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  1. Beautiful post. Yes, there's a lot to be thankful for post WLS.
  2. Short tops. I've always needed ones that cover my butt and tummy, so am looking forward to short ones!
  3. Only my husband, mom and daughter know. To the world at large, I'm low carbing! I just didn't want to deal with the stigma of "taking the easy way out." That said, I greatly admire people who are open about their WLS. It takes a great deal of honesty and courage to be like that, a courage and openness I do not possess. And while WLS may not be the easy way out, for me it definitely has been the "easier" way out. I could never have lost the amount of weight I have so far on my own, forget maintaining it. That is something I just cannot get away from. So somewhere, I myself feel I've taken the easier way out and feel like a bit of a fraud when people compliment me on my "discipline" re the weight loss. It's not all me; I have the aid of a highly effective tool!
  4. I'm sure a lot of you must have gone, "Yeah! Duh!" Specially since I've read so many of you reiterating it on this forum. But it's incredible how much difference hitting your water goals for the day make to your weight loss. Ever since I've started being extra vigilant on the water front, I've been able to break my frustrating stall. I lost 6 pounds overnight! So I must have been pretty dehydrated. So newbies and others facing stalls---hit your water goals!
  5. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    She lives in the same apartment block as me, and is just an acquaintance. She's always been one to comment freely on weight (had remarked that I'd put on weight in the past and now this!). Best ignored. I was madder at myself than her for letting her get to me, to be honest. I really should know better!
  6. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    Yes, it's pretty sound advice! I'll take it
  7. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    Thanks so much Gretta! And yeah, refuse to give her more head space.
  8. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    This woman is brazen enough to say, "yes, you do" to "Why, do I look sick?" And good on you for standing up for yourself!
  9. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    Thank you for your wise, reassuring words
  10. Raddy

    Are you sick?

    So yesterday, not one but two women asked me if I was sick because I had lost so much weight. The second one added, "You've lost a lot of weight, but your face looks drawn and dull. There's no glow." (How do people even say such things? I wouldn't say this to ANYONE, much less a mere acquaintance.). I was so dumbfounded, I couldn't think of any sarcastic reply at all. I must admit she got to me and I brooded over her comments for the rest of the day. Today I'm more inclined to dismiss her, thankfully. Have you had similar experiences?
  11. Great going, Jen! And love your posts!
  12. Congratulations on the outstanding weight loss and kudos on the amazingly positive attitude. Hope you get a clean bill of health. You are in my prayers.
  13. Congratulations!!!! You have done so spectacularly on all counts!
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