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  1. Hi All - While my husband is not a WLS patient, he's been following along and losing himself! He has 7-8 pair of khaki shorts, some cargo, some flat pocket in sizes 42-38. Happy to pass them along to a good home for free if you are interested.
  2. I mailed these out today! Closing the thread in case someone else is still looking for them!
  3. Hi there - just shot you a PM - just reply with your address and I will get them out to you!
  4. Hi All - I have 6 workout tank tops (XXL) and 3 or 4 black gym capris (XXL) that I would love to pass along to a new home for free. I'm happy to cover the shipping too - just want them to go to a good home! Pay it forward to someone else down the road!
  5. I've seen the new Premier Protein Clear Tropical drink online and have been excited to try it. I get kinda tired of shakes and sometimes just want something to drink but would love to have a protein boost with it. I found them online at a couple of places, but the shipping is crazy! We finally made a trip to a Sams club to pick up a few cases over the holiday weekend - they allow non members to shop there for a 10% surcharge. These things are so refreshing and not too sweet! I'm excited to have a few cases stocked up for summer! 20 grams protein 90 calories 16.9 ounces Check them out if you have a Sams Club near by.
  6. I am a little over 2 months out from my sleeve. Prior to the surgery, I never had issues with heartburn. This week, I've had pretty constant heartburn sneak up out of no where. I know that it is common after the sleeve, but just wanted to get some perspective from the group. I can't really tie it back to eating too much or too fast - I have it when I wake up and I have it when I go to sleep. My surgeon gave me Omeprazole to take twice a day which definetley helps. Talking to his nurse, I am going to try it for a week and see how it helps. Just wanted to get some perspective from the group - Are there certain foods that seem to trigger it for you? How long did your heartburn flare ups last?
  7. Welcome! I'm a fellow thirty something 2 months out from my VSG - and 35 lbs down! I feel so excited and encouraged about the future, I wish that I would have started sooner! Can't wait to welcome you to the other side! Wishing you a quick recovery!!
  8. Hope things are going better for you this week!
  9. I am one month and three days post sleeve - and just enjoyed a tasty bowl of brown rice, black beans, 2 oz of grilled chicken, and guac! It was like a Chipotle bowl - only tiny. So have no fear - you will slowly be able to incorporate new foods into your diet.
  10. Welcome! Fellow 30 something here! Congratulations on your date - it is just around the corner! When I was anxiously waiting for my surgery, I binge watched all of Clusie's YouTube videos - I love her frankness and her quirky sense of humor. Check them out while you wait, if you haven't already done so!
  11. Thanks all - these are taken! Mailing them out to Lidia this week.
  12. Hi there - just send me your contact information via private message and I will send it all to you!
  13. Friday was 3 weeks post op for me - and I am in a similar spot. After working all day, I am just drained at the end of the day. My energy levels are so low - but I know it is a combination of the surgery/recovery and from the calorie reduction. I've been walking everyday but haven't started anything more than that. My doctor recommended 4 weeks out from surgery for anything more than walking. This week, I am working on upping my fluids and getting my calories in - hoping that gives me more fuel to start being more active! Hopefully it is comforting to know that we are in similar spots!
  14. $0! Just want it to go to a good home where someone will use it! Happy to send it all to you for free. Just message me your address!