Lean protein shake. My understanding is it's not gritty and it's super fine powder which allows it to mix up very well. Even at almost a year out I still have a problem with protein shakes and I think a big part of it is the grittiness along with the taste. I was thinking about trying this but wanted to get your thoughts on the nutritional value I was trying to compare it to unjury and it's not too far off. Also, if anyone has try this let me know how it is!
  3. Hey CJ!!! Doing good. Been incredibly busy lately with work. Been on one loooonnnnggggg stall, but it finally broke last week and finally down another 5 pounds. Hoping to keep up the momentum for a bit! LOOK AT YOU!!! WOW - girl you are a rockstar! I am so happy and proud of you! How are you feeling? Are you ready for summer break - should be happening any day now!
  4. How absolutely amazing, @Nana Trish!! I am so proud of you - keep doing what you are doing because it is working!
  5. you look fabulous, @Dtrain84!! You should be incredibly proud of yourself!!
  6. How are you feeling, @ktallon? Did you end up going to the ER? I sure hope you're feeling better!
  7. Trish13


    Congratulations, @Lankyliz! Eighteen pounds is amazing and impressive. Glad to hear things are improving on the home front. You have been through a lot and I'm happy to hear you are in a positive place now! Keep up the great work!
  8. Wow! You look simply amazing! I'm so incredibly happy for you @Michael_A!! You have worked really hard on each leg of your journey, and you should be so proud of yourself!
  9. Thanks for the sweet words, @CheeringCJ! I felt like the top all pulled out was too much, so I tucked it in. I was amazed at the difference I saw in the mirror. I was at work, so I thought I so try it out. I would ask one of my girlfriends if it was ok, but before I even saw her I got 4 or 5 compliments how how good I looked and that they could really see how much I was losing. Never looked back! Moral...if you like it, then go for it!! Our vision of ourselves is always so skewed and off during this process. Ironically it is before surgery as well. I knew I was heavy, but I NEVER thought I was
  10. @Michael_A, @Gretta, @Res Ipsa - thanks for the kind words! I can't believe that I'm getting so close to both 100lbs and onderland! Hopefully the gym will speed up the process a bit and get there sooner than later. I couldn't have done made it to where I am without all of you guys!
  11. Thanks, @tracyringo!! Thanks for always cheering me on and giving me an ear to bend...
  12. No offense taken on the melting comment...lol! I actually feel like past week or so I've seen a lot of changes in my face and neck as well. I always think of the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz....I'm melting.... melting.....lol!
  13. Thanks, @Cheesehead! So grateful for the support!
  14. Thank you, @cinwa! You're always so kind with your words and incredibly sweet! I'm at approximately 60% to my initial goal. Yay!
  15. Thanks, @Chefman77! I'm anxious & excited to go to the gym. It's not something I really enjoy, but I'm looking forward to the benefits of it. Plus my 30yr high school class is in 6 months and I wanna wear a killer dress!! Lol!
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