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  1. Question

    Ok thanks I hate to ask so much I'm just curious. After you met with NP do they go by that weight? Do they sent that to insurance company?
  2. Question

    Ok thanks. I am hoping my Insurance will cover it
  3. Question

    Ok thanks just wandered because my Insurance doesn't pay for weight loss surgery. They only pay once and If you do the cirteria. How long did it take for you to get a appointment at you went to the seminar?
  4. Question

    Now after the seminar and get my office appointment. Will i know before hand how much money I will need
  5. Question

    Ok thank you. I feel dumb what is Nut? What kind of insurance do you have? I have UHC. What kind of supervised diet were you on? Sorry so many questions.
  6. Question

    Oh ok Thank you! I just want to be prepared
  7. Question

    At your visit is that When they get Your height and weight for the insurance approval?
  8. Question

    I am trying to find out what happens after you attend the seminar? I know you go see the Doctor, but what do they do there?
  9. supervised diet?

    Insurance requires this just wandering since I had to see dietician when in Was pregnant. I had gestational diabetes if this would work??
  10. UnitedHealth care insurance

    Do I need to go to my primary Doctor before I meet the Weight loss Dr? To get my bmi ?
  11. UnitedHealth care insurance

    Ok thank you I meet with the Doctor in go over stuff. I sure hope he has tricks lol. No but seriously thank you for Your comments. My insurance is through my husband. When u called UHC she looked at the most expensive plan and it still didn't cover it.
  12. UnitedHealth care insurance

    i have checked on my policy and weight loss isn't covered at all. Ugh there are criteria s to meet . if your BMI is. 35 or below. But none if it's 40 and up.
  13. UnitedHealth care insurance

    I honestly don't know what to do because this is the only insurance I have.
  14. hello, I am new to this journey. I contacted my insurance company about gastric sleeve surgery, they don't cover it, but you have to meet a criteria. Well I don't have any major medical issues other than PCOS, and pre diabetic. Has anyone been able to get approved with not having serious medical conditions?