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  1. zoomlenz4u

    Am I crazy

    you may have something here rock. I know Dr's won't give us any advice that can be unhealthy or detrimental to our needed nutritional intake. But no matter what diet we get on we will always have that urge/need to cheat somewhat. Could it be that we can do this periodically and shock our bodies with our intake. liquids for a week then back on the controlled lapband controlled intake for 3 weeks, then liquids for another week, and so on?????? You just gave me an Idea to try that might get me out of this plateau.
  2. zoomlenz4u

    No weight loss for over a year :(

    I'm in a plateau also. It is a fact that lapband results in less weight loss than gastroebypass. Its frustrating cause we have goals and we can feel like failures if we don't make them. Its better to attempt and fail than to fail and never attempt to improve our health or self esteem. Hang in there. I understand that the lapband may work in cycles.
  3. zoomlenz4u

    Roll call... Imperial Valley?

    Looking for people to join up with us in Imperial Valley for weight loss surgery support. Just getting started. hit me up for more info
  4. zoomlenz4u

    Super Bowl XLV

    Steelers all the way.
  5. zoomlenz4u

    What's the most frustrating part about weight loss?

    For me when I reached a plateau and discipline with exercise. I have been stuck at 295 for 2 months give or take 2 lbs. I have lost a total of 80 lbs and I just can't shake any more lbs. I can't jog cause I need a total knee replacement. Dr's tell me Im to young to have it done. But Im not giving up. target is 220 lbs.
  6. zoomlenz4u


    Been a while since I posted on TTs. great to see some new people on here and some veterans. WLS has been the best think ever for me as far as losing weight. I get so much attention from the ladies. And yes we have some great looking ladies in here.
  7. zoomlenz4u

    Imperial County

    Looking for those that live in the desert (Imperial Valley) that would like to join a local weight loss surgery support group. send me an email for more info. Luis Arellano zoomlenz4u@yahoo.com
  8. zoomlenz4u

    Roll call... Imperial Valley?

    I had WLS Nov 2009 and have lost 80 lbs. Have 50 more to go. I am so stoked and there are a few people that are looking to meet locally once a month.
  9. zoomlenz4u

    Exercise - 6 days post-op

    ASAP on walking. Your lungs need to expand and get back to normal. Follow your Dr's instructions and you won't go wrong
  10. zoomlenz4u

    New Before And After Pictures

    That is so inspirational. I can't wait to make that much progress. Congrats
  11. zoomlenz4u

    Can't keep my pants up

    That would be great. I am so l;ooking forward to exercising normally.
  12. zoomlenz4u

    Can't keep my pants up

    Literally, 7 weeks after surgery, Im losing my pants. Belt is too big so I drilled another 2 holes in it. I was a 52 waist and I dont want to go out and buy a bunch of clothes for atleast another 3 months. It could get expensive if I go out and buy clothes evry time I lose a couple of inches. ALready filled 2 large trash bags of clothes that I usually wear to work. wont ever get another chance to wear them since Im out on workers comp and will have a total knee replacement somtime soon. My flesh is beginning to get flabby and the Dr asked me to wait 2 months before I do any serious exercise to tighten up. How soon did anyone wait to lift some weights or do sit-ups after lapband surgery.
  13. zoomlenz4u

    Post OP 11/23/09

    pictures post OP
  14. zoomlenz4u

    One Word Theme for Life in 2010

    INCHES inches lost inches recuperated cheaper clothes because of inches lost............
  15. zoomlenz4u

    Had my Surgery

    Thx for all the encouragement Beggining to wonder if having WLS on monday before Thxgiving and a month before the holidays. to much food to tempt the hell of ya and to much temptation to sample everything. Just a little of this and a little of that. By the time January 2nd arrived, a little of this and a liitle of that added up to to much over all. I only lost 22 lbs since surgery. I fee I should have lost more and maybe not tried to many different solid foods to soon. I need to be more disciplined. Did some walking and I need to attempt some type of cardio. Hope to see better results next month. Am I expecting to much to soon???