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  1. Glad you are doing ok. Keep up the positivity! I look forward to hearing about your journey
  2. Thanks Smashlee88. How are you feeing?
  3. Thank you. I'm literally crying over your comment because nobody in my life has been supportive of my wish to get the surgery. Everyone has told me to just try harder to lose weight- my GP included. I feel very lonely due to this issue, even though I have many people in my life. Everyone in this forum is a big inspiration to me, so thanks all of you for sharing your experiences. The U.K. Still has a huge stigma about wls, I have not met a single person who has had it over here so all you guys are a real wealth of experience that have allowed me to understand there is another tool I can use to help me get healthy. I know I am not morbidly obese, but all the fat is in my stomach and I can't sit down without being winded/ can't cut my toenails, tie my shoes comfortably/ can't lie on my back or front because my fat suffocates me! I'm uncomfortable in my body. Anyway, thanks- it helps to write it down to organise my feelings about the whole thing. Take care everyone.
  4. Thank you, yes I am self pay- NHS don't fund at my weight. No co morbidities yet, but I want to stop them before they arise- not have the surgery in response to them. My mother and her female relatives have type 2 diabetes so I'm pretty sure I'm heading that way. I want to go for it but wonder if I should just keep trying to lose it alone. Probs is- i haven't been successful for the last 25 years... bf says it should only be absolute last resort but it feels like last resort to me, after not managing to get a handle on a healthy weight over all this time.. confused and obsessed about whether I should do this wls!!!
  5. Hi all, new here but been reading the site for over a year. Does anyone have an opinion on getting surgery at my weight? I love this site by the way, I'm a Brit and no sites over here compare to the support you guys give each other! I think you guys are wonderful!