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  1. Pho broth So good. You're almost out of the woods missy. Also love love the name Aurora. So beautiful. And your username makes me laugh. My 4yr old daughter got a puppy this weekend and she named her Wiki. We like to pretend that she's really up on current events but honestly no clue where she came up with it.
  2. I have felt this way as well. Not necessarily as a major negative, but I do feel that the "gold standard" of the bypass gives off the perception that us sleevers got the lesser of the surgeries. I chose the sleeve because I knew successful people who've had it, I'm on the lower end of the spectrum and the thought of malabsorption scared me. I couldn't be happier with my choice. I am 1/2 way to goal weight at 3 months out. I know that the balance 50lbs won't come off nearly as fast, but I'm having a blast working out and learning to live a new life.
  3. You are doing so amazing! You're an inspiration for me for sure.
  4. One of the best things I found on my soft foods stage was a salmon mousse of sorts. I took smoked salmon and pureed with cream cheese. So good and full of protein.
  5. My husband and I went out for our anniversary last month and he accidentally ordered $150 Lobster tail. I ordered the smallest steak they had and a cheese board for us to share. We had so much food left over we kept snacking in the hotel and still had to throw away 1/2 a steak and 1/2 a lobster tail. Total bill was around $300
  6. A perfectly scrambled egg makes all of this seem not so bad. My favorite meal early in the "solids" process was a soft scrambled egg with goat cheese and chives. Drool.
  7. I paid $7400 for mine. This included pre-op and post op appointments. My surgery was out patient and I was home the same day.
  8. Life seems to be a whole new ball game. When I made the decision to have this surgery I had to give up things that my world revolved around. Food. Alcohol. Cigarettes. All at once! These three things have gotten me through my adult life and have been my #1 coping mechanism. Addiction to all 3 is real. My biggest fear was "what is left?". It was also a legitimate fear of my husband. Was I about to be boring? The life of the party would no longer be attending the party? There are days when I want to shove my face into the greasiest of cheeseburgers and tacos. But... I know that it's just my
  9. The struggle is real. I had horrific gas pains up in my chest and shoulders and had to sleep sitting up for a few days. But when it's gone ITS GONE! Don't worry you're almost out of the woods. Walk walk walk.
  10. You will be there before you know it. Looking forward to checking in on you as your process goes.
  11. Same! My tastes have changed dramatically. I don't crave sweets or breads. I crave cheese. Please give me all the cheeses. My new favorite thing for hosting and going out to eat is a Charcuterie board. I can snack small amounts with a variety without being an oddball. Also, Bella Vitano Espresso cheese is life!!
  12. Right on the money. I have always considered myself a "foodie". Big participant in food groups and above all, a pretty stellar host. I love to cook. I love to eat. My biggest fear of having this surgery was not being "me" anymore. Not being the type of person to wait in line 6 hours for Franklins BBQ (3 times). Not the type of person to go be able to have crawfish boils and fish frys and sushi dates with her husband. In the months following my surgery I have realized 2 things.... I am still that person, but there is so much more to me than that! This weekend I had house guests who are well kno
  13. Me AF! My original plan (that I announced to everyone) was to hit goal by my Birthday in August. Sure 100lbs in 5 months. No big deal, it's only 20lbs a month. I'm dumb.
  14. Yay! Do you have a date yet? We can be WLS buddies. Seriously best thing I've ever done. It's completely changed my future
  15. This weekend I had friends come to visit and I gave her 4 trash bags filled with clothes. Before the surgery I had started wearing an 18/20 but refused to buy much so I just wore a lot of stretchy pants and dresses and had a closet full of 16's that no longer fit. I am now weeding out the 16's and replacing them slowly with 14's. One of my best friends recently lost a ton of weight and has provided me with 14's, 12's and 10's along my journey. I can't wait to be in a 10. A size I have never seen in my adult life.
  16. Thank you! That's a wonderful thing to hear and certainly improves my crabby work mood. That mood usually improves when I get to go home and see her though
  17. My motivation for everything. Something I wonder about often is what will I tell her about my surgery when she's old enough to understand. I've been heavy my whole life, and may she will be too. I don't ever want her to feel like she's unworthy of love or happiness because of her size. I also want her to know that I fought hard to become healthy for her. So I could walk her to the park and keep up with her, and get off the floor for duck duck goose. I have to be so careful with her little self to set the right example. I have to not say things like "mommy doesn't want to be fat" when she
  18. Thank you! I do feel really proud. Some days I'm frustrated but today, fitting into this vintage shirt I keep tucked in the back of my closet for "one day", I feel great. And luckily only 1 of them is mine. My daughter is 3-1/2 and she keeps me full time busy and crazy. The other cutie pie belongs to a close friend.
  19. It's an incredible feeling! I get so frustrated with the scale not moving fast enough, but the visual proof is there. Feel like a million bucks today.
  20. These are the only shakes I like. It's my go to on the weekends when I'm on the run. Creamy Chocolate blended with a serving of peanut butter. It's heaven and keeps me full for the day.
  21. What type of job do you have? I had my surgery on a Wednesday and back to work on the following Monday. I have a desk job and was able to go on about my day pretty easily besides being tired at the end.
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