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  1. So some of ya'll know I was on the struggle bus with constipation. Like Miralax, Probiotics, Smooth Move Tea, Glycerin Suppositories and Saline Enemas. At the same time. A few weeks ago my surgeon prescribed me Linzess. It works. Maybe too well? Last week I spent most of my work week in the bathroom and even had to go home one day because it was just too much. I've also started burping this horrid taste, like burnt popcorn. It's terrible. I've been getting some acid reflux as well that started before the linzess. What is going on? I can't decide what is from the meds and what isn't. I stopped
  2. This post spoke to me on so many levels. Please keep writing and sharing what's in your head and heart.
  3. I usually do some snaps of our rides if we take a break. This was from a few weeks ago. Feel free to add me on snap chat. Username: smash-bola This one is at a park in Katy that has a lot of bridges over swamp land. I'm hoping we see an alligator... from a distance.
  4. Apparently they censor the word t*ts. lol.
  5. Maybe I should have gone with simply buttoned shirt. It's got buttons and they go over my %$@#. Woohoo!
  6. 3 words. Button. Up. Shirt. Silly, I know but man it feels good. A friend brings me bags of clothes as she's on her own weight loss journey. In the bag was the cutest button down denim shirt and I immediately threw it in the not keeping pile. I can never get a non plus sized button down over both my boobs and my belly. Also, this wasn't even an XL. Not going to happen. I walked by a few times. Curious but not wanting to set myself up for disappointment. I finally pep talked myself up enough and put it on. Every single button buttoned. There's even room in it. What is life??
  7. I got the helmet yesterday! I'm holding out till the end of the month for the new bike. My birthday is coming up and I've asked for money and gift cards haha.
  8. How wonderful. You look so happy.
  9. Thank you! I have never really ridden before. The bike I own, I bought in my early 20's and it's seriously just sat there for the last decade. I begged and begged my friend to get a bike so we could try it out. We went from 3 miles, to 7 and now 10! I mean, we almost died yesterday. But it was worth it. I think we're getting close to investing in real bikes, helmets and padded seats.
  10. I did 10 miles yesterday and was really wishing I had those padded shorts @NerdyLady
  11. Girl! You don't even look like the same person. That is a dramatic and beautiful transformation. You should be incredibly proud.
  12. So apparently, I like bike riding! Who knew? Not me! I have been blessed with a work out buddy since the surgery. My childhood best friend like 3 miles from me and is on a fitness kick so we've been exploring all modes of exercise. Gym, Jogging, Kayaking and now Biking. We started off riding in my neighborhood a few miles at a time. It was ok. Seems like a good work out. Then we went to some bike trails. Woah why haven't I been doing this my whole life? Why is this so fun? Why do I now think I can ride the MS150. Seriously, we're talking about training for the 150. I currently
  13. Go Trish go! So wonderful to hear you're becoming more and more mobile.
  14. I can't think West Coast without thinking of 90's gangster rap. With that being said, good vibes from the Dirty South!
  15. Congrats lovey! Also, thanks for making me google Khat.
  16. It happened again. But this time @BurgundyBoyit was a triple espresso with a shot of coconut milk. You were right! Only $2.50 as opposed to my normal $5 cup of coffee. COFFEEEEEEEEEE
  17. Well my suspicions have officially been muddled. You are NOT a short girl. Rather a tall THIN man! Looking great, congrats on the levis!
  18. If I didn't feel like a pretentious A-hole ordering I'd always have a triple tall latte with sugar free vanilla and a splash of coconut milk. Mmmm see now I want more starbucks. This is my major confliction. I have managed to sack away so much money because I don't leave my building to go eat $15 lunches every day. I've got extra cash for all the new clothes I require. But this starbucks is throwing a wrench into those plans.
  19. I had a surgeon very similar to this "good luck" type described. I will say however that he did mine and my friends surgery. I had a BMI of 42 and had 0 hoops to jump through besides blood work and quit smoking. I did consult to surgery in 1 week. My friend however had a BMI of over 50 and he had to lose 20lbs and lower his sugar levels prior to surgery.
  20. I've been talking about getting an espresso maker all year. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday. I've been making my own cold press at home for iced lattes on the weekend (when I'm not on the run getting starbucks. Ugh.) It officially opened this morning and I was first in line, but I will for sure limit these as the 15g carbs is just not worth it. But delicious.
  21. Guilty. I also have a gas grill. I know that makes me a bad Texan. I actually won it a few years ago for a cheesecake I made and once I started using it there was no going back.
  22. Like I already had 2 iced lattes this weekend. One on Saturday and one yesterday. This morning I was up 3lbs...
  23. The food is not my weakness it's the coffee. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!!!!!! I actually do the flat white with SF vanilla or SF cinnamon dolce. I know these aren't necessarily bad, but it can quickly become every day for me. I have managed to save so much money since this surgery as I meal prep for the entire week and don't leave my office building so no chance of spending money on food or shopping on my break. White Chocolate Mocha used to be my weakness and I am so very grateful that I can now say no to those. 500 calories a pop got me into this position in the first place!
  24. Please send help. They just opened a Starbucks in my building. There is now only 50 feet and 1 elevator away from me and Starbucks every day. They have opened a café also. The menu looks very health conscious and every item has caloric count on the menu. But I pack my lunch and don't see this as being tempting. There's already a café next door that I haven't visited once since surgery. But STARBUCKS!
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