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  1. Aetna's 3 or 6 month diet

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I know it will be worth it. Hopefully this diet time goes quickly.
  2. Aetna's 3 or 6 month diet

    Thanks for all the replies. It has gotten a little more complicated. My company changed to Aetna 1/1/17 and we are self fund. Aetna is referring me to my employer to get a copy of the policy. My employer is telling me the policy is still under legal review. I only have a summary of procedures covered that includes a $10,000 bariatric lifetime max with no details. At this point I am not sure I even have coverage. I bet you all can relate to the fact this is a difficult process to get surgery approved. I am determined and will keep trying. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Aetna's 3 or 6 month diet

    I didn't get notification you reply. Thank you! I am working with a bariatric center. They are not very knowledgeable. Their comments was we are not sure how to get approved in 90 days. I have tried other bariatric centers and they don't seem to have patient advocates either. I have a cousin that had surgery in Indiana and the bariatric center helped her with insurance requirements and pre op requirements. I find it interesting that none of the centers in the Kansas City Area seem to have a pre op program. I have been to my family doctor and she only seems to know how to get someone approved in 7 months. I was told the first visit didn't count towards the 6 months which is another option to the 3 months.
  4. I have having trouble getting information on what Aetna wants for there pre op program. I don't have a copy of my insurance policy. My company tells me it's under legal review. I am unclear what they mean Aetna means by "qualified professional". They use these terms in the CBP 0157 in regards to behavior modifications and exercise regimen. Any one know what their definition is of qualitied professional means to Aetna?