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  1. BB - It's all about the rub. Next time I pick some up I'll get you a bottle. We have a gas station in Texas called Bucees. Bucees isn't just a gas station though, it's a landmark. The stores are GIANT and have full kitchens, deli counter, fudge counter, jerky counter. I could go on and on. They make my favorite rub. After that it's just about a good flame sear on both sides and a slow smoke for a few hours. We have an electric smoker. I know that's cheating but it makes life simple.
  2. Carina, I think the fighting is just part of the process. I've been trying really hard to not focus on the numbers on the scale or inches or clothing size and just focusing on how I feel physically and emotionally. I for sure have a lot more fighting to do. Typically day for me is talking myself into the gym and out of junk food. It's a little scary that I have to do that every day but it's also reassuring that the surgery gave me the ability to do that now. Just like smoking. I quit smoking when I had the surgery and after smoking for 20 years it's just so ingrained in my routine. Often
  3. Today marks 4 months. I am down 57lbs and 33 inches. I am over 1/2 way to goal. Things have slowed significantly. I have to fight for every pound, but this has been the greatest experience. Thank you guys for all of your support you've shown me!
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    Ahh that puppy
  5. Woohoo Trish! I hope you are having a lovely time. Scallops was my first solid protein to try and it was perfect.
  6. I actually just stopped at two because I wanted to have shrimp as well. He gladly scooped up the other 10. We used to order 2 dozen when we went out.
  7. My husband loves going out to eat with me now. I'm the cheapest date ever and he can eat 1/2 my food. He took me for sushi and instead of my two specialty rolls and two glasses of Rose, I had two pieces of seared tuna and a piece of unagi and I was FULL. This past Friday he was craving Pappadeaux (Local upscale chain of seafood). We ordered a dozen oysters and I had 2, he had the balance 10 . I also ordered a shrimp appetizer and ate 2 of my 5 shrimp. Easy peasy. Like people say above though, some places just have to be avoided. No more Torchy's tacos for me. I don't know how to ha
  8. I'm still nearing the edge of where I wanted to be age wise. We also keep debating this second child thing. Without sounding too "rainbows and kittens" my life is kind of perfect right now. We keep going back and forth. Head: I miss babies and tiny baby feet and fingers and love a mile wide. I miss my kid not talking back. Tails: Life has a great balance right now. We don't want to disturb that balance. My parents had me at 18yrs old. They were idiots then and not great parents. They had their second round of kids with their new spouses in their 40 and they are great. What I have g
  9. The "are you healthy" question always comes as a way to discredit my success. It's said in a way that implies, "sure you lost weight but I am sure you aren't healthy". It's so insulting to me!
  10. Absolutely. I was on the border of the BMI range and no comorbidities. At the end of the day I could have had insurance to pay but I honestly didn't want to jump through the hoops. I wanted it done immediately and I was lucky enough to have sold my home for a profit and had my husbands support to dive in. It was tough financially to make that choice, but not health wise. Two big motivations. We want another baby and kept saying once I get healthy again, but I kept gaining. I was booking a vacation for the fall for our family and my husband wanted to go horseback riding while there. I started r
  11. You guys don't know humidity and heat, come see me in Houston next month. You will know what pure hell feels like Also my birthday is next month, so seriously come see me haha. Also, I am always cold now. I have become one of "those people". I keep a sweater at my desk. Also, every time I get out of bed I come leaping back in and shrieking about how cold it is. My husband has started calling me a pansy. Actually it's another word close to that but not as nice.
  12. It's pretty alarming to see the extent people will go to sabotage themselves
  13. Same. I feel there's more pressure on me to succeed also because I self paid. I spent $7K that I could have taken my daughter to Disney with, or bought a new camper. I spent it on myself. I know that I invested in my health, but what if I fail?
  14. I get "but are you healthy?". Then I feel that I need to justify my diet and exercise to them. What I really want to do is slap them upside the head.
  15. What was the time frame of her weight gain? I'm always curious to hear about those with sleeve and their ability to re-gain the weight. Obviously I'm only 4 months out but I just don't get how I'd ever be able to eat enough to regain all my weight.
  16. I not so gently advised one of my best friends to have the surgery. He struggled with daily insulin injections and sleep apnea. He wants a family. He wants to explore the world. But he was 450lbs and was wasting precious time. He drug his feet. He had the money and the time off but just kept stalling. One day I lost it. I told him that he was never going to have the life he wanted if he didn't get off his @*# and do something. I know this seems harsh. But sometimes you have to fight fiercely for those you love, even if you are fighting them. He had the surgery 6 weeks ago and is down 70lb
  17. Love all of the posts here. This was a big scary thing for me. My husband and I have been together for close to 8 years. We have had a rocky start, but grow a little stronger each year. We're both extremely loud mouthed and hard headed. When I decided to have the surgery I read a lot of statistics in the marriage failure rate. I went home and talked to my husband and told him I was scared about the stability and what this could do to us. I wanted to get it all out on the table. We are currently better than ever. I think if there are big problems on the foundation of your relationship, this is
  18. What does every one attribute to the start of their weight struggles? Were you a chubby kid? Do you come from a heavy family? I ask because I worry a lot about my daughter and setting the right example. I come from a family of short heavy women. Not one of us is thin on my mothers side. I was a chubby kid, was born with a club foot which led me to be inactive and had some home life struggle. Food was always a comfort and a reward and over the years my weight went up and down. My husbands family are heavy women as well. Currently she's 3-1/2 and she eats garbage. This is my fau
  19. @Aussie H That is my normal routine. It works both ways though. I always review the contents of other peoples carts and make assumptions of their home life / eating habits based on it. I also do the same with my own basket lol. Some days I think "look at me go with my basket full of fresh veggies and meats and nice cheeses". Other days I am reloading on my daughters frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets and fruit roll ups and my husbands 37 bags of chips and soda and think "they all think I'm a monster don't they!?"
  20. Yesterday I wore a dress I had tucked away in my closet that I bought for a wedding about 9 years ago and I stopped fitting into. It was so loose on the top I ended up having to staple it closed (work with what you've got) before a meeting.
  21. Welcome! I am nearly 4 months post op. Prior to surgery I was a big drinker. Not daily, but generally every weekend. During summer it wasn't uncommon for me to drink beer all Saturday long. I still drink, but it's on a much smaller level. I can't do carbonation anymore. I have tried a few sips of my husbands beer or soda and I immediately regret it. I don't get any pain, but that's simply because the moment it touches my mouth and starts to bubble I spit it out. Cold white wine has been a good summer substitute around the pool and grapefruit vodka & water is my "going out drink".
  22. Why didn't I think of this? I have a large stack of dress clothes for work size 16 that I've been wondering what to do with. Just emailed star of hope to see if they are needed.
  23. @Gretta Love your list! My list is an echo of what's already been said. You won't miss the bad food nearly as much as you thought. You can still love to cook. Stay with the protein shakes after you're released for solids. (It's just so much easier to get in what you need) Don't weigh so much. (Just now letting go of this one)
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