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  1. Smaller and healthier self journey

    Eighth day after surgery- mouth and throat feeling much better today. Seems to be healing. The bariatric part of the process was basically non eventful which I am very thankful.
  2. Smaller and healthier self journey

    I went to the clinic and got a prescription that reduces inflammation and numbs. It is a bit better today. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. This was so unexpected.
  3. Smaller and healthier self journey

    The roof of my mouth and throat are still very very raw but might be getting a bit better. I was just able to swallow a few sips of cream if wheat and skim milk. I was not expecting such pain. The bariatric part was a breeze. No pain. Just the mouth and throat from tubes and extreme dryness. Some of the skin on the roof of my mouth peeled. But yes I am glad I did it. This too will pass.
  4. Smaller and healthier self journey

    I had surgery 3/29. I got home 3/30 and am in so much throat pain! It only subsides for a few minutes before it starts up again. Otherwise, I am great!
  5. I just found and joined this sight. My gastric bypass surgery date is 3/29 and I am very excited it's almost here.