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  1. I keep a ziplock in my desk of vitamins. When I was on liquids I just ran out the door with a very large protein shake that I would have throughout the day. Now I've been packing for the week. This week I boiled a bunch of eggs, grabbed a pound of turkey lunch meat and cut up some cheddar into 1 oz portions. I have easy grab meals all day long.
  2. I'm hitting 60 grams of protein a day and 20 or less carbs. (600-800 calories)
  3. I'm coming up on 2 months post op and have noticed I'm starting to lose hair and also develop dandruff? It's thinned in the front, similar to when my daughter was born. I just noticed a handful come out . Is Biotin the best option? Any other ideas? I'm a little vain about my hair and don't really love this.
  4. I've had ribs twice since the surgery. I just have 1 rib now. Also I'm from TX so we don't smother in BBQ sauce we just dry rub.
  5. I'm one month ahead of you and I just now started hitting the gym last week. The energy will come back and be better than ever before.
  6. Fully understand that. I am just excited that this current stall is over and I'd like to celebrate that. It's been a rough two weeks of obsessing so early on in my journey.
  7. Happy to report back that I think my stall is over! Finally down another few lbs. Hope I can keep this momentum going. Thanks for all of the encouragement.
  8. Looks like you're doing great despite it. I think my current 3 week period is coming to an end and I finally dropped a couple more pounds! I think I need to get rid of my scale. I moved it upstairs so I wouldn't get on it every time I walked through my bathroom, but now it just means I have to walk upstairs first thing when I wake up to weigh myself. And again in the evening when I'm brushing the little ones teeth. I'm basically torturing myself.
  9. Daily struggle! I really need to throw my scale away. I'm annoyed daily.
  10. So I'm on week 6 of post op. I started my period on week 2 (3 weeks early) and then again 2 weeks later. This last one has now lasted over 2 weeks! Is this happening to anyone else? When it happened did your weight loss stall for the duration?
  11. Prozac helps But I do mourn food. But I also find that food is a lot more enjoyable when I slow down and take the time to eat it instead of inhaling it.
  12. Hang in there! My first week wasn't pretty. I sobbed in my bed about the pain and all of the "what did I do to myself?" type of feelings. They pass! I'm only 5 weeks out and even though the weight loss stalls and it's frustrating. I still feel better than I ever have. My skin is clear, because I'm not dumping garbage in it. My energy level is steadily increasing. I'm training for a 5K!
  13. Preach!! I'm 5 weeks out. I've been stalled for the past few weeks. I'm hitting all of my numbers and working out every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. The scale won't budge. But I can say that I've worn size large dresses the past two days in a row and I was a 2X before the surgery. I find comfort in that.
  14. Everyone says Chili. I'm in south Texas where it's already approaching 90 degrees. I can't do Chili. haha. It's always been a winter food. I think I'm getting into a groove though, that's for sure. I made turkey "burgers" without the bun for dinner and lunch and even my 3yr old liked it.
  15. Today is my 1 month surgiversary, and I have stopped losing... I knew this was coming but man is it mentally hard. I actually gained 2lbs. I know that it's just bloated and my hands are puffy right now. I know I cannot lose 28lbs every single month but dammit I'm walking, eating my protein and drinking my water. When is this next 20 coming off? It's hard to think that I did all of this for 28lbs.
  16. I self paid for my sleeve. My total cost was $7250. $2K for surgeon fees and the balance was for the surgical center.
  17. Thanks!!! Friday night I made a chili and white bean chili and it was delish. Haven't done tuna yet but I'll add it to the list. Saturday I was on the run and visiting people and going to the movies so I did a protein shake then and it was perfect. I guess it's all about just getting into a groove.
  18. Starting weight at 240 and 5'2". I'm only 3-1/2 weeks post op and down 27lbs as of this morning. I wished I would have done this 10 years ago.
  19. I ended up drinking a 1/2 shake to make up my protein difference last night. Good to know that you guys are years out and successful and still have protein shakes! Now to just get in all of this water! And thank you @Cheesehead for the chili idea. I think some green chicken chili is going to be on the menu for the weekend.
  20. Had my 3 week post up check in yesterday. All healed up, down 26lbs and have the all clear to eat what I want. The Dr. said that I should be eating my protein over drinking it and the shakes need to be for emergencies only. I thought I'd be excited about that, but shakes made up 40 grams of protein out of my 60 needed per day. Now what? I've eaten high protein food 5 times so far today and I'm only at 35grams. Halp!
  21. The 3 year old forces me to go slowly, so I don't over do it
  22. Thank you all! I walked a mile yesterday (slowly with a 3 year old) and it went ok. Finally dug out my fit bit I haven't worn in a while and going to try and just get some moderate steps in while I heal.
  23. My surgeon said I should be getting out and starting my exercise plan immediately. Working up to an hour of cardio a day. Currently though, I have 0 energy. I take all of my vitamins, and get my 60 grams of protein but I am just plain whooped. I get up at 5am and head to work and sometimes just walking from the parking garage to my desk is exhausting. I walked my daughter down to the park a few blocks and pulling her wagon was a struggle. I was much more active prior. Any suggestions or tips?
  24. Jenny! We have the same start weight and very close to each other on our surgery dates! How are you doing? How's your 4th week?
  25. The last week has been generally easy. I've been on liquids and blended foods and have had no issue with anything so far. Yesterday I tried a new Protein Shake (slimfast protein, so good) and had two table spoons of hummus for lunch. I have been full since then. I haven't been able to get much in since yesterday at lunch. I feel bloated and full and nauseous. Is this normal? I was hoping I would wake up and feel relief but the feeling is still here.
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