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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations of some Gastric Bypass books? Also, I would be interest in a great cookbook. Thanks bunches.
  2. Connie77

    WLS with a Nissen

    I had a consult with my surgeon who performed my Nissen Fundoplication and he told me I wasn't a candidate for the band or sleeve because of it. He said my only option was bypass. Has this been your experience also? Can you tell me what I will do about throwing up post surgery since my Nissen is unable to be untied. I appreciate your input.
  3. Personally I give everything away. It blesses me to bless other people and it always comes back to you one way or another. If that isn't your thing you can always try a local consignment shop. Typically they run 70/30 or 60/40. Just remember to pick your things up at the end of each season if they don't sell otherwise they will be donated.
  4. Connie77

    155 pounds lost!!

    Stunning!! Way to go. You must be incredibly proud and feel so accomplished. You look beautiful.