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  1. Thanks everybody,. It is hard to get my head around the fact I have lost 100lbs in just shy of 3 months!
  2. @BurgundyBoy So that explains the "flapping" noise I have been hearing!
  3. Jen, you look amazing! Congrats
  4. A fair bit of time has passed since my last post so I figure it is time for another one. Especially considering I actually have a day off where I do not have to run a round like a mad man. As mentioned in my previous post my work life kind of exploded. I have been averaging 14-16 hour days with little sleep, but I have most of the people trained to the point that they can kind of function without someone there standing over them and as a result my hours are starting to get back to normal. Then again my normal is 12 hour shifts, so… really not that much different, just not as many days in a row. Another plus on the work front is my wife finally finished the coloring book she has been working on and it is now published and available on Amazon! This has been a long project and has finally been completed. Just in case you are interested it checking it out here is a link: Dragon Fancy Now for the WLS information: I am now 86 days post-surgery and things are still going well. I have lost 85.1 lbs. since the surgery for a total of 101.8 since I began this process. I guess a pound a day is pretty good. I hope it keeps up because I still have a long way to go! I am still only getting in about 800 calories a day, less than what my doctor would like to see, but that is all I can really get in without feeling ill. I thought as time progressed I would be better at handling a little more volume of food in my pouch but that does not seem to be the case… I still only hold about 2 oz. before I get the uncomfortable full feeling. Some of the side effects have been getting more… well… interesting. Being of Norse descent I have always had a natural immunity to the cold. As a matter of fact I have never had an issue of my hands or feet getting cold, even in extreme cold. My wife has always enjoyed this phenomenon because she has typically run colder and can always count on my ability to warm her up instantly in the winter. Well… that does not seem to be the case anymore. I think that Mr. Snow Miser has moved in and is messing with me. I am finding that my hands, feet and of all things my nose, have been getting cold… Very cold… especially my nose… What the heck is with that? The rest of me will be nice and warm and my nose is like someone attached an ice cube to it. I'm not sure what to do about the nose issue. When it is your hands you put on gloves... When it is your feet you put on warmer socks… but how do you keep your nose warm? Wear earmuffs front to back instead of ear to ear? Stats update: Start Weight: 465 lbs. Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery) Current Weight: 363.2 lbs. (85.1 lbs. lost since surgery) Total Lost: 101.8 lbs. Starting BMI: 63.1 Current BMI: 49.3 Thankfully with my work schedule I have not had an issue of keeping my energy level up. Then again I'm not sure that I would know considering that I am constantly burned out! My hours are slowly reducing so hopefully I will have more opportunity to post and comment in the forum. Just keep in mind, I am still lurking on the forum and am keeping up with reading posts as I can. Until next time… the saga continues….
  5. With the chaos at my work it has been hard to get enough time to post. I still read, but I always seem to get interrupted before I can respond
  6. Chipping away! If things keep progressing like they are I figure I should hit the 100 mark by mid October.
  7. It is taking a bit of adjusting to go back to day shift, but it is much better health wise. humans were not meant to be nocturnal!
