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  1. Wow, what great timing! I had my surgery 2 days ago and have experienced a lot of similar things to you. How are you going now? How long ago was yours?
  2. Minimizer ring- yes or no?

    It's a relatively new addition to sleeve gastrectomy, where a silicone band (like a cable tie) is placed permanently around the tube just before the stomach, potentially to limit stretching and potentially decrease possibility of regain.
  3. Minimizer ring- yes or no?

    I am due for surgery on 24th April and have said yes to the minimizer ring. It's the only aspect of the surgery that is freaking me out a bit. Can anyone tell me how they made the decision to go with (or not go with) the ring and if it has made a difference, good or bad?
  4. Plantar fasciitis helped by weight loss?

    Thank you, Stephtay- that means so much! My situation is similar- had it for years, orthotics and stretching haven't helped. I felt like the speciaists all just wanted to say "you're too heavy" but were bound either by diplomacy or the $$ they would lose. Can't wait to see if losing weight plus some of the rolling suggested by others will help- fingers crossed!!
  5. Wow! Sounds like all the scenarios you guys have experienced have been quite tolerable! My anaesthetist told me I'd have to use the spirometry machine after (with a prior shot of morphine??!!) and to do breathing exercises before, so it seems that's good advice :-). Thanks everyone for sharing- you have all come such a long way- very inspiring!
  6. Thanks guys- very reassuring! I guess they give worst case scenario so you don't get a shock afterwards if it's painful. I seriously can.not.wait for my surgery- not long now (April 27). Bring it on I say!
  7. Hi there, I am just wondering what you felt/experienced directly after surgery, while you were in hospital. My anaesthetist has freaked me out with the amount of pain I will be in. I would just like a few different perspectives - how long did you stay in, what did you do before surgery to help with recovery rate (get a bit fitter, breathing exercises, whatever)? How long did you take off work? I'm having mine on a Thursday and staying off until the following Friday - am I dreaming if I think I'll be back at work that quickly (I have a mainly sit-down job)? Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Plantar fasciitis helped by weight loss?

    Aussie H that is really interesting about the surgery BMI thing.. Are you in Australia? I'm in Perth. I had the injections once and had 3 months pain free, and was going to do it before my surgery for exactly the reasons you said, but the physician told me I shouldn't risk it. I don't think she realises just how much pain I'm in . I will also "rroll" my calves, as that seems to work for people- I knew about stretching supposedly helping (nnot for me though) so will give this a go too. Thanks again for taking the time to respond, everyone!
  9. Plantar fasciitis helped by weight loss?

    You are all so encouraging- it helps more than you know x
  10. Plantar fasciitis helped by weight loss?

    That''s amazing Raeme! Thanks so much for sharing - Can't wait to get some relief! Had a chuckle at the road races with regards to myself though- like the old joke about the guy with the broken hand who says to his doctor "will I be able to play piano?". "Sure" says the doc. "Great, cos I couldn't play it before".
  11. Plantar fasciitis helped by weight loss?

    These answers make me so happy- I'm sitting here with throbbing feet tonight after daring to do some gardening today. What was the nature of your foot pain, Res?
  12. This is my first post (Hi everyone ) and I am hoping I can get a glimmer of hope from someone who has suffered in the past with plantar fasciitis. I have had it for over 3 years now (normally gets better in about 6 months!) and among lots of other reasons is why I am having gastric sleeve surgery. I am booked in for the end of April 2017 and am so excited!! So my question is: if you had plantar fasciitis, or any other type of chronic joint illness that made it difficult to walk, how soon did you notice a change with the weight loss? How much did you have to lose to notice a change? I so badly want to get cortisone injections (have had them once before with good effect), but apparently it can cause fat atrophy of the heel pads and be even more trouble! I think it will really help to hear some stories about how much easier it is to move now, and how much better your feet/joints feel now that you have lost weight. Thank you ever so much.