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  1. Revision Completed

    Monday morning I had my Revision from Sleeve to Bypass due to severe acid. Everything went well and home this morning. Definitely a fair amount of pain but doing my best to walk and sip water. That is my biggest hurdle taking small sips when I could take long drinks now if I do that pain comes in. So a huge relief to be home and be comfortable. UPDATE: Friday night was taken to ED at hospital ended up with an infection on the one incision that was extremely painful... Fever, sweating, redness around the incision site that was hot and spreading. Admitted for another few days while repack the now opened incision, IV antibiotics, and monitoring for signs that they got it all out.
  2. I am going to be scheduled for a revision due to high amounts of acid, but now most food and drink hurts and the types that don't I shouldn't eat. Also everything is making me nauseous and I am in 4 types of meds for this. Have a call into my Dr, but wondering if anyone here has experienced this and what did you do?
  3. How can I be gaining weight?????

    If you are only eating 3 meals, try putting yourself on a schedule to eat every 3 hours to equal 5 times a day, that will help you get the extra calories. I would have yogurt or a meat and cheese roll up. I would have a sticky note on my desk with the times that I would have my meals. Good luck.
  4. Sleeve to By-Pass Revision

    Hi, I am Doreen and I am 2 years out from my Gastric Sleeve on March 24, 2015. It was the best decision that I have ever made and would not change it for the world. Although in the last few months, since September 2016, I have been dealing with constant pain and nausea from severe GERD and Acid reflux. I have been in and out of the hospital since that time and have undergone test after test until the last one showed the insurance company that I indeed have this going on. So at some point in April 2017 I will be undergoing a revision to a Gastric By-Pass. I look forward to the next experience and understand that this will fix the issues. Fingers crossed as I have an appointment with the Bariatric Psychologist on April 7, which will take me to get my date on the books.