  8. I know it has been a long while since I last made a post. There is a reason for that. Kind of… Before I get into the non WLS side of what has been happening I'll update how things have been going for the last couple of weeks. I am now currently in week 8. I have adjusted to eating normal food as much as the definition of post-surgery "normal food" lets you. That really did not sound right… I am happily eating a post-surgery diet of normal food… just not much of it!... Ya, that's better! All kidding aside, things have been going rather well. I have been blessed with no adverse side effects and have not encountered any foods that have given me issues. I have only had two real issues, one has been with constipation, but the doctor thinks that it might have to do with the iron content in my multi-vitamin. The second has just been a recent development. I have been getting a nauseous feeling after taking my multi-vitamin, I even vomited the other day after taking it… not sure what is up with that yet. I will be getting ahold of the office on Monday to see what they have to say. I still have not been able to get my caloric intake up to where the doctor would like to see it, I have still been hovering around the 600-800 range rather than the 1000-1200 range the doctor would like to see me at. I do need to increase my exercise level, but it has been hard with the hours I have been working… That is about it, as far as the WLS. Stats update: Start Weight: 465 lbs. Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery) Current Weight: 383.0 lbs. (65.3 lbs. lost since surgery) Total Lost: 82.0 lbs. Starting BMI: 63.1 Current BMI: 51.9 Now on to the daily life stuff that interferes with everything else. I work as a night shift supervisor in a 24/7 logistics office that is operated by four supervisors and one manager. Just before I went for my surgery the manager transferred to Florida, which really did not make a difference since he did not do much in the first place. He had planned this transfer back in January and had already left mentally. During the first week I was off, the other night shift supervisor quit. To top things off one of the day shift supervisors turned in her notice but agreed to stay long enough for me to return to work. In order to cover for my absence and the departure of the other night supervisor, they flew in two people from a California office. On the surface that sounds good except for the fact that the two people that came to cover had no clue what they were doing. This leads to why I have been so busy for the last month. If you have been following the math, when I returned there was only myself and one other supervisor that knew what we were doing. I spent the first two weeks just cleaning up the havoc that the two people from CA had caused by not knowing what they were doing. The second two weeks I spent training the two replacements which meant that I worked their shift with them training and was on call for them via laptop to solve any issues that came up. Basically I worked 14 days straight. Needless to say I have not had a lot of time on my hands, but it is getting better. One of the up sides of all the changes is that I was able to take the other day shift position. There is more going on involving a semi-hostile takeover that I won't be able to comment on until it is fully announced and a done deal. Needless to say the new events are going to make my life even more… errr… interesting? Until next time… the saga continues….
  9. Sorry I have not been on much, chaos at work. We are in the middle of a messy semi-hostile take over of another operation and it has been a bit of a challenge getting things ready. Working 12-13 hours days has been a challenge for the food consumption, but I have been successful so far! As far as my WLS... going great! I have been one of the lucky ones and virtually no complications, my sleeve has been happy with anything I send down its way and i have had no pain or discomfort other than the signal from my sleeve telling me that I sent too much it way! I've lost 53lbs since surgery on 7/25 and 70lbs since I started the process so i figure I am doing pretty well! Hope all is well on your front?!
  10. From what I can tell VSG's tend to progress and except food stages faster than bypasses. My surgeon has two diet plans one for a VSG and one for a bypass. In the VSG diet W1=Clear Liquids. W2=Full Liquids(add Protein drinks and strained soups), W3 & 4=Soft Food progressing into more solids, W5=Regular diet. But at the same time people progress differently depending on how their body handles the healing process. Best thing to do is as Jen581791 said experiment and test the water slowly
  11. @CurvyMermaid - To make matters worse I will be doing a graveyard shift, roughly 6:30pm to 7:30am. It is going to take some discipline and scheduling of my intake in order to pull this off... but at least it will only be for a couple weeks then I will be going to a day shift which will be much easier to manage my diet! Wish me luck... I think this first couple weeks are going to be a challenge
  12. Only one week? I don't think I have heard of anyone having less than two weeks. My doctor will go as far out as 4 weeks, I was ready to go back at 3, but then my employer said for me to take the full 4 because I work 13 hour shifts and they wanted me to be as fully recovered as possible.
  13. Going to have to try that one! Thanks
  14. Jen, as usual an awesome post. I can totally relate to the dinner with friends thing, it is one thing I am dreading. My extended family might as well be Italian the way they treat food! I am going to have to come up with some good dodges By the way, the pics are awesome! You look fabulous
  15. I was already thinking along the fat lines... my biggest problem is trying to get enough food into my little sleeve to bring it up, 2 oz of anything other than liquid and I am done! I had a thing for hot sauce before the surgery, now that my taste buds are in overdrive so to speak hot sauce is #1!! (Have about 5 or 6 different ones in the cuboard)