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  1. Has anyone heard from Trish13 ?

  2. bad news today

    So sorry to hear this @Kio. Family is family, you can't change that...even with all their flaws. So it makes sense that you are numb and saddened by the news even though you were not that close. I will be praying for your family and your other brother - maybe it will help him "see the light" of his choices. Big squishy hugs for you!
  3. I am officially on the losers bench!

    Welcome to the loser's bench, @Artie! I hope today finds you feeling better and some relief from the gas. Keep walking, as it will definitely help!
  4. I lost my dad tonight

    @Nana Trish....I'm so sorry for your loss! Not sure how much a big squishy hug would help right now, but consider it sent as of right now! I'm glad you got to spend the time you did with your dad the past few weeks. That time will be something your reflect on as happier memories in the next few weeks and months, and you will be so glad you have them. Please know that I am praying for you and your family.
  5. 4 month post op today

    Happy four month surgiversary!!!! You are doing fantastic, my friend...I'm so proud of you!! Ahhh...I so appreciate where you are coming from with the temptations. It's like my family has forgotten all that I have went through and still go through as they much away on all the yummy stuff. It's easy to get frustrated and blow your me I do it all the time. Hang in there....big hugs!!
  6. Slowly finding myself along the way

    Thanks, @CheeringCJ! It has definitely been a rollercoaster journey, no doubt. I am so grateful for my TTF to help me so much! And yes.....I was super excited to get in those pants as it was the 3rd pair and 3rd brand of pants in a 16! I really liked that pair a lot!
  7. Slowly finding myself along the way

    Thanks,'re actually the second person to tell me that today! How funny! Lol
  8. Slowly finding myself along the way

    Thank you, @Boho Rosy! I appreciate that.
  9. Slowly finding myself along the way

    Thanks, @Cheesehead! I had really no idea of anything leaning towards the type of issues I had. No idea or thought it could or would be an issue. I think that's a big part of why I had a hard time with it...and how to handle it. I'm worked and working through it thought, and in a better place mentally and emotionally, thank goodness! And you are right....I'm only 5 months out. I forget that a lot, and expect more. Probably a control issue, or better yet lack of! Thanks for all the support!
  10. I haven't given an update lately mostly because I am not sure how to truly verbalize my journey or my thoughts the last couple of months. There is a lot of soul searching, deep reflection, coming to terms, and acceptance for myself along my journey so far. Sometimes I wonder was the surgery path the right thing for me?, did I do enough pre-work to be successful long term?, was it really a good thing my insurance didn't require more obstacles to obtain before approval for surgery other than just meeting the surgeons requirements?, and am I even doing this journey the right way? Many of you know I had some hiccups immediately after surgery - in the hospital for 8 days vs 2 or 3, Couldn't keep liquids down - barely able to swallow them, severe nausea, unable to tolerate almost any form of protein, and ultimately a trip to the ER a month post-op which led to another 4 day stay in the hospital and going home with a pic line that was in for 10 weeks due to complete dehydration and beginning of malnutrition. I was terrified to get the pic in to begin with, and then even more so to have it removed. I tried so hard to show I was brave and it wasn't bothering me, but I was having all kinds of emotional breakdowns at night when I was by myself. And while my husband was amazing and there every step of the way - he just couldn't fully understand where I was mentally and emotionally. That is where this amazing group came in - giving me encouragement, giving me support and ideas, some who had similar issues were inspiring, and many of you prayed for me. And SLOWLY...oh so painfully slowly....I began to pull myself up from the depths I had curled up inside myself and began to be hopeful. The day my pic line came out - I cried. I cried so much, I made the nurse, my husband, and my daughter cry. Not because I was in pain or scared, but because I felt a release - a small piece of me had been restored...I was free of that line. Ironically, now almost 2 months later, I am beginning to feel that same type of release again. My weight loss has been slow and the stalls plentiful - not what I have expected - and I would be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed. And while I am truly excited for @Jen581791, @Nana Trish, @NerdyLady - some of my BIGGEST cheerleaders - who have lost very quickly, I'm also slightly jealous yours went so fast while I putter along. Then I see and recognize others who are losing more slowly like me - @Gretta and @tracyringo - and realize (though logically already knew) that I shouldn't be comparing myself to anyone. My journey is jut that - my journey...designed for specifically me. The release I am feeling these days is knowing that I am doing it and ultimately being successful regardless of how the weight is coming off or in spite of the mini stalls that plague me. Maybe it is slow so I can mentally accept the losses and be better at maintenance, because heaven knows I would probably do other dumb stuff to sabotage my success if it fell off too quickly - like every other time I have tried. But now, at this time, I am starting to appreciate the journey I am on, and I am slowly finding myself and not only who I am, but what I expect of myself along the way. What drove this home for me was the fact that I am the lowest weight I have been in almost 20 years. I mean really - how can I not be inspired by myself by dropping from a 26/28 top to an 18/20 and a 24/26 pants to a 16 in just 5 short months??!!! And if that wasn't enough, I have lost 39 inches as of November 22nd! Then I pull out the pictures and look....I can find everything wrong with me even now but when compared to the before shots - I finally see the beginning stages of progress. I added them so you knew what I was talking about...they are my before shots and the new one were two days ago when I got into a pair of super skinny cut jean in a size 16!!!! So thank you....thank you for letting me get that rambling series of thoughts out of my head; thank you for all the support you have given and sure will continue to in the future, and mostly thank you for the friendships and family that is here on TTF. You all have helped my journey in more ways than you could ever know.
  11. 6 Years Later

    @Meisha216 - WOW! WOW! WOW!!! You looking incredible, strong, and fierce....ready to take on the world! Congratulations on the loss and maintaining it for such a long time! I sure hope my wls ends up like yours! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Weight loss since September

    Looking great!!! It's so much fun to track the changes!!
  13. Me 6-month post op

    HOLY MOLEY!!!! Insert jaw drop here!! Way to go @Chefman77!! You are CRUSHING this weight loss journey!!! I know you must be so incredibly proud of yourself - not to mention your family! I don't know why I haven't noticed it before today, but I see that your from Missouri? I grew up in southern IL right outside of St Louis, and my family (parents and my sisters family) now all live in the Springfield, MO area. Are you anywhere nearby? I will be heading out there sometime in the spring. Another one of our TTF buddies, @tracyringo, is near that area too. Maybe we can all plan a little meet -up, along with anyone else in the area!
  14. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    My family is big on going out to eat - we do it a lot ....more that I want to admit. My husband works midnights and me day shift and we are passing ships in the evening. So that leads to a lot of convenience eating and I had to readjust for that. Here is my two cents, for what it is worth and some of my favorite places. Keep in mind, you can adjust to fit a local mom and pop or local "must try" restaurant. The GREAT thing about KC is you will be SURROUNDED by incredible BBQ places and that leads me to my first choice in eating out: 1) Mission BBQ -you don't have to necessarily eat there, but the philosophy works for KC BBQ places: Look for a place that does dry rubs or offers a non-sauce option for the meat. Stick with shredded Chicken or shredded pork (that is my go to because not something I would ever make typically at home and easy to eat). I would stay away from ribs, brisket, etc. I am frank with my surgery and I just say - I can't eat a normal portion, can I order from the kids menu? I have only had one place tell me no to date. For example - Mission BBQ offers a kids slider with choice of meat, so I get a kids puilled pork slider and then remove the bun and for the side I choose either a side salad, slaw, or a season veggie. It works well for me and then I might add a dash of sauce to keep the meat a little moist. 2) Longhorn Steakhouse - again a million steak places in KC, so adapt/adjust - If I don't order the kids grilled chicken tenders, I will order a shrimp kabob with out any sauce - just spices and a salad. Also steak places usually have great chili if they offer it - a cup a chili is super filling and tasty, OR if I want to expand for taste I will again be honest with why I am asking and ask if I can order off the lunch menu - which is usually half portions. I am just not able to tolerate steak is super rough. Also - some steak places have rotisserie chicken and that is always a great option - just pull off the skin and again with a salad. Anytime salad is involved, I ask them to bring WITH my dinner, because I don't want to fill up on it. 3) Red Lobster - still will the grilled tilapia with out butter and spices only. look at the sides - I usually pick steamed broccoli, but occasionally I will save up for mashed pots since I can only eat a little bit of them. And again - lunch portion. I will say this is the place that wouldn't let me order off the kids menu, but I think it was the server making the rule vs the mgr. We don't eat there a lot and if I went back, I would ask the manager directly. 4) Chick-fil-a - This the EASTIEST (besides Mission BBQ) for me to eat at. I either get a kids meal with 4 grilled chicken nuggets (especially when I was at your phase) but mostly now get the grilled chicken sandwich with no bun and lettuce wrapped. I just cut the lettuce, tomato, and chicken up and make a "salad" for WAY cheaper than their menu salads. I usually ask for the honey BBQ sauce for dressing or the light Italian dressing (this has the less calories or impact). 5) Mexican - This is a little harder in some aspects. This is where I enlist my husband or order off the lunch menu and thank goodness my husband is cool with telling them no chips for the table. My go to is chicken fajita's with very little or no oil that I split with my husband. But another good choice is a chicken burrito (watch what it's stuffed with) and then just peel back the tortilla and eat the inside. I stay away from rice. I usually for burrito that had mean, black or pinto beans, and maybe pico - I you find one that is topped with a cheese sauce or like that, just ask for it with out it. A lunch combo is always a good bet with those places too....again you know what to eat and stay away from at this point. At your stage, my go to a lot was the shredded pulled pork and the grilled chicken nuggets at CFA. Usually a lot of flavor and was easy to chew up really good and never upset my pouch. I am sure you are going to do great. If you can - pick a place before hand, and look at the menu. A lot of time I like to plug in different ideas into 'My FitnessPal' app and review the calories, carbs, and fat. Sometime you get lucky and they will have a nutrition list online - but that is usually the bigger chain places. Hope this helped....enjoy your trip - sounds like a great time. Glad you can get away and spend some one on one time with your wife! I know she will love it and is looking forward to showing off her arm candy!
  15. Life updates

    @ktallon...I have been thinking about you so much lately. I am glad that you have gotten the tube in and hopefully this nutrition will enable to you to get where you need to be for revision surgery. I have been praying for you and your son and I have my ladies group at church praying for you as well. Know you are thought of, cared for, and loved by this group. We are truly rooting for you!! Big squishy hugs